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Directory Submission within 24 hours

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How to disable the “Plain text” and “Data (yaml)” tabs from Webform submission page?

How to disable the “Plain text” and “Data (yaml)” tabs from Webform submission page? – Drupal Answers

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5 Step 80 SEO Backlinks Biggest PR9/EDU/Social Media/Article Submission Create For Google 1st Rankb

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Create two nodes with url aliases on one submission

When you need to create a duplicate node on submission of one node. That means new node needs to be created after creation of first node. Drupal by default do not provide any hook which works for post node action. Even if you do something with node_presave() or node_insert() or node_update() that would always be buggy because all are working before db transaction ends. I have figured out a quick trick for you to overcome issues. And solving this question was also interesting. Thank you for such a question.

  1. Download a contrib module hook_post_action
  2. Install it and create a new custom module with following code, don’t forget to add dependency of hook_post_action in .info file.

I have checked below code with both conditions when pathauto module is enabled and disabled. Any suggestions are welcome.

     * Implements hook_node_postinsert().
    function MYMODULE_node_postinsert($node) {
      // We need to keep in mind that newly created duplicate node will also invoke this hook so use $_SESSION to avoid infinite looping.
      if (isset($_SESSION('nid_to_duplicate'))) {
        $path = path_load(array(
          'source' => 'node/' . $node->nid,
        if (!$path) {
          $path = array(
            'source' => 'node/' . $node->nid,
            'language' => $node->language,
        $previous_node_path = path_load(array(
          'source' => 'node/' . $_SESSION('nid_to_duplicate'),
        if (!$previous_node_path) {
          $alias_prefix = 'node/' . $_SESSION('nid_to_duplicate');
        } else {
          $alias_prefix = $previous_node_path('alias');
        $alias_suffix = '-duplicate'; // IN YOUR CASE change it to '2' or whatever you want.
        $path('alias') = $alias_prefix . $alias_suffix;
      else {
        $_SESSION('nid_to_duplicate') = $node->nid;
        $new_node = clone $node;
        $new_node->nid = NULL;
        $new_node->vid = NULL;
        if (isset($new_node->path)) {

And when you have pathauto module enabled, to match your scenario here is another set of code:

 * Implements hook_node_postinsert().
function MYMODULE_node_postinsert($node) {
  if (isset($_SESSION('nid_to_duplicate'))) {
    $path = path_load(array(
      'source' => 'node/' . $node->nid,
    // We are assuming that auto alias would be (node:content-type)/(node:title) and that is automatically created for the new node as well. Now change it.
    $alias_array = explode('/', $path('alias'));
    $path_suffix = '2'; // You can of course change it according to your need.
    // Change news to news2
    $alias_array(0) .= 2;
    // (node:title) token will be changed by pathauto, recreate it.
    $data = array(
      'node' => $node,
    module_load_include('inc', 'pathauto');
    $alias_array(1) = token_replace('(node:title)', $data, array(
      'sanitize' => FALSE,
      'clear' => TRUE,
      'callback' => 'pathauto_clean_token_values',
      'language' => (object) array('language' => $node->language),
      'pathauto' => TRUE,
    $path('alias') = implode('/', $alias_array);

  else {
    $_SESSION('nid_to_duplicate') = $node->nid;
    $new_node = clone $node;
    $new_node->nid = NULL;
    $new_node->vid = NULL;
    if (isset($new_node->path)) {

weird utf-8 verify submission problem — GSA SEO Forum

Hello @Sven
There is one strange problem when I try to verify my links. I can show you one example.
I’m using this in [REGISTER_STEP1]:

verify submission=1

verify by=txturl

verify search for=ایمیل مدیر

first verify=0

verify interval=1

verify timeout=1

verify on unknown status=1

The web 2.0 is built successfully: hectormccra.loxblog [dot] com
But it can not be verified with the phrase available in “verify search for”

while that phrase is available at the source:

This also happens for submit failed and success and captcha failed when I try to use exact utf-8 text.
Thank you!

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I will manually create 15 social bookmarking on high da backlinks

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Python and Tkinter GUI – How to Add Id Automatically and Increment by 1 After Each Submission?


I want to make a GUI that user inputs customer information, but I want to add an id to each customer so that when I search for that ID I can find the customer. After each submission the id should increase one by one.

For example, the first customer should have an id of CUS1001 and when I submit the customer, the second customer should have an id of CUS1002. Since the number of customers cannot be tracked, the id cannot be entered manually.

The code that I have been working on so far is attached below. I really appreciate if you can help me for this.

from tkinter import *
import tkinter.simpledialog
import csv
from tkinter import messagebox

def store_member():

afirstname = firstname.get()
asurname = surname.get()
aemail = email.get()
aemailaddress = emailaddress.get()
fullemail = aemail + aemailaddress
aday = day.get()
amonth = month.get()
ayear = year.get()
date_of_birth = aday + "." + amonth + "." + ayear

agender_choice = gender_choice.get()
amobile = mobile.get()
fullmobile = "44" + amobile

if afirstname == "" or asurname == "" or aemail == "" or amobile == "":
    messagebox.showerror("error", "there was an error")

elif agender_choice > 2:
    print('Error 2')
    messagebox.showerror("error" , "please select a gender")

    print( 'Error 3')
    messagebox.showerror("error" , "the mobile prone numebr is incomplete")

    result = messagebox.askquestion("Submit" , "You are about the enter the datan" + afirstname + "n" + asurname +"n" + fullemail + "n" )

    if(result == 'yes'):

        with open('customer.txt' , 'a') as csvfile:
            writer = csv.writer(csvfile)

def back():

def clear_enter_screen():

def help_entry():
    messagebox.showinfo("Information" , "Enter all data fully")

root = Tk()
root.config(background = 'light grey')

#defining all variables for each gui component
firstname = StringVar()
surname = StringVar()
email = StringVar()
emailaddress = StringVar()
day = StringVar()
month = StringVar()
year = StringVar()
gender_choice = IntVar()
mobile = StringVar()

#gui components for each row
#ROW 0
lblHeading = Label(root, text = "New Customer" , font = ('Arial' , 24 , "bold")).grid(row = 0, column = 0, columnspan = 4, padx=20, pady=10)

lblFirstName = Label(root, text = "First Name" , font= ('Arial', 14, "bold")).grid(row=1, column=1)
entryFirstName = Entry(root, textvariable = firstname, width = 10). grid(row=1, column=2)

#row 2
lblLastName = Label(root, text = "Last Name" , font = ('Arial' , 14, "bold")).grid(row = 2, column =1)
entryLastName = Entry(root, textvariable = surname, width = 10).grid(row=2 , column=2)

# row 3
lblGender = Label(root, text = "Gender" , font = ('Arial', 14, "bold")).grid(row=3, column=0)
radiobutton1 = Radiobutton(root, text = "Male", variable= gender_choice, value=1, font=('Arial', 14, "bold")).grid(row=3, column=1)
radiobutton2 = Radiobutton(root, text = "Female", variable=gender_choice,value=2, font=('Arial',14,"bold")).grid(row=3, column=2)

lblemail = Label(root,text ="Email", font=('Arial',14, "bold")).grid(row=4, column = 0)

#entry box
entryemail = Entry(root, textvariable = email, width = 10).grid(row=4, column=1)
#drop down list
list1 = ('', '' , '')
droplist = OptionMenu(root, emailaddress, *list1)
droplist.config(width = 15)
droplist.grid(row=4, column=2)

lblbirthday = Label(root, text = 'birthday' , font=('Arial' , 14, 'bold')).grid(row=5 , column=0)
list2 = ('1', '2', '3' , '4' , '5')
droplist = OptionMenu(root,day,*list2)
droplist.grid(row=5, column=1)

list3 = ('January', 'February', 'March')
droplist = OptionMenu(root,month,*list3)
droplist.grid(row=5, column=2)

list4 = ('2021', '2022', '2023')
droplist = OptionMenu(root, year, *list4)
droplist.grid(row=5, column=3)

#row6 components
lblmobile= Label(root, text= "mobile +44" , font=('Arial' , 14, "bold")).grid(row=6, column=1)
entrymobile = Entry(root, textvariable = mobile, width=10).grid(row=6, column=2)

#row7 buttons
submit_button = Button(root,text = "Store", command=store_member , bg='orange', fg='white').grid(row=7, column=0, sticky=E, padx=20, pady=18)

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