object oriented – Can other behavioral OOP design patterns be expressed in terms of Strategy and Template Method Patterns for behaviour parameterization?

I’m studying OOP design patterns in a solution-oriented way which I mean not concentrating just one pattern but with a comparative analysis like their combined or hybrid usages and equivalents in dynamic languages or in functional languages.

As the GoF grouping name behavioral patterns implies, this patterns are for behavior parameterization by utilizing single method dynamic dispatch in terms of polymorphism that OOP languages provides inherently AFAIK. I assume Strategy pattern as the main form of this mechanism and Template method pattern as its derivation which also keeps common code. Is that reasoning right? Can we approach polymorphism in OOP in this way?

If we think outside of OOP there are higher order functions and lambda functions in dynamic languages and functional languages or mix of them. I think that these languages provides only a few patterns/constructs in contrast to the GoF catalog which I map them to Strategy and Template Method Patterns in essence.

With this perspective, I have analyzed other behavioral patterns and then this question can’t get out of my mind. Even if it looks general but I think I’ve tried to be specific, I’m taking the risk of asking here.

Can we do the same job with Strategy or Template patterns instead of Command, Chain of Responsibility or Decorator(Structural but let's assume in this group) for an example in more or less finer design?

Note: I’m not trying to generalize so for example I know Visitor pattern is out of this scope since it solves the expression problem.

New strategy gaming forum | Forum Promotion


I have just opened a new forum for a game due to be released in the near future, humankind2021.com!

I am interested in post exchanges of any amount with willing participants.

I’m a native English speaker and knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. I can do gaming, current affairs, debate, news, history, anything really. Would prefer to start small with a 3/3 or 5/5 to see if we click. After that happy to go open ended with those who can match the quality.

(Note, posts are preferred in the ‘on topic’ sections. I’ll add avatar, profile information to make an authentic account.)


❓ASK – Facebook vs Twitter marketing strategy? | Proxies-free

because facebook is better known by all levels of society, and almost every person has a facebook, ranging from children who are still studying in elementary school to those who are elderly, there are still many people who do not know twitter even people who are in the city may not necessarily use it, the tendency of more users to facebook rather than twitter, so the marketing strategy is better.


rendering – Is it a useful strategy for Mobile VR titles to render faster than their simulation loop?

For example – If a title had a very heavy simulation loop (say 20ms), is it desirable to render at a greater rate, say 90hz?

This would always a present head pose correct to the view, without being stalled on simulation.

Or does this result in discomfort for the player, and instead render and sim should stay in lockstep?

unity – Best way to handle tick-based resource generation in an online multiplayer strategy game

I’m building an online multiplayer strategy game. The game has no offline mode and requires syncing up to a server. Part of this game is constructing buildings which will generate resources each second. These resources would be generated whether the player is online or offline.

If this was a purely offline game, this would be easy: get the delta between when the app was closed and when it was opened again and multiply by resources per second and just fast forward everything.

Since it’s an online game, and other players can be affected by the resources an offline user has, these calculations have to occur on the backend.

My question is: if I have 10,000 players, each with 20 buildings generating resources on a per second basis, how on earth should I handle 200,000 things all at once and syncing to a database?

❓ASK – PTC scam sites may be useful For you and your sites ( strategy ) | Proxies-free

So Hello BMF Members
this a new thread and a new strategy that I used before

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So as I said, I use my credit on the scam ptc sites to buy Ads and drive traffic to my ptp link then get paid from that
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so I hope you guys understand the topic here, it’s just a little strategy to avoid losing all your money on PTC sites
if you have any question feel free to ask in the comments
thank you

linux – Backup strategy using automounted NFS directory

I bought an Asustor NAS server for making incremental backups of my Fedora Linux system. I was adviced that the simplest way would be to mount a shared folder from the NAS server to my local computer so I could backup my files there. I was thinking of using rsnapshot to make periodic snapshots of my home folder to the mounted folder.

I started to think how safe this strategy is after all. For example, there have been several cases where trusted software has accidentally deleted everything it can from a system (one example is steam). Ideally, I would have my backups in this kind of a situation. But wouldn’t having a shared NFS folder mounted on my system compromise everything in that folder as well in this kind of a situation? Is there a safer way to do this?