reference request – Books that teach other subjects, written for a mathematician

Say I am a mathematician doesn’t know any chemistry, but would like to learn it. What books should I read?

Or say I want to learn about Einstein’s theory of relativity, but I don’t even know much basic physics. What sources should I read?

I am looking for texts that teach subjects that are not mathematics, but I do not want to read through standard high school, undergraduate (and beyond) material. I am looking for recommendations of sources that teach a scientific theory from a basic level, but not from a basic mathematical level. Strong preference would be to concise, terse texts that are foundational but totally rigorous.

Not sure if these exist, but I often wish they did.

mysql – A average Mark overall for all of one student subjects

Lets say i have a student table , a enlistment table that shows SubjectId and Results for each student how would i get the overall average mark for a student that has more than 3 subjects

Create table a_Student(
StudentId int(5) Not null,
StudentForename varchar (30) Not null,
StudentSurname varchar (45) Not null,
Create table a_Enlistment(
StudentId int(5) Not null,
SubjectId char(6) Not null,
results char (2),
primary key (SubjectId,StudentId),
foreign key (SubjectId) references a_Subject(SubjectId),
foreign key (StudentId) references a_Student(StudentId)

insert into a_Student (StudentId,StudentForename,StudentSurname)
values (“33447″,”Alan”,”Burns”),

Insert into a_Enlistment (StudentId,SubjectId,Results)

So i want lets say Alans overall mark for his 3 subjects how would i do that?
Any help is welcomed thanks a lot

learning – Which two of these four subjects should I take if my goal is to do distributed systems software engineering?

It’s my last semester of my master’s programme and I’m really struggling to decide which of two of these four subjects I should take:

  1. Cryptography
  2. Computer & Network Security
  3. Software Foundations (logic, formal verification and PL foundations using Coq proof assistant – same as this)
  4. Statistical Inference (same as mathematical statistics)

My goal is to become a software engineer doing distributed stuff, preferably in the blockchain or ML space (leaning more blockchain).

I’ve done a few systems courses (OS, Distributed systems, Networks) and ML/Math related subjects (ML, NLP, Calc 1-3, Linear Alg, Probability), as well as functional programming in Haskell.

I find all 4 that are interesting and struggling to pick two. Which two should I pick and why?

is live view or mirrorless suitable for telephoto shots of moving subjects?

(I know we’re straying into the world of video here, but I feel it’s still relevant)

Why is live view harder than “TTL”?
because you are not using the senses you were born with – that your eye & hands are easily co-ordinated to match direction, distance, speed & focus (of attention, not sharpness of image).
Catch a ball. No maths required, you just do it.
Catch a ball whilst watching your live view… maybe not.

Will you improve over time?
Yes, otherwise the entire movie industry would be full of missed shots. Almost no cinematographer has his eye right through the lens these days, there’s always some remote aspect to it – in effect, live view. Watch a steadicam operator, gazing towards his feet, where his monitor is, whilst his camera is pointed firmly at the action in front of him.
There’s a dual purpose in that, he can see what he’s shooting whilst not falling over anything.
Many pro video cameras have the same as DSLR or mirrorless cameras, a TTL & separate moveable screen(s) for remote viewing. The use of the eyepiece is becoming much more rare, the remote ‘live view’ is more common.

So, for stills what does it mean?
Mirrorless cameras currently still have both options.
The “TTL” viewfinder is a teeny TV screen, but it’s still really “through the lens”, with your face pressed against the camera, the same as ever..
The live view you’ll still have to train towards, just like every ‘movie’ cameraman working today.

Your potential pitfall, for fast action, is the frequency with which your live view updates on your screen. Modern high-end cameras have truly ‘as live’ playback; no discernible delay at all. An old entry-level consumer DSLR is going to be pretty laggy by comparison.

Subjects – Woocommerce Ajax add to cart Forwarding to homepage

I use Woocommerce 3.9.2, WordPress 5.3.2 and the Phlox Shop theme (version 2.4.22) and I have a problem adding AJAX to the shopping cart.
When I go to the shop page and click Add Random Project to Cart, it will go to the home page. But when I go to a single product page and then press "Add to Cart", it works as it should.
Where could the problem be?
Site link here Enter link description here

Subjects – Blood sugar and urine sugar difference

"Some believe that they eat healthily because they eat tons of fruit that a diabetic should consume moderately and use vegetables and vegetables. In addition, they must limit the consumption of bread or rice that is a priori healthy, but has triggered refined carbohydrates and aldohexose. "In this sense.

Blood sugar and urine sugar difference

For diabetics, there is nothing worse than cooked rice that is almost like sugar or sweets. Although it sounds funny, a small dish is desirable because Sofrito oil delays the absorption of carbohydrates. "You should use vegetables and vegetables and moderate the consumption of fruit with all this information, which is straightforward for non-diabetics or prediabetics, ie those with a glucose level below 100 mg, if they consume carbohydrates that it is." Slash-slash absorbs, increases the probability of polygenic disease.

Light modifiers – How can I reduce the flash output of my camera so that my subjects are less disturbed?

I know this seems like a stupid question, but I wanted to know how to literally weaken the light of my lightning. I make photos of a prayer group at night, and generally it's very dark, but people are also moving quite a bit, so a short shutter speed is required. So I have to resort to lightning, even if there is a danger that the people who pray will be disturbed. So I was looking for a diffuser, like an octabox for the flash, but I'd like to hear from you, is there a way to make the flash weaker, so as not to bother people so much? At home I put a piece of paper in front of the flash – but is there a more professional way to do it? Thank you very much.

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Which subjects do you need to study to write science fiction novels?

Nothing. No costs at all.

Fiction. Is not it. Just put it together in a crazy logic and justify it yourself. Actually, if you've been in class from elementary school to high school, you should get along perfectly. Most do not, shitty sci-fi stories.

If you had gone to college and studied one of these sciences, you would not write science fiction. They would hate it and stick to the truth instead.

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Why is there no approximation factor for the search algorithm for greedy subjects?

My question is:
Why is there no approximation factor for the search algorithm for greedy subjects?
I could not find an answer to my question unless the algorithm has an unknown approximation factor. I am not a native speaker and there is almost nothing in my native language that makes it really difficult to even understand the definition of the "approximation factor", which could lead to this question, which is obviously to be answered.