Web Part – How do I use Flow to create a brand new Sharepoint news story?

I am very new to Sharepoint, Forms and Flow. I am trying to automate a workflow when sending a form response to create a Newspost page on Sharepoint with data from the form.

I want to designate the author of the page as the person who submitted the form.

The page title should also be taken from one of the answers. The rest of the answers can be in a text web part.

The key is automating all of this in Flow (or Power Automate). So far no success after many hours of research and testing. I only managed to collect data when a form was submitted.

Story – I'm looking for GM advice and getting the players to help the villain

I am looking for a little help and guidance as I try to plan my first try.

My basic idea for an action:
The new adventure group in a city in Tabaxi is hired by the city mayor to solve various diseases that affect the place. I plan to start them at LV1 and use his quests to build the players around 4-5.

The thing is, I want the mayor to secretly try to destroy his own city as a victim to his evil deity (to receive a blessing and become a rakshasa).

What kind of quests could I give to players who mingle with ordinary quests that would eventually lead to plague, hunger, invasions and various catastrophes that would ultimately end the city?

Ghostwrite 2 Rap Verse Hip Hop, Grime, Drill, Story Tell, Drum n Bass for $ 125

Ghostwrite 2 Rap Verses | Hip Hop, Grime, Drill, Story Tell, Drum n Bass

It can be painful for most rappers to sit for hours and find new rhymes and lyrical combinations.

A head full of writers blocks the urge to keep painting the bars and restarting.

It is difficult…

I simplified this process and got to the point.

I produce unique works that are tailored to your needs. All work is produced to a high standard with quick processing.

With this appearance you get a clear audio recording of how the bars flow. So if you are inexperienced or have difficulty creating your own flows or texts, you have no problem copying.



1. Open the delivered texts in front of you on the screen.

2. Open the texts.

3. Open the supplied audio in another tab.

4. Play the audio clip.

5. Rap ​​the lyrics next to the audio clip until you have the flow down.

UK Drill, US Drill, Grime, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, House, Story Tell Rap …

(Hit me if you want to hear some of my lyrics on one of these genres and I'll send them.)

About me:

I am a ghostwriter from the UK. I started writing rap lyrics at the age of 7 when I fell in love with the word game.

(tagsToTranslate) rap (t) hip hop (t) dirt (t) lyrics (t) bars (t) drill

Role Playing – What is a good resource to learn about advanced character and story development?

I saw the lists "50 questions you need to ask yourself about your character". These are very helpful early on and I still use them after 10 years of role playing.

I think I would like to go into more advanced techniques. Things I can do as a player to get other players excited. How to deal with complicated situations like "I'm playing a god character that is extremely powerful and I don't know how to attract them since they already have everything".

What would be a good resource for that?

Math – I need help with some XP formulas for a story driven single player RPG!

Junior game designer here. I'm trying to make a formula for the amount of Xp required to level up and the amount of Xp a monster gives

For now. The formula for the amount of Xp a monster gives is this


I tried to scale the formula gradually so as not to achieve linear growth.

X and Y are both variables that I can change so that each enemy gives a different Xp.

XP is required for the player. It's pretty easy. The formula is

Xp=   Ln+Sum Where Ln=Last Xp received and Sum=20*2

All 5,5,4,3,4,5,5 levels. The sum is again multiplied by 2 per example

Level 1-5 Sum=20
Level 6-10 Sum=20*2
Level 11-15 Sum=40*2
And so on

I would appreciate any help!

Can you upload an Instagram story from Facebook?

Facebook has a built-in tool that when you have an Instagram account connected you can send photos to the feed or to "IGTV" (which I have never tried). But I don't see a way to upload a story from Facebook. Since there used to be more than one built-in way to upload photos from Facebook to Instagram, is there any way to upload a story from Facebook to Instagram?

dnd 5e – Is it a bad idea to give my character an amnesia about his back story?

During my first campaign as a player, I had a problem with my DM regarding the background I gave my character. It was the first time that I created a background for my character and I loved it so much that my background story became quite extensive. (I gave my DM a short summary to make his life easier).

Although I loved creating a back story, I wasn't particularly comfortable with role-playing. Because of this, I included a piece in my backstory that cursed my character, I couldn't remember where he came from, and he was now looking for answers. I just wasn't ready to dive straight into the roleplaying of this backstory and wanted to learn RP step by step.

A few sessions after handing over my back story, my DM briefly mentioned his aversion to my back story. He did this in a single comment, away from all other players who joined the line of "Who gives Amensia to his player, what kind of person does it do?" At that time, I didn't know how to react and we didn't stop playing long after, but the comment still makes me wonder if doing this is really a bad thing?

So is it a bad thing to inflict amnesia on your player regarding his backstory? Or is it something that only my DM had problems with?

Why is there a story that people from Canada left Canada to have surgery in the United States?

It is two things.

1. The United States really has the best healthcare system for those who can pay out of pocket. People with lots of money come here from all over the world to avoid the waiting times and limits that are in other systems.


2. The Canadian healthcare system believes that overcapacity should be avoided. They have just enough clinics and hospital beds for their expected needs. When demand increases and there are not enough surgeries, patients are sent across the border where we have MANY expensive overcapacities.

The OTOH fraudsters often repeat the lie that people in Canada wait a long time for urgently needed services and come here out of desperation. Disadvantages LOVE lies and they try to make them "true" by repeating them over and over again. You can see a lot of it here on Yahoo Answers.

I have relatives in Canada and have spent a lot of time there. Canadians are very friendly and they love Americans (for some reason), so it is very easy to talk to them. I must have asked 100 Canadians how they like their health system over the years. And in particular, I ask them if they have any "horror stories" of people who needed help and had to wait a long time. I've never heard a horror story. Statistically speaking, your health system works just as well as ours (by results), and you pay about half of our services.

System-independent – How can I as a DM ensure that everyone feels involved when only a single player drives the story forward?

I found myself in a dilemma with a 5e campaign that is coming to an end. It's been going for about a year and one of the main goals I had at the start of the campaign was Focus as much as possible on the journey of every player in my group, Unfortunately, when I finished the storylines, I realized that this approach only worked for one of four characters. Let's call him Carl.

Why did that only work for Carl? There are many reasons, but they basically boil down to it.

  1. Carl put a lot of effort into developing a convincing backstory hook for his character. He is by far the most talented performer and the most experienced D&D player in the group.
  2. One of the players has strong role-playing ideas and a highly developed character, but struggles with improvisation, which leads to moments in the search for words getting stuck.
  3. Another player is very concerned with role playing and reacts realistically and appropriately to his character. However, he did not have a convincing background story or strong character motivation.
  4. The last player is simply not interested in "immersive" role-playing (i.e. he enjoys role-playing from a humorous and shenanigans point of view, but has never responded to emotions, motivations, etc., or attempted to deal with it).
  5. Carl is the only player who takes you active Approach to role playing his character. He is constantly trying to advance his action through his own actions, while the other players have only really shown an ability react to events.

From a narrative point of view, unfortunately, this has led to an action that seems to be heavily focused on Carl. I've often written long sequences that focused exclusively on Carl's storyline, and I'm beginning to worry that he's the "main character" in a campaign that should focus on the whole party.

Of course, I've been trying all the time to involve the other characters and solidify their storylines, but after seeing these attempts fail (for various reasons, like characters who forget their own background stories and don't respond in any way that feels) logical or real) I was discouraged and somehow gave up trying to create more character moments for her.

Still, I have a troubling question afterwards:

How can I make sure everyone feels involved when only one player drives the story?

As we neared the end of the campaign, I noticed that some of the other players were uninterested when we got to another crossroads in Carl's story. In my opinion, these moments were the most interesting and fascinating moments related to storytelling, but I'm worried that they might feel neglected all the time.

Does anyone of you have experience with this type of problem? Is there anything I could have done differently?