python – Stores data of a variable whose value changes at any time

Hello, I'm trying to solve a problem that concerns your questions.
I use a Python API to retrieve data from the IQ Option investment platform, but I can not work with the data.

If I do it dados = I_want_money.get_realtime_candles("EURUSD", 1) the variable dados changes its value constantly every second, for example:


defaultdict (, {1573598084: {#active_id #: 1, size size #: 1, at at & # 39 ;: 1573598085007490313, & from #: 1573598084 , & # 39; to & # 39 ;: 1573598085, & # 39;: 45579603, & # 39; open & # 39 ;: 1.10109, & # 39; close & # 39 ;: 1.10109, & # 39; min & # 39;: 1.10109, & # 39;: 1.101105, & # 39; ask & # 39 ;: 1.10115, & # 39; bid & # 39 ;: 1.10103 & quot; volume & quot; # 39 ;: 4, & # 39; phase & # 39;: & # 39; T & # 39;}})


defaultdict (, {1573598085: {#active_id #: 1, size size #: 1, at at #: 1573598086007376567, & from #: 1573598085 , & # 39; to & # 39 ;: 1573598086, & # 39;: 45579604, & # 39; open & # 39 ;: 1.101095, & # 39; close & # 39 ;: 1.1011, & # 39; min #: 1.101095, max max #: 1.1011, ask ask #: 1.10116, bid bid #: 1.10104, volume volume & 39; # 39 ;: 2, & # 39; phase & # 39;: & # 39; T & # 39;}})


defaultdict (, {1573598086: {#active_id # 39 ;: 1, size size #: 1, at at #: 1573598087007314295, & from #: 1573598086 , & # 39; to & # 39;: 1573598087, & # 39;: 45579605, & # 39; open & # 39 ;: 1.101105, & # 39; close & # 39 ;: 1.10111, & # 39; min & # 39;: 1.101105, & # 39;: 1.10111, & # 39; ask & # 39 ;: 1.10117, & # 39; bid & # 39 ;: 1.10105, & volume & # 39 ;: 2, & # 39; phase & # 39;: & # 39; T & # 39;}})

So, if I do it for example aux = dados the variable aux will behave like that.

Another problem is that the variable to which I assigned this data is of the type dictWell, if I can not get it, for example dados(volume),

Like I do it for example to save the data from every second in a vector dados in the area max ?

adonisjs – middleware that stores a user ID after a request in adonis.js / node.js

I have the following job table:

user_id INTEGER FK

I have to save in the column user_id The ID of the user who created the record.
I tried to create this middleware:

'use strict'

class Auditory{
  async handle ({ request, auth }, next) {

    const userLogged= await auth.getUser()
    const idUser=

    request.user_id = idUser

    await next()

module.exports = Audit
I put one console.log() So I know that this midlware is called when I submit the request, but the user_id is not stored in the database.

When I put one console.log() in idUser, I get the correct value of the expected ID, but when querying the database, what was saved becomes the user_id is zero.

Do I forget something?

I'm not from the frontend user_idIf you are in the backend, store this data via the token.

Is there an app / plugin to improve the speed of Shopify stores?

Hello everybody,

I manage a new Shopify based ecommerce website with currently more than 20,000 products. The site is already stalling as more and more products are added to the sites. The site gets slower with each passing day and pictures are one of the main reasons. The pictures are already optimized.
Is there an app or plugin that can fix the problem?

So it would be a great help if someone could help me for the same reason. Here is the link of the website

Check the website and tell me the reasons for the problem. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Stores near me

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Java program that stores notes with nested stores for?

I am learning online and started in Java. I have to do this program
1. Create a program that calculates the percentage of approved, the percentage of failed and the mode of subject-oriented programming I, with a minimum of 10 students, and at the end print the list of students in which the performance level of the student individual student is specified and general statistics of the topic.

  1. To do this, you must request that each student's grade be entered, and you should use the control structures that were seen in Unit 2 for the solution's approach

  2. According to the value obtained in the grade, you will show the performance of the student based on the following information
    from 81 to 100 very good, from 61 to 80 good from 41 to 60 regularly from 21 to 40 you need to improve inadequately from 1 to 20.

I carry that

Enter image description here
Enter image description here
but at the time of nesting, another program no longer works to save those who have passed away and the mode i hope someone can help me.

Are furniture stores profitable?

My friend Steve bought an already established furniture store & factory for 2.5 million. and he has expanded the business, even if he has to undergo cancer treatment.

So I think the answer is YES at least in the end! lol

He is doing very well!

His bestsellers are the duplicates of antique furniture!

I can not say a word, it is still early and my brain is not yet switched on! lol


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php – Stores a value other than the one with a selection value


My question is how to store this value and, at the same time, another value, such as 1, 2, and 3, depending on the value selected in a field in my table called Type (Vendor Values ​​… will be in a table stored, which is referred to as area). all well up there).

I hope you can help me.