Community of the Month # 25 – Submit your Community / Site! | Forum Promotion


Information about the competition

The Community of the Month is a monthly contest where members can vote on which site or forum earns the most recognition. This competition brings together two competitions that we previously held in a single contest, and brings a new perspective on this classic from Forum Promotion.

Each month, forums / websites are submitted from the 1st to the 15th and voted between the 15th and the 31st. Each site can be submitted, and the site with the most votes wins this month.

submission rules

  • You have to have 15 contributions on Forum Promotion to submit a site.
  • In order for a website to be accepted, the owner (or an administrator) must be a member of the Forum Promotion community.
  • UPDATED: You can submit any number of websites or forums per month, as long as you own or administer the website or forum.
  • All Submitted Websites must comply with the acceptable guidelines of FP.
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline websites submitted to CoTM.
  • If a site wins CoTM, it can not be resubmitted for another two months.

competition prizes

  • Advertising: The winning page will be featured on the Community Billboard for a month.
  • Sticky: Your Promotion Directory topic will be saved for one month.
  • Recognition: For every month you make on FP, a medal will be displayed.
  • Free service: You will receive a free service of your choice for FP.

Send your forum, blog or website

We currently accept contributions until 17:00 (GMT) on 15 April. To submit your community to this contest, please submit the following form in response to this topic.


Site name:
Site link:

8 – Retrieve the node ID value after you submit a web form attached to this node

I've appended a webform as a field to a specific content type.

After loading the node and passing the webform, I use the webform handler given below to get the database $ webform_submission Values.

Receive data();

// get (full name) of (full) text element available on the webform.
$ fullnamevalue = $ values["full_name"];

However, I want to get the "NID" of the node from which the webform is submitted. Therefore, I can load this node with NID to use in my custom code.

How do I get the "NID" of the node from which the webform is submitted?

digital – What should I ask when people submit photos?

I have a local dog website and add a gallery where people can submit their photos of their dogs.

I will ask her to tell us where the photo was taken. And to confirm that it is her photo, please be happy to republish it.

The photos are shown on our Instagram and Facebook space. I kind of want to tag people with their Instagram, is there something like Facebook tags? I also do not know how to formulate the question so that everyone understands the question:


Location of the photo:

All notes:




Please confirm that you have the permission for this photo and we can post it again: (checkbox)

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php – How to recover data from a form in a modal and submit it to a main form

It's practically the title.
I have a main form that has a button that displays a modal that displays the contents of that modal