transactions – If i can not tell the The story of the fraudulent company which suggested me in web-sit here then so where?

If i can not tell the The story of the fraudulent wallet company which suggested me in web-sit here then so where ? Where can i report that company? Why bitcoin.stackexchange deleted my 2 pervious post ? I sent them close account request many times by email, but wallet company didnt reply yet,there is no support link in their website which answer or clearing your problem , but there is just a telegram group link and some benefiter people of their team waiting you for take your balance money,
And I have a recorded video for all the step off fraud and email document
If this site is for feedback of users cryptocurrency , please let me speak about company and name , and they will answering if they are right , because We have no place to sue, and the companies themselves do not respond

Pleaseeee Users please give your comment

layout – how to reduce content scrolling without reducing a story?

Might I suggest you just pare down the content, making it cleaner and more succinct? It’s good to include key details, but it feels like there’s just “too much stuff” here, especially once you get to the key insights section. Perhaps organize the page by “here was the problem, here’s how we got to the solution, and here were the results.”

Make sure the messaging is clear — why would one want to track the performers in Cirque de Soleil? Interesting detail, can the “why” be explained in a sentence? The “I don’t speak English” headline made me think that was something you were saying about yourself and a challenge you faced with the project. Ask some non-tech friends for key takeaways and test their understanding.

Here are a couple of examples of UX project storytelling pages that I like, hope this is useful inspiration:


dnd 5e – Curse of Strahd for 2 Players, How to work with ressurection from a Story perspective

I plan rn with 2 of my best friends to play Curse of Strahd, 2 of them as players and me obviously as the DM.

I know that the Game is intendet to have 4-6 Players and not 2. I let them start at lvl 3 and max level will me 12 to 14.

But they will die probably since i don’t want to make it a cakewalk obviously, and i want to use a “either you let your character die and must make a new one, or you ressurect yourself and have to roll to recieve either a random dark gift or a madness you roll.” every time they die.

But i am not sure yet how to make in RP, my first idea is that i let them wake up as Ghosts on a misty field where Strahd shows up and gives them a deal to ressurect them so they could die in the future for his amusement, but i also don’t want to reveal Strahd to fast, so i thought that maybe like a ghostly figur or some type of demon makes these ressurection deals, or this could be Strahd but in disguise to fool them, or not to reveal his intendity to fast. But i am not sure if that would be in character for Strahd because i want this “Ressurection dealer” be really cocky to the Characters.

Can someone give me some advice?

why does instagram lowers my story resolution so much?

Compare a gopro story
the one I just uploaded

The story I uploaded looks “fine” in the preview (still looks compressed but not too much), but as soon as it gets uploaded, instagram just smashes the quality.
How can I make my story to look as the one that GoPro uploads? The one I uploaded is less than 10 seconds, and it’s also less than 10 MB in size. I can see that GoPro stories do get compressed a bit, not as much as the ones I am uploading.

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A Short Story about White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange – Cryptocurrencies Corner

White label crypto exchange platforms have paved the way for many ongoing crypto exchange business. Many businesses are aspiring to run through white-label trading platforms due to its robust infrastructures. This article briefly explains the white label cryptocurrency exchange software and its benefits

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