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Username: sixer
Age: 17
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Location: Arizona US
Family: big family
Favorite foods and drinks: dr. P and piza
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Hobbies / Sports: Archery
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How should I take enough stuff for adventure?

The burden in Pathfinder 2 appears to be quite restrictive. Backpacks can hold 4 pieces of valuables, and belt bags can carry 4 light items each. Sheaths keep your weapons well, but you do not have much room to work. If I run out (assuming I can carry no more than 4 belt bags), I'll wear about 6 or 7 pieces of fabric. If I have 16 power, I still have at least 1 room left for bulk stuff, Wearing armor can fill this room, but if there is a way to fit more material to my person without putting sacks on my hands?

Hey Google, did you fix your stuff?

First, you made a statement that ON HIS SURFACE IS WRONG. Reason enough to call you to find out the truth. So far, you've mistaken everything you've said. Until proven otherwise, I have NO CHOICE, but to claim that you are lying.

Second, this is a PUBLIC forum. If you do not want a public response, DO NOT POST IN A PUBLIC FORUM.

Third, I've been on the internet since it was available before DECADES. That's why DECADES of EXPERIENCE conducted searches BEFORE GOOGLE EXISTED.

Fourth, I've been programming computers for over 30 years, probably long before you were even born. So I know a lot about them and the programs that run on them, including Google.

Now lay your proof or close your cake hole.

Top 40 Awesome Nootropic Blogs Who Really Know Their Stuff

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Hey guys, I've just posted this article on 40 Awesome Nootropic Blogs, so I wanted to release a short and sweet version here.

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Against this background, there is no ………….. Read more…ootropic-blogs/