My Instagram Strategy – 30,000 followers and counting

Hi Guys,

This is just a post about the Instagram strategy that I recently used to expand my pages. Some of my pages are linked to my ecommerce website, and I've noticed that I get a lot of traffic to my website through Instagram. The rest of my pages I build in the hope of being able to monetize them in the future.

Please give me tips if you have Instagram experience. This strategy has worked very well for me so far.

1 – Offer great content

The first phase is pretty obvious. If you want to build a true fan base, you need to create something interesting and interesting.

Planning is important to determine exactly which groups of people you are engaging in and which topics you are focusing on. Creating a consistent feed that matches each other's photos improves the overall look of your page and makes it clear what your page is about.

2 – Target a niche

Niche hashtags are one of the best places to start with new pages. Finding a hashtag with a lower post volume will make you much more likely to be noticed. Over time, you may even be listed in the "Top Posts" sections, which makes your site very attentive.

3 – Create your own hashtag

Once you gain a small fanbase, it's a good idea to create your own hashtag. Encourage your fanbase in at least some of your posts to use this hashtag as well. For example, if you're running a back page named Boo_Bakes, you should make sure your followers use #boobakes when uploading baked photos. If the photos are of high quality, you can often republish this content on your own page with a link to the poster, which makes your page seem very legitimate (since you clearly have fans) and free and simple content is available. But be careful to do this only for high quality posts.

4 – Share content

As your follow-up application looms, it's a good idea to share with some of your followers and other sites similar to yours to ask if you can republish one of their photos. Not only does this provide simple content, it also allows you to connect to other users. Most of the time they are willing to share one of your photos and link to your page.

While Instagram is competitive, there are more than enough followers so it's not a bad idea to help out a site similar to your own, especially if your own page gets a boost!

5 – get involved!

Finally, and above all, work together with other users! Connect with your current followers by commenting on their photos and responding to their comments on your photos. Connect with potential followers by liking their photos (which is a lot easier and puts you in less contact with Instagram than spam comments). Get in touch with other big sites by tagging them in your photos and sending them off private messages.

Social media is just that – social. The only way to grow organically is to participate in the community that ultimately brings awareness to your page. There are a few automation tools that make it all a lot easier, but my favorite so far has been SocialGrow. I've tried Instagress, but it's too complicated and I get the same results from SocialGrow without this complication.

What experiences have others made with Instagram? Did you try the automation and how did it work for you? Has anyone created a page here just to make money?

SocialGrow –
Instagress –

Design – Which technologies should I use for digital fingerprinting? Which development strategy should I use?

I'm a provider of online surveys, and due to the nature of my business, I get a lot of scams and duplicate users for my surveys, which I can not control through cookie restrictions.

I want to implement digital fingerprint tracking to track the uniqueness of the respondent and block unwanted respondents.

I want to know what technology I should use for this project (with 1000 – 1500 requests per second or more).
I also want to know what development strategy I should use for this project.

So far, I have tried Fingerprint JS, Ever Cookie type of examples, but based on my traffic of almost 1 million a day, this may not work right now.

All sorts of suggestions and advice are welcome and if this is not the place to ask these kinds of questions, please let me know.

Daily technical strategy for currencies and commodities – news and analysis

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SQL Server – The most efficient strategy for inserting many records

Thank you for reading. I try to find the best strategy to keep my customer table up to date.

I have a customer table plus 6 daily transaction tables that receive new data every day. If there is a new customer, they may be displayed in the transaction table. Therefore, I have to find the customers in the transaction table that are not in the customer table and add them. This seems to me to be correct, but I wanted to get input from others because it really seems inefficient with "pick the customer who is not already in the primary table" if the customer table is so large.

Here is my command:

Insert into customer (customer, reptdate) (select specific customer, Getdate () as reptdate from T_TX_CUST, where no customer is (select customer from customer))

The thing is, as part of transaction table processing, I go through the tables line by line in C #. I could make a selection there to see if the customer exists, and then add it if it does not. The programmer in me really wants to do it that way, but using SQL would be a lot easier, but I'm afraid of the cost.

I would be very happy about any suggestions or suggestions.

Choose SEO Company when choosing your company

This is a discussion about Choose SEO Company when choosing your company within the Search Engine optimization Forums, part of the Internet Marketing category; People always spend most of their time choosing their business plan, but they never think about it …


Online marketing expectation and the right way

Online marketing expectation and the right way

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  1. Online marketing expectation and the right way

    People always spend most of their time choosing their business plan, but they never think about focusing on the execution or marketing strategy, and this is the turning point of a business to grow or to fall. So, increase your time to choose the right marketing or SEO company when choosing your business module.

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Strategy for using different ad networks on the site | WJunction

Hello, I am new and do not understand a few things.
I want to start a website and show ads there. I'd like to serve CPC, CPM and maybe pop ads.

I want to use Google AdSense and some other ad networks. But is that possible?
I'd like to use Adsense for either CPC or CPM (not sure), as well as another network for CPM and possibly pop-ups. Does this work and does Google Adsense allow the simultaneous use of more than one ad network?

Strategy to win with PrimeDice for November 2018 – Gambing & Casino

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The right SEO strategy from Shopify for e-commerce companies in 2018

In a recent panel of experts for the WHSR blog, I have addressed the importance of finding the right platform for your business. Among other things, several experts opened the discussion on Shopify as an excellent CMS for e-commerce companies who wanted to integrate social media into their sales funnel. As we're here, let's talk more about the right strategy of shopify seo and how you can prepare your marketing efforts for 2018 (and why not, even further).

Shopify statistics for non-believers

According to a combination of official statistics and Shopify statistics (source: ExpandedRamBlings), as of August 1, 2017, there were approximately 500,000 Shopify retailers in 175 countries. In 2016, the same source had more than 20,000 distributors, with 25% of retailers allowing social selling in the same year. Since 2016, the platform has indicated that 62% of traffic and 51% of revenue were mobile. In August 2017, there are 1,800 apps on the Shopify App Store that have already been downloaded 7 million times. 1.2 million people actively use the Shopify backend platform. Total sales processed at Shopify were over $ 10 billion by the end of 2015, according to statistics. Talk about the potential.

How do these statistics reflect your business?

To summarize these statistics and findings:

  • 500,000 dealers in 175 countries mean little competition to be exactly 2,857 dealers per country;
  • Only 25% of them use social selling to be exactly 100,000.
  • 62% mobile traffic and 51% mobile revenue means that you can get into the mobile optimization of your Shopify store from day one, so all resources and efforts are focused on a solid ROI.
  • $ 10 billion in revenue and 51 percent in wireless – more than $ 5 billion in mobile revenue!
  • 1,800 Shopify App Store apps, downloaded 7 million times, means, on average, that each app has been downloaded 3,889 times. If you look closely at the Google or Apple App Store, most apps will not see this number unless they surround a popular service or product.

This means that the Shopify platform provides immense potential, low competition, great momentum and user interaction, generating money, revenue and opportunities for merchants, developers and customers.

The right SEO strategy from Shopify

From the above numbers, it's clear that mobile search optimization should be part of your long-term marketing plan. However, do not skip the basic Google optimization. Shopify companies can now sync their store to Google Merchant Center via direct, automated API feeds. When a Google AdWords campaign is set up, products from your store will be visible on all Google channels. This is a great option to consider, as PPC plays a role in customer acquisition, retention and reactivation. The app that does this is called Google Shopping. Here you will find more information and feedback. The platform also has built-in analytics that you can access as a stand-alone or in your GA to monitor the evolution of your ecommerce business. A Website Optimizer feature helps you simplify the store's search engine. Note, however, that you can not rely solely on the predefined settings. This requires additional adjustments.

Check the basics

No online store can fulfill these basic call to action:

  • Title tags, meta descriptions, and page URLs for blog posts, web pages, product pages, or collections – all editable
  • Themes automatically generate title tags with your store name, as well as sitemap files and robots.txt
  • ALT tag for product pictures, customizable img filenames
  • Sitemap.xml and robots.txt files that can later be submitted and tested in GA / Webmaster Tools
  • Social sharing and social media profile linking – All topics are required for these settings
  • Canonical URL to prevent duplicate content or pages – if that sounds like Chinese to you, here's a guide to Shopify.
  • Mobile-ready features and mobile-responsive templates
  • SSL Certificates (which, as Google just announced, will affect your ranking in the long run)
  • Security Certificates – Your customers need to know that their data is handled with care and is not exposed to any type of privacy breach. Shopify offers PCI DSS compliant Tier 1 security features.
  • Additional apps and plugins to help you optimize your search optimization (you may want to consider and markups to help you structure the pages of your online store to improve usability).
  • Integrated blogging system and news corner, allowing your store to benefit from content marketing and rich keyword content that search engines can easily index

What experts suggest

When it comes to the best Shopify SEO strategy for e-stores, Oberlo has a few tips:

  • Choose relevant page titles that best express what is relevant to customer search.
  • Your title tags are important not only to customers but also to search engines to understand what your pages and your e-store are about.
  • Set title tags for each page, product, collection, and blog post. You do not want to miss the opportunity to generate traffic or leads.
  • Keep your title tags short, ideally under 70 characters, to get a full view of search engines.
  • Always add the name of your store in the title tag to ensure credibility for search users and to build a bridge between products and brands. This is best done by including the name of your business at the bottom of the page title after a disconnect symbol, such as B. the vertical lines "|" or the hyphen "-".
  • At the very beginning, include your target keywords in your title tag. You may find in the future that titles that contain keywords tend to be more relevant and achieve a better ranking than keys used for authoritative purposes only.
  • Add variations to your keywords, depending on which page you're targeting. Keywords for title page tags are most likely different from product pages or blog pages. And it's fine to be different!
  • Add keywords to your meta-description to improve the visibility of your search and use an actionable language for your visitors. They need solutions for their search. Do not forget to consider the human aspect.
  • Keep your meta descriptions under 155 characters and customize them for products, pages, posts – you'll get them.
  • Alt image Alt Text can contain complex keywords, such as: B. 4-6 words ("Women's Jeans Summer Discount"). Ideally, you should rename your image with your own name – visual search engines will certainly pick this up.
  • Use the platform as a broadcasting environment: Make sure that an article is posted or announced to the world every time an update or new product becomes available. Search engines love fresh things.
  • Product descriptions must also be checked regularly. Make sure they stay fresh and relevant. Do not overload the keywords.
  • Build your traffic with blog entries, customer stories, product updates, new releases, top offers, and more.

Social is the new social

You heard me right. Today, there are additional ways to stay in touch with customers and generate new customers. Facebook Live, Youtube Live, AMA Sessions (Instagram Questions) and Instagram Stories. If you're new to Instagram, check out my Instagram Marketing Guide on NinjaOutreach. Instagram has also recently launched polls in their Insta stories, so you can ask your audience to vote, update, and take action for a new product with "Yes" or "No" (you can also customize your selections). which the brand is considering. In addition, you can access insights and control who mentions your brand (option on Instagram). Insights include impressions, reach, website clicks, follower activity, video views, save, replies, quit. With social media platforms that enable video streaming and live video support, a foundation for community building is being created on other channels alongside their own e-store. An advice: Do not be shy of the communitybecause this is also a product itself!

Mobile SEO

"People of the same kind stick together"This applies to any type of search engine optimization. In your GA console, you can access specific mobile factors in addition to classic content relevance, authority, page load speed, and domain age. Google's Mobile Page Speed ​​tool gives you access to what you need to improve mobile traffic, as well as additional bugs and fixes. A variety of mobile SEO tips can be found in the section Traffic for Searching for Mobile Usability. Now Google and other search engines pay attention to mobile content and keywords, which are preferred over normal desktop pages. Local shops and local businesses are ranked highest in rankings. This is great news as you plan to optimize your Shopify store deliveries in different countries and cities. To find out which cities and countries you want to target, first consider the locations of your visitors (country, region, city-specific), your GA account, and the locations of your social media followers if you want to target Your advertising efforts. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can help improve mobile search visibility, but not desktop search. AMP currently works only for publishers or Google News articles. The future, however, is good. You can use Google AMP for your PR campaigns or building links. As with search engine optimization for desktop sites, you can improve the ranking if you consider the following:

  • Improve your website's loading speed with file compression, minimization of CSS, HTML and Javascript, image tagging and size compression, reduction of redirects, faster hosting, better CDN plans, and responsive design.
  • Use the relevance principle: Help search engines and users understand what your business is about. Register your business locally in Google Business, Facebook Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, use geo-targeting and directory listing from Yahoo and Bing.
  • Ask for customer reviews and reviews. I prefer the use pleased, a simple feedback tracking tool that sends customers an email asking them to rate your service or store from 1 to 10 and then redirecting them to a feedback text box. Once the customer clicks Submit, the tool collects feedback in a kind of "news feed". The tool is free for up to 250 contacts.
  • Use a roadmap or visual planner for your SEO strategy to track updates, changes, and optimizations. TeamWeek better explains how roadmap tools work on their blog and suggests creating separate groups for your departments (or teams), followed by separate milestones.
  • Improve small but important mobile details such as 404 errors, pop-ups in full-screen mode, and incorrect redirects.

These SEMRush article Explains more about mobile optimization and expert recommendations.

Take away

Since many marketing professionals advertise, today everyone can start a business. The possibilities are endless. But in the jungle, you can not get along without a real plan. As a CMS, Shopify has potential and clearly benefits from the business model of e-commerce. The right SEO strategy from Shopify starts with the basic fixes and principles and moves towards mobile e-stores. Shopify generated more than $ 5 billion in revenue (51% of total revenue) and 62% of the traffic is mobile. By introducing the benefits of social media, Google's mobile optimization tips, and expert suggestions, your ecommerce company will never lose visibility or prominence in the face of competition. Source: Unsplash

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