ansible – Make a list of servers and submit this list to work with my actual playbook?

I have a playable game book as shown below, and it works fine most of the time. But lately I'm stuck on some servers EVERYTHING Group and just sit there. It is not even forwarded to other servers in the database EVERYTHING List.

# This copies files
- Host: ALL
serial: "{{num_serial}}"
- Name: Copy files
shell: "(ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking = no & ls -1 / var / lib / jenkins / workspace / copy / stuff / * & # 39; parallel -j20 & # 39; scp -o StrictHostKeyChecking = no {} / data / records / & # 39;) "

- Name: sleep 5 sec
Pause: seconds = 5

When I started debugging, I noticed that it gets stuck on the actual server – I'm fine with ssh (logging in) but when I'm running ps Command, it just hangs and I can not get my cursor back, which means that Ansible will not work anymore if it's run over the scp command on that server.

So my question is, even if I have a server in this state, why not Ansible runs out and switches to another server. Is there anything we can do here so that Ansible does not stop and just wait for the server to answer?

Note Server is up and running and I can ssh fine, but when we run ps command it depends only and therefore ansible depends.

Is there a way to execute this command ps aux | grep app on all servers in EVERYTHING Group and create a list of all the servers that executed this command (and if one server hangs, times out and switches to another server in the ALL list) and then redirects that list to my previous playable playbook to work? Can we do all this in a playbook?

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Cocoa – When do you insert a submit button?

I design an app with some forms. I looked at other Cocoa apps to see how they deal with submitting forms. Some apps do not have a submit button and update their backup data store (or whatever), such as when a control loses focus or a window closes. Others, however, use a submit button. Is there a rule or heuristic for when to use a submit button and when not?

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google cloud platform – Submit the order via Postman and get the answer

I can not submit an order through Postman in my Google Computing Cluster. I would like to send an order via a POST request, but the server has told me that it can not receive POST messages.

Do you know what kind of problem that could be?

Can you give me a simple example to understand if I'm doing things right?

php – Submit through an onclick event

I have a problem understanding how the submith.onchange method works to update a field in my database laravel

First, I have a drop-down menu with links to routes:

  • Here I show a collection in the options that come from a database:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • change to display the list of accounts:

    @if ($ Accounts-> count ())
    @foreach ($ accounts as $ AccountsOptions)
  • {{$ AccountsHeaderList-> name}}
  • I go to my route document web.php :

    Route :: PATCH (& # 39; / AccountsUpdate / Auth :: user () -> id & # 39 ;,
    & # 39; HomeController @ AccountsUpdate & # 39; -> Name (& # 39; AccountsUpdate & # 39;);

    and in my controller HomeController I try to do that, but it shows me error:
    Too few arguments to work:

    App  Http  Controllers  HomeController :: AccountsUpdate (), 1 passed and exactly 2 expected

    My driver looks like this:

    public function AccountsUpdate (Request $ request, $ id)
    $ validatedData = $ request-> validate ([
            'ultima_cuenta' => 'required|max:255',
    User :: where (& # 39; id, $ id) -> update ($ validatedData);
    return redirect (& # 39; home & # 39;);

    I am very new to Laravel and I am not sure which error I found from the first day. I hope that I have explained myself well, if someone else finds this problem in menus, thank you in advance