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sqlite – The pre-filled PHP / SQLite3 form does not update the database when you click Submit

On a website, the end user is asked to provide a database ID. Enter the database ID, click Submit and a pre-filled form will be displayed where you can edit all the parts of the record that you need. Then click on "Send". Theoretically, the form updates the SQLite3 database and displays the updated row. This is currently not the case. The form is displayed well with the pre-filled data in each cell. However, if you update and press the Submit button, there is actually no update.

Please help! This is for my aunt and a graveyard.

edit_entry1.html (works without problems):

Update a Record

To update a record click on 'View Database' and find the record ID you want to update and enter that ID here.

Record ID:

update_record.php (edited cells do not update the wc.db database):

echo "n";
echo "";
echo "
"; echo "n"; echo "

Update a Record

"; echo ""; echo "
"; echo "
"; $results = $db->query("SELECT id,last_name,first_name,middle_initial,section,lot,plot,burial_date,veteran FROM burials WHERE id = $record"); while ($row = $results->fetchArray()) { echo ""; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; } echo ""; echo "

ID: " . $row('id') . "

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:




Burial Date:

Veteran (Y/N/U):

n"; echo "n"; echo "n"; echo ""; } ?>

When Submit is clicked, the following is loaded, but the record is not updated.

edit_entry.php (prints the correct line, only no updates are shown or made):

 exec("UPDATE burials SET last_name = '$lastname', first_name = '$firstname', middle_initial = '$middlename', section = '$seccion', lot = '$cuadra', plot = '$lugar', burial_date = '$fecha', veteran = '$veteran_status' WHERE id = $record);");

//now output the data to a simple html table...
echo "n";
echo "n";
echo "n";
echo "
"; echo "n"; echo "

Record Updated

"; echo ""; echo ""; echo "n"; $results = $db->query("SELECT id,last_name,first_name,middle_initial,section,lot,plot,burial_date,veteran FROM burials WHERE id = $record"); while ($row = $results->fetchArray()) { echo "n"; } echo "
Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameSectionLotPlotBurial DateVeteran Status
" . $row('last_name') . "
" . $row('first_name') . "
" . $row('middle_initial') . "
" . $row('section') . "
" . $row('lot') . "
" . $row('plot') . "
" . $row('burial_date') . "
" . $row('veteran') . "
n"; echo "n"; echo ""; } ?>

How to create the & # 39; burials & # 39; (Unix / Linux terminal):

CREATE TABLE burials(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, last_name TEXT NULL, first_name TEXT NULL, middle_initial TEXT NULL, section TEXT NULL, lot TEXT NULL, plot TEXT NULL, burial_date TEXT NULL, veteran TEXT NULL);

Fill with sample data:

INSERT INTO burials (id,last_name,first_name,middle_initial,section,lot,plot,burial_date,veteran) VALUES ('1','Simpson','Bart','O','Reedemer I','32A','2','19980215','Y');

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How can I submit a form without reloading or redirecting the page?

You're welcome :) :)

If you are not using a local copy of jQuery, change the first line to the following line:

Code (markup):

Also remove the comma at the end of this line Data: shape data, My mistake : eek:

Paste the code into the header and change it submit.php to the link to which you send the form data.

It will look something like this:


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httprequest – Is there a way to submit an http put request with query string parameters without submitting the request payload?

I need to send a put request to an API that uses cross strings as arguments.
I'm using angle 8 to send a put request. But it shows an error if I don't give a request payload. However, the backend has nothing to do with the requirement payload. Only query string parameters are required.
I am currently doing it as:

return this.http.put(this.baseURL + 'users/' + userName+ '?status=' + status, { "status": status });

Here {"status": status} is not required. Is there another way to pass the parameters as query string parameters at angle 8?

Help kindly.

8 – How do I get and submit a web form in React?

I plan to create a Drupal 8 site that is completely decoupled with Gatsby (a site generator for React). Therefore I will only use Drupal for structuring (content types, paragraphs), entering and updating all content and data as well as using React for the frontend.

The website also requires a (simple) form. I want to use the webform module for this.

But how do you get a Drupal form in React and send all the completed fields to the database after submitting?

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