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    [GET] Build a Story Brand: Writing Series in Your Unique Way

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    Very nice. Been looking for this one. Arigathanks!


agile development – how descriptive should a user story be?

User stories are usually small, used as a definition of a requirement. Epics are large user stories, typically ones which are too big to implement in a single iteration and therefore they need to be disaggregated into smaller user stories.
I would recommend to create an epic containing multiple user stories. Each user story should be an end to end “piece” and all together compose the epic “transaction history”

In Agile development (e.g. SCRUM-based projects) user stories should be Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small and Testable (INVEST). You need to take under consideration the technical effort depending on the team dynamics. So there is need to create/split a user story accordingly.


Write a Great User Story

dnd 5e – help in adapting a monster from a short story to 5E

This is the ‘Big Bad’ of the short story Undefiled, written by James M. Ward for the collection Tales of Ravenloft. From what I’ve inquired the creature in question was created by Ward specifically for the story. The monster in question (the author calls it a Coraltan) is a corporeal undead whose body is described as “desiccated and worm-infested”, however it is able to take on the appearance of a living humanoid (in this story it poses as a city’s spiritual leader) and while implied to feed on the energy of the living- in the story it seems to draw a little bit of energy from each person in a large crowd-, also appears to be capable of healing magic as well as mind-influencing magic (which it uses to keep people from its proverbial flock from discovering its true nature).

I’m not sure of the best way to simulate these qualities in 5E mechanics. At first I considered giving it the ability to cast Disguise Self at will (to appear as a living being rather than undead) except that spell has duration of an hour and is described as a wizard, sorcerer or bard spell and the monster’s healing abilities suggest divine magic- in 5E would an undead being like this be even capable of handling positive energy? Also what would be the best way to describe how it can feed on people without necessarily physically touching them?

gm techniques – How can I balance slightly erotic roleplay and story based roleplay?

I know this question makes me sound like a pervert but especially with the epidemic me and my girlfriend ended up unable to have much contact.(Not even calls since her roommates are always in the house and it would be really awkward with them.) As a result we have been exploring new avenues and in the end as we are both TTRPG fans we decided to run text based solo games for eachother where we could at least feel a bit close and flirty.

Now the problem is I am not particularly familiar with the concept of running games with erotic features and as a result I am not sure how to balance the NPC’s flirting as a substitute for our actual contact and actual story. Neither of us want the game to essentially be a glorified erotic roleplay. Now my question is how can I keep myself from including too much relationship stuff without fully avoiding them altogether.

agile – Story Mapping: How to write initial epics and user stories?

You want to do this from the point of view of the user. Imagine one of the students is sitting down with you explaining what they would use the portal for. For example, a student might say something like this:

“Those first couple days of classes are so confusing. I can never remember the exact times and classroom numbers of my classes. I wish I could just look them up quick on my phone. Oh, and I never realize I’ve forgotten the classroom until right before class, so it can’t be a pain in the butt to navigate to the information.”

Great, now let’s turn that into a user story:

As a new student new to a class, I want to be able to quickly access the time and location of my classes so that I don’t have to remember them.

That last sentence I don’t think I’d even try to phrase in the “As a, I want, so that.” form. I’d just present exactly that problem to the team and brainstorm some ideas to solve it.

Rapid/Paper Prototypes

I highly recommend making use of simple paper prototypes. This will allow you to play ideas out quickly and you’ll find usability flaws and opportunities long before you invest a lot of time and money building the application.

How to prevent re-ordering of story highlights on Instagram

I have a list of highlights on my Instagram account. I’d like them to be in order: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

However, every time I add a story to a new highlight, it moves that highlight to the front. Let’s say I add something to Tuesday, it now will be in this order: Tuesday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday…

Re-ordering highlights is difficult and time-consuming, and doing it multiple times per day is not something I want to do.

Is there a way to prevent re-ordering, or if that’s not possible, an easier way to re-order highlights (at the moment I have to add a story to that highlight then remove it to move it to the front, and repeat it until they’re all in the correct order)?

New Web Thriller Story Series Online – Read for Free

Hello guys! What’s up?!

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I appreciate the support you guys. Thank you!


dnd 5e – Lathander & Amaunator story: what is liberation?

I do a homebrew campaign and develop a subplot related to the cleric's background. This subplot concerns the gods Lathander and Amaunator. I am mainly interested in the cataclism of dawn and how Lathander acts for the common good without considering the consequences (as written in Faith and Pantheons, 3rd ed., P. 37).

I have read some materials and answers about the past of the two gods (heresy of the triple-faced sun, heresy of the rising sun, era after the magic plague and era after the second split): but I could not find any information about them anywhere liberation, mentioned again in Faith and Pantheons (page 38) and on the Forgotten Realms wiki page by Amaunator. I also searched the Sword Coast Adventurers & # 39; Guide, but there is little information about the Pantheon of Faerun.

My thought is that liberation is a kind of omen that anticipated the facts of the Post-Spellplague era, but I would like confirmation. Does anyone have updates or information about it?