performance – Custom Google Data Studio connector

I am using Google BigQuery API V2 for a custom Google Data Studio connector. The BigQuery.Jobs.query() calls take roughly 50 seconds which is too long, so I am looking for ways to speed things up:

function runQuery() {
  // Cloud Platform project.
  var projectId = 'XXXXXXXX';

  const sqlQuery = `SELECT orgId, status, DATETIME(createdAt,'Pacific/Auckland') as createdAt FROM publicdata:samples.shakespeare LIMIT 50000;`;

  var request = {
    query: sqlQuery,
    useLegacySql: false,

  var queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.query(request, projectId); 
  var jobId = queryResults.jobReference.jobId;
  // Check on status of the Query Job.
  var sleepTimeMs = 500;
  while (!queryResults.jobComplete) {
    sleepTimeMs *= 2;
    queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.getQueryResults(projectId, jobId);
  // Get all the rows of results.
  var rows = queryResults.rows;

  while (queryResults.pageToken) {
    queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.getQueryResults(projectId, jobId, {
      pageToken: queryResults.pageToken
    rows = rows.concat(queryResults.rows);

  if (rows) {
    var headers = {
    var data = ();
    for (var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {
      var obj = {};
      var cols = rows(i).f;
      for (var j = 0; j < headers.length; j++) {
        obj(headers(j)) = cols(j).v;
    return data;
  } else {
    Logger.log('No rows returned.');
    return null;

magento2 – PWA Studio with custom extensions

First of all, sorry if the answer is obvious. I read the Devdocs, PWA-Studio Docs and some Tutorials, but somehow couldn’t wrap my head around this.

Does using a PWA with Magento2, for example Magento’s PWA-Studio, require me to add a GraphQL API to every module I use for this shop? Or can Magento somehow “skip” PWA-rendering when no GraphQL is in place?
For example, I mean modules we created ourselves, modules we bought from 3rd parties, as well as payment methods (where the PWA docs state that it’s currently only compatible with Braintree, which is not much imho).

Also, I’d be glad to get any tutorials on how to make a custom module PWA-compatible.

visual studio – Custom list definition solution migrated and not rendering the Sharepoint:Formfield controls

Good evening,

I have a NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx from a custom list defined by a WSP where the SharePoint:FormField controls stop to render after the page is loaded for the first time after deployed (not upgraded).

I already tried to change the assembly version of the Registers and even the SharePoint Product Version of the pacakge file from 14 to 19. But when I do that, SharePoint is not finding anymore the custom forms. It only finds if I keep the SharePoint Product Version to 14.

Does someone went through a situation similar to this too?

¿por que se reinicia SQL Server Management Studio al ejecutar star job at step?

buen dia tengo un jobs instalado que se encarga de generar respaldos automaticamente en sql server 2012 al momento de quererlo iniciar paso a paso de manera manual el SQL Server Management Studio se reinicia por consecuencia el jobs no inicia reviso el servicio del agente y este esta iniciado de igual forma lo reinicio y me sigue presentando los mismos problemas revisando la lista de errores me aparecen estos introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

agradeceria de su apoyo brindado

debug – Building/running/debugging bitcoind from visual studio code

I wish to get myself familiarized with the bitcoin source code just for personal interest purposes.

Has anyone tried to build/run/debug inside visual studio code?

I just cloned the repo and followed the instructions for mac and I am able to build and run the binaries without issues.

I figure the next steps I would run the the binaries with a debugger attached inside an IDE so I could kind of trace the code paths. How would I set it up in Visual Studio Code?