smtp – Map a subdomain to an individual email address

say I want to redirect multiple subdomains to different email addresses


*@it.example.tld –> it-support@mail.tld

*@finance.example.tld –> finance@mail.tld

*@hr.example.tld –> hr@mail.tld

*@mail.example.tld –> mail@mail.tld

*@example.tld –> 404@mail.tld

So I would like to be able to translate all emails sent to a specific subdomain to a single mailbox.

domain name system – With DNS e.g. A record, can I add a regex for any subdomain?

E.g. in my DNS providers UI, I have a A record for the main domain along the lines: <my server ip address>

This works fine.
I’d like to obtain a wildcard SSL certificate to be able to add several subdomains.

Can I add a record of the form * <my server ip address> Is this normal or sound practice?

domain driven design – Can “backend” be a subdomain?

Let’s imagine an application where users can work collaboratively on projects. There’s a project listing where a user can subscribe to a project, and a coworking screen where multiple users can work on a project.

So far I have identified the core domain, “coworking”, and a subdomain, “collaboration project listing”.

Both project and user need some sort of backend, where user settings can be edited and projects can be created/edited. I haven’t really got a clue, so I identified this as a subdomain “backend”, which seems too abstract, because it doesn’t describe any sort of business domain. Data from backend is needed by both domains that I mentioned above, so I’m hesitant to attach the backend to either of those.

Is it legitimate to have a “backend” subdomain or is it an indication that my domains are not clearly defined?

Server 2016 DNS // Forward DNS request to parent domain if not available in subdomain

Is it possible to forward DNS requests to the parent domain (managed by the same server) if there’s no entry in a subdomain?

Eg. requesting would automatically forward to foo.acme.lan if there is no foo in the nyc.acme.lan zone.

Nameserver is a windows server 2016 and right now we are solving the desired behaviour with multiple DNS suffixes in the DNS search list on the client side. But that approach doesn’t apply to all clients so a server sided solution would be better.

customization – How to move wordpress to subdomain, keeping only .htaccess and/OR index.php in root domain?

I would like to move all files & folders of the root directory to the subdomain & keep the root directory empty with only the .htaccess file or index.php

I tried to search a lot but fail to get the solution. Only one I got it but that is also not completely working.

It is working perfectly if I will move to the subdirectory, which is also mentioned on but moving to the subdomain is missing.

On this site – Frontpage is working perfectly but the link to the other posts are not working well.

dns spoofing – Does subdomain DNS cache poisoning depend on the authoritative name server ignoring requests for non-existing domains?

I’m reading “Introduction to Computer Security”, Pearson New International Edition, 1st edition, by Goodrich and Tamassia.

On the subject of DNS cache poisoning, they mention that a “new” attack was discovered in 2008, so-called “subdomain DNS cache poisoning”. This is how that attack is supposed to play out:

  1. An attacker makes many requests to a name server for non-existing subdomains, say,,, etc.
  2. The book mentions that these subdomains don’t exist, and that, therefore, the target authoritative name server just ignores the requests.
  3. Simultaneously, the attacker issues spoofed responses to the requests made by the name server under attack, each with a guessed transaction ID (which is randomly chosen and unknown to the attacker).
  4. Because the target authoritative name server ignores requests for non-existing domains, the attacker has opportunity to issue a lot of spoofed responses, making it likely that she will guess the correct transaction ID.

The book was written in 2011, so something might have changed in the meantime. When I dig for a non-existing subdomain, e.g., I get a NXDOMAIN response:

$ dig +norecurse

; <<>> DiG 9.16.16 <<>> +norecurse                                  
;; global options: +cmd                              
;; Got answer:            
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 20391                                                 
;; flags: qr aa; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 1
# ... snip ...

I would assume that any non-authoritative name server would put this result in its negative cache (as it should according to RFC 2308, written in March 1998).

Was it previously common practice for name servers to ignore (= not send a reply to) requests for non-existing subdomains? Has that been replaced with the NXDOMAIN reply that I see today? Is conducting the attack as described above still possible?

Creating Subdomain without cpanel

Hi, I would like to know if I can create a Subdomain without the use of cpanel.

I am using my own webhost server without cpanel and registered my domain from

From namecheap website, I have access to DNS and hostname settings.

So what I tried was direct to
For Record Type, there are 3 I can use for this purpose, URL Redirect, URL Redirect(301) and URL Frame.

URL Redirect just directs traffic to URL Frame masks/hides the targetted url. But that doesn’t seem right as it only creates a frame above the actual url.

The subdomain should be like, where when I navigate, I can see and not

My purpose of creating a subdomain is to place different content on it and have search engines treat it as (almost) a separate site as my domain site.

Any anyone tell me how I should create my subdomain correctly without the use of cpanel?

Thanks in advance :)


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Haproxy: Redirect and pass sub-domain value

I have this acl in haproxy:

acl host_app1 hdr(host) -m reg -i ^(^.)$

Now, I’d like to redirect all requests hitting this haproxy with URLs such as:




redirect to:




How do we achieve this?

email – If sending mail using mail server configured for subdomain, can reply/from be set to parent domain?

I’ve setup setup a SMTP provider to use a subdomain, and I’m running another existing mail service for users on When sending out via the SMTP service which is configured on, does it make a difference to mail deliverability if the FROM or REPLY-TO address of my emails is or ? I seem to be able to delver mails through the SMTP service fine with FROM address for either sub or parent domain.

Having replies go to an existing mail user on my existing other service would be nice, but I’m not quite understanding how it’s possible to deliver mail for ‘’ when SMTP service is setup specifically for