files – How can I restrict access to a static HTML page served from a subfolder of my site to authenticated users only?

I have a Drupal 8 site that has all roles and permissions necessary for authenticated users. One of the new requirements is to serve a static microsite (like a campaign site, totally different design compare to Drupal site) which is a single folder with all the static assets (HTML, CSS, JS , images). We have to serve this site under the same domain drupal is hosted and should be accessed ONLY by authenticated users.

I tried to host it under sites/default/files/ directory, but it means it is public and anyone can access it.

sharepoint online – store library in dynamic folder (subfolder)

I am using SharePoint Online. I'm trying to create a drop-off library. I have a mandatory field "customer". The idea is that the file should be moved to a subfolder within this customer folder. For example:


Where "Michael" is the customer. When the user uploads a file, selects the content type as "Plans" customer as "Michael" and the file type as "PDF", the file is moved to the correct location.

The problem I am facing is that I can create a folder based on a column but cannot create subfolders.

For this hypothetical situation, I set the goal as follows:


I checked "Automatically create a folder for each unique value of a property:".

and tried to set the folder so that:


but it doesn't work because I can't use / in the folder name.

Sharepoint Server – How do I delete the folders in a subfolder of a folder using Powershell?

There is a document library folder called "Request Documents". There are folders in this folder library. There is another folder under each folder. I have to delete this folder. But I can't delete it.
With the following code, I can delete the files in the folder, but not the folder. The message in the catch is displayed. Can somebody help me with it?

   Function GetFiles($Folder)
   Write-Host "+"$Folder.Name
    #Loop through all subfolders and call the function recursively
    foreach ($SubFolder in $Folder.SubFolders)
    if($SubFolder.Name -ne "Forms")
            Write-Host "`t" -NoNewline
            #Write-Host "+"$SubFolder.Name
            foreach($semisubfolders in $SubFolder.SubFolders)
            if($semisubfolders.Name -eq 7754)
                Write-Host "+"$semisubfolders.Name

                      write-host "Folder Deleted"
                            write-host "Not deleted or already deleted"

                       foreach($file in $semisubfolders.Files)
                        Write-Host "Deleted File:" $file.Name
                        write-host "Deleted"




#Get the Site collection 
#$Site= Get-SPSite "http://idn-mapis2:1111/" 
    foreach($list in $web.Lists)
        if($list.Title -eq "Request Documents")
    } mvc – Call a view in a subfolder

Hello everyone.

I created a view in a subfolder like this example:

At home

In the controller, I have the following method, which should call up this view in the subfolder:

    private ActionResult MinhaView()
        return View("??????"); // <= tem que chamar a view que está na subpasta

I don't know how to get this view in my subfolder.
Could a colleague help me on this?


nginx moves standard "params" files into a subfolder

I use Nginx on Debian 10, but install it from the official Nginx repository, not from the Debian repository.

In the folder /etc/nginx/ I have the following files:

fastcgi_params. scgi_params and uwsgi_params

I wanted to move these files to a subfolder: /etc/nginx/snippets/, Simply because I have all my "partial" files in this subfolder.

I know I have to change the path to the files in my vhost configuration if I want to use them.

Is that a bad idea?

Can these files be overwritten by an update?

Does nginx itself need these files in the default location?

Copy the Sharepoint subfolder (template) and apply copy permissions

Is there any way to change this script here:

to copy / create perms and apply them to subfolders? (For example: -> library name -> template folder -> subfolder 1 etc.?

I've tried changing the variables, but it doesn't seem to be able to find subfolders.


sharepoint online – grant access to a subfolder and keep the folder directory

Assume that the administrator account contains the following specific subfolder Workspace1 Share with an employee:
& # 39; Documents> _Projects> Level1> Level2> ise & # 39;
and does not want the employee to read / write anything else in other documents.

If the employee syncs the folder, it will appear as
& # 39; … / workspace1 / workspace1 – ise & # 39 ;.
I want to ask how I can make it look like this
& # 39; … / workspace1 / workspace1 – Documents / _Projects / layer1 / layer2 / ise & # 39 ;?
So that it stays consistent with the project directory?