aws – How should the server architecture of a service look like that stores files from a desktop application in the cloud (S3/Cloud storage)?

I developed a desktop application and I am in the process of adding support for online cloud storage. The main requirement is to allow the user to store files in the cloud while being able to delete them locally to save space (this is not possible via Dropbox nor Google Drive).

My initial idea is to setup a server with Nginx that accepts incoming connections and forwards them to a webservice by acting as a forward proxy.

If the incoming request is a download/upload the query is redirected to the S3/GCS server. I want to avoid a direct connection to the S3/GCS container. Is this a suitable architecture?

TLDR: How should an architecture look like where a desktop application can send files to a custom cloud server.

Dropbox and Google Drive are not suitable for my workflow as they don’t allow to delete a file locally but keeping them in the cloud. Files and directories are always synced.

multistore – Wanting to remove multi stores and go back to single store view scope in Magento2.3

Is it possible to switch our store back to single store mode? Is this possible now? It says,

“This setting will not be taken into account if system has more than
one store view.”

We have two stores on Magento2.3.5. However, we are wanting to remove one of these stores and its views from admin, since we never use it. No products and not much data has been saved on the other store view. However, switching to single store mode in does not do anything and I take it because it still sees the other store views so it does not take that setting into account.

Would I have to remove 2nd stores website? I did not see an option to remove store.

enter image description here

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linux – How to change where BIND stores query logs

linux – How to change where BIND stores query logs – Server Fault

magento2 – How to setup multiple websites, stores and store views in magneto 2?

magento2 – How to setup multiple websites, stores and store views in magneto 2? – Magento Stack Exchange

aws – How MySQL keyring_aws plugin stores the master key securely?

From MySQL internal doc, I am presuming that keys of keyring_aws are stored locally after generation. All the mandatory information like master key needed to decrypt table is configured locally using variable named ‘keyring_aws_cmk_id’.

If Intruder gets disk access then he/she get access to Mysql data directory and the master key stored in mysql conf file. Could be of great help if anyone could share some insights on security.

How to add 1 question in Google Forms which takes multiple inputs from the user and stores in a single column in Google sheets

Hello, I am struggling to create a custom question in Google forms which can ask the user for Multiple inputs or Short texts.

For example If I ask a question to a shopkeeper: “Name all the vegetables you keep in your stall?”.. The shopkeeper should be able to add multiple vegetable names in same question..

Secondly the responses should be listed one below the other in single column in Google sheets

I dont have much coding knowledge in Apps script Editor but can I make use of an automatic transpose Function here ?

open source – Is it possible to build an Android conformant calendar app which stores its data as shareable file?

Or is there already one?

I don’t know Androids calendar infrastructure so maybe my question sounds a bit fuzzy.

I dislike (non self hosted) cloud services but I like the ability to share my calendar among devices (and even people). Since I’m not alone I wonder whether someone already built a calendar app which stores it’s data (encrypted) in a way which can be shared via Syncthing, Sparkleshare, Dropbox, …
This app would have to ‘monitor’ changes on this file in order to update itself, notify the user about changes and not overwrite changes ‘from outside’.

So my question is actually two questions: is (are) there such apps already (and how are they called, so I can search myself) or is this possible in the first place (or why not?).

Woocommerce – identification of store with single delivery webhook url for multiple stores

I have multiple stores and a single web-hook delivery URL – so many stores all post their order updates and creations to the same URL.

In a typical scenario a delivery url would work with one store and so there would only be a singe known secret to try/use to verify and identify the request. But in my case with many stores posting to the delivery URL I don’t know which of the many secrets to try.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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