photo editing – How to create a more natural look using Strobe lights for watch photography?

thanks in advance for any help provided. I am fairly new to product photography and recently ditched my lightbox for strobe lights to create a more natural and true to the eye look on my watches. The lightbox lighting gave more a dark greyish tone which did not show the true color and texture of the watches. Now I have a new setup using strobe lights, but I am still not getting the correct lighting on my products (see purple pic below). 2nd photo is the goal. Since I have so many watches to photograph and list, I prefer not to use photoshop since it takes quite a bit of time to edit each photo. Since using the new strobe lights I get this purple tint which I can’t figure out how to get rid of unless changing the temp, saturation, and tint in photoshop. I want to maintain a white background at the same time but getting the correct lighting for the watch is priority.

In summary

  1. How to get rid of the purple tint using current set up?

  2. How to achieve correct color of watch that is similar to what you would perceive in person? (such as the second photo)

Setup: 2 strobe lights on either side of watch and nikon d3500 on tripod

Here is my current photograph with the purple tint and black shadows around the bezel
Here is the goal I am trying to achieve

How do you calculate the maximum watts for the main studio flash strobe?

Some people say: maximum watts for the studio flash strobe depends on what one plans to shoot.

Other people say, it doesn’worth to have very powerful flash strobe if the studio is small.

What would you say? And why?

Studio about 60qm, main flash strobes could be maximum 400, 600, 750, 1000, 1200 and 1500w. Fashion and beauty shootings.

studio – What strobe should I buy? ASAP

I am looking to buy studio strobes for a home studio. I am focusing on product phorography and real estate/interiors photography.I am having a hard time deciding which ones to choose – Im in between Elinchrom D-lite 4Rx, Godox SK400 and GOdox QS400.Im wondering if I Elinchrom is more reliable then Godox, if the strobes are better. On the other hand the Godox ones have additional features that the Elinchrom doesnt have, etc. Im having a really tough time deciding.Any opinions?

wireless flash – How to best mix Godox Strobes with legacy Bowens Strobe?

I recently co-rented a studio which has an assortment of studio strobes (Bowens Gemini GM500R, Bowens GM750+). However I usually use my Godox AD600BM and 2 AD200.

I am looking into these scenarios:

Mixing the strobes

From what I see, the Bowens strobes have a 5mm sync input jack. So I would need some receiver that has a cable sync output that can be hooked up with the bowens strobes. From what I can see, this probably would be the Godox X1R (no matter which brand flavor, as I will only need the sync port). They are around 40 Euro a piece. I would probably need around 3. This seems a bit expensive for using only the sync signal of them.

Is there any cheaper way or better way? Using the X2 trigger, I could mount a system neutral trigger on top of it. However, in that case I would lose the ability to switch the strobes into groups and disable them remotely while I am testing the settings.

Is there any recommendation?