8 – Change the Field Instance Settings form to admin / structure / types / manage // fields / node ../ storage

I'm trying to figure out how to add an extra field to the content type field settings page.

Basically, I want to change the field instance setup form Admin / Structure / Types / Manage // Fields / Nodes ../ Memory ,

I go with hook_form_FORM_ID_alter for FORM_ID field_config_edit_form,
The new form element appears on the form, but after submitting, I can not see the value.

Am I missing something? Is an additional form submit function required to submit the new value?

Here is my clipping –

/ **
* Implemented hook_form_FORM_ID_alter ().
* /
Function mymod_form_field_storage_config_edit_form_alter (& $ form,  Drupal  Core  Form  FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id) {

$ form['enabled'] = Array (
& # 39; # type & # 39; => & # 39; checkbox & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # title & # 39; => t (& # 39; Enable & # 39;),
& # 39; # description & # 39; => t (& # 39; When enabled, this module changes the field settings. & # 39;),
& # 39; # default_value & # 39; => $ form['enabled'],

Combination of two areas with identical column structure from two different tables (same URL)

I'm doing a simple ticket system where I have two sheets, "Form Responses" and "Email Responses," both of which are automatically filled in as their names imply (one from a form, one from an e-mail with zapier). Both sheets have the same headers (eg timestamp, e-mail address, subject, description).

I want to create a third leaf that has the same headers again, but contains content from "Form Responses" and "Email Responses", sorted by timestamp.

I tried = {& # 39; form responses 1 & # 39 ;! A2: H18, & # 39; email replies & # 39; A2: H18} but it put the leaves side by side, and I had to restrict that

I want to know how to make a vegetarian sprinkler

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Reference request – from homologous data to the existence of a module structure

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Permalink Structure Custom Taxonomy Slug / cpt-Slug breaks the ability to have subpages and page breaks (Error 404)

I took over a WordPress project from another programmer who wrote code to create the custom-taxonomy-slug / cpt-slug permalink structure. The custom taxonomy is "city", the cpt is "restaurant", so every restaurant receives one city as a category, so the restaurant "Big Burgers" in Berlin would have the permalink "Berlin / Big Burger".
This works, but the problem is that its code results in 404 errors for normal subpages (page name / subpage name) and also for blog pagination (blog / page / 2).
Here is the main part in functions.php, which is responsible for this problem:

Function entry_rewrite_rules () {

$ custom_structure = & # 39; /% city% /% restaurant% & # 39 ;;

add_rewrite_tag ("% restaurant%", "([^/]+) & # 39 ;, restaurant = ");

add_permastruct (# restaurant; $ custom_structure, array (& # 39; walk_dirs & # 39; => false));


add_action ("init", "entry_rewrite_rules");

There is another part that manipulates only the permalink for the cpt restaurant, but not the part that leads to the 404 errors.

Function change_entry_permalink ($ url, $ post) {

if (get_post_type ($ post) === & # 39; restaurant & # 39;

$ terms = wp_get_object_terms ($ post-> ID, & # 39; city & # 39;);

if ($ terms) {

return str_replace (& # 39;% city% & # 39 ;, $ terms)[0]-> slug, $ url);



return $ url;


add_filter (& # 39; post_type_link & # 39 ;, change_entry_permalink & # 39 ;, 10, 2);

As far as I know, the problem is that the other programmer did not add a permalink base to his own link structure, e.g. "entries /% city% /% restaurant%" so that all page / subpage links are treated as restaurant links and lead to errors if they are not links to a restaurant entry.

The website has been online for many years and there are nearly 4000 restaurants. Therefore, it is probably not a good option to change the permalinks for the restaurants (and the addition of redirects). (4000 redirects can be bad for performance and SEO.)

So my questions are:

  1. How do I get the pagination for the blog in the normal way, eg. Blog / Page / 2? (Da / blog works, I know that I could program my own pagination logic with eg / blog? Page = 2, but I would rather not.

  2. Although I can generally live without subpages, it would still be nice if certain subpages could work, even if it means adding code for each permalink, such as a. my-page / my-important-subpage

I have thought about somehow changing the regex in this part to exclude blog / page / 2 or other specific permalinks:

add_rewrite_tag ("% restaurant%", "([^/]+) & # 39 ;, restaurant = ");

Unfortunately, everything I tried failed because I do not fully understand what's happening there, and I'm not good at making regex code.

My other idea was to change the priority argument for adding the rewrite rules, but not set to 1 or 99:

add_action ("init", "entry_rewrite_rules"), 1); // or 99 or 20 ...

As I said, making blog / page / 2 work is my priority. If you have other ideas to restore the "normal" ability to create subpages, it would be great too.

apache – Change server structure to display files / folders in the browser (Dedictaed server)

I'm trying to deploy WordPress on a Red Hat Linux server (dedicated server).

I'm trying to access it with the normal URL structure [IP]/[rootfoldername]/[nameofthefile] but it does not work

Note that phpmyadmin is a working file on the server.

Below is the default server page and the FTP view:

Red Hat default page

FTP view
Should I change the structure of the FTP?

The GTA folder contains the WordPress files. I need to access it to run the installation wizard.

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