customs and immigration – Leaving Switzerland during studies, EU citizen

I’m an EU citizen, and study in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m enrolled for the following semester.

My housing lease is expiring and I haven’t managed to find other affordable accommodation, so I must leave Switzerland for my home country. My residence permit expires on the same day as my lease, and I’ve applied for an extension before I knew I would not find accommodation.

  1. What will happen to my residence permit, which is being processed right now? Will I be able to enter Switzerland again when I find some apartment? (If e.g. my country is on a high-risk Covid19 list then.)

  2. Am I breaking some Swiss law if I receive my residence permit, but don’t have an address for some time? Is my residence permit valid for entering Switzerland again?

  3. Is it a good idea to pay someone that I know to register me as a subtenant, so I have a postal address? I don’t plan on being in Switzerland for a while, I will only maybe need to reenter for exams. Is this even legal?

user research – Have studies shown people actually use floating “Back to Top” buttons?

I know there are “guidelines” out there for how to handle floating Back to Top buttons, but I haven’t found hard data or studies showing that users measurably prefer to use a Back to Top button rather than scroll.

Has anyone done any studies or know of analytics to show proportion of users leveraging Back to Top over scroll?

Asking because in my anecdotal design experience I’ve only ever added a floating Back to Top button at the insistence of a client without any usability data to back up the requirement. Now I need to introduce another feature that also performs best as a bottom-right floating button (Chat), but I would love to evidence studies demonstrating that Back to Top is worth nixing.

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According to new studies, the shutdowns saved millions of lives. Why do Republicans want people to die so they can get a haircut?

Shutdown orders prevented about 60 million novel coronavirus infections in the United States and 285 million in China, according to a research study published Monday that examined how stay-at-home orders and other restrictions limited the spread of the contagion.

A separate study from epidemiologists at Imperial College London estimated the shutdowns saved about 3.1 million lives in 11 European countries, including 500,000 in the United Kingdom, and dropped infection rates by an average of 82 percent, sufficient to drive the contagion well below epidemic levels.

Will it be the most humiliating day of every libs life if studies prove that hydroxicholoroquine works as a preventative measure?

That is not the way that sensible people handle things. 

. The question is not whether it works as a preventative measure, as much as whether it is a relatively safe chemical/drug to take..If it was suggested that swallowing battery acid might work, it is a bad idea even if it did kill the virus or the common cold or anything..I think you are just hoping for a little more drama