HTML specified for the submit button, php post prameter not passed

If a class is specified for the submit button, the post method parameter is not passed to php.

<form class = "delete_button", action="deleted.php" method="post">

            <select name="nation" size=1>
                <option value="KR">KR</option>
                <option value="JP">JP</option>
                <option value="US">US</option>
                <option value="UK">UK</option>
                <option value="GM">GM</option>

            <input name = "email" type="email" placeholder="Enter your email">

            <input class="delete_button_content" style="color:white" type="submit" value="delete">


and when I delete class for submit, it’s working. what’s problem ??

plugins – Auto Submit Form 7 after address is selected from Google Maps autopopulate

I built a site in elementor and I’m using Form 7 for the contact forms. I have a contact form with one field – physical address, which auto-populates from Google Maps data (via API) I would like to have the form auto-submit when the user clicks on their address and have it redirect to a page with a more detailed contact form.

database – On clicking at the submit, nothing happens. Have created extension.php in model and resource model and, collection,php inside Extension. Kindly help



namespace EaglerocketCustomquoteControllerIndex;

use MagentoFrameworkAppActionContext;
use MagentoFrameworkViewResultPageFactory;
use EaglerocketCustomquoteModelExtensionFactory;
use MagentoFrameworkControllerResultFactory;
use MagentoFrameworkAppActionAction;

class Submit extends Action
    protected $resultPageFactory;
    protected $extensionFactory;

    public function __construct(
        Context $context,
        PageFactory $resultPageFactory,
        ExtensionFactory $extensionFactory
        $this->resultPageFactory = $resultPageFactory;
        $this->extensionFactory = $extensionFactory;

    public function execute()
        try {
            $data = (array)$this->getRequest()->getPost();
            if ($data) {
                $model = $this->extensionFactory->create();
                $this->messageManager->addSuccessMessage(__("Data Saved Successfully."));
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            $this->messageManager->addErrorMessage($e, __("We can't submit your request, Please try again."));
        $resultRedirect = $this->resultFactory->create(ResultFactory::TYPE_REDIRECT);
        return $resultRedirect;



<?php $_product = $block->getProduct(); ?>
<?php $buttonTitle = __('Add to Cart'); ?>
<?php $buttonTitl = __('Get Quote'); ?>

<?php if ($_product->isSaleable()) :?>
<div class="box-tocart">
    <div class="fieldset">
        <?php if ($block->shouldRenderQuantity()) :?>
        <div class="field qty">
            <label class="label" for="qty"><span><?= $block->escapeHtml(__('Qty')) ?></span></label>
            <div class="control">
                <input type="number"
                       value="<?= $block->getProductDefaultQty() * 1 ?>"
                       title="<?= $block->escapeHtmlAttr(__('Qty')) ?>"
                       class="input-text qty"
                       data-validate="<?= $block->escapeHtml(json_encode($block->getQuantityValidators())) ?>"
        <?php endif; ?>
        <div class="actions">
            <button type="submit"
                    title="<?= $block->escapeHtmlAttr($buttonTitle) ?>"
                    class="action primary tocart"
                    id="product-addtocart-button" disabled>
                <span><?= $block->escapeHtml($buttonTitle) ?></span>
            <?= $block->getChildHtml('', true) ?>
            <button type="submit"
                    title="<?= $block->escapeHtmlAttr($buttonTitl) ?>"
                    class="action primary" 
                <span><?= $block->escapeHtml($buttonTitl) ?></span>

<a href="#" id="click-me">Get Quote</a>
<div id="popup-modal" style="display:none;">
    <form class="form" id="custom-form" method="post" 
    action="<?php echo $block->getBaseUrl().'customquote/index/submit'; ?>"  
        <fieldset class="fieldset">

           <div class="field required">
               <label for="product_name" class="label"><span><?php echo __('Product Name') ?></span></label>
                <div class="control">
                    <input type="text" name="product_name" 
                    id="product_name" value="<?php echo $_product->getName();?>" 
                    title="<?php echo __('Product Name') ?>" class="input-text" disabled>
<div class="field required">
               <label for="answer_name" class="label"><span><?php echo __('Answer Name') ?></span></label>
                <div class="control">
                  <textarea name="answer"></textarea>
                    <!-- <input type="text" name="product_name" 
                    id="product_name" value="<?php //echo $_product->getName();?>" 
                    title="<?php //echo __('Product Name') ?>" class="input-text" disabled> -->
        <div class="actions-toolbar">
            <div class="primary">
                <button type="submit" class="action submit primary" 
                title="<?php  echo __('Submit') ?>">
                <span><?php echo __('Submit') ?></span>

    ) {
        var options = {
            type: 'popup',
            responsive: true,
            innerScroll: true,
            title: 'Get Quote',
            buttons: ({
                text: $.mage.__('Continue'),
                class: '',
                click: function () {

        var popup = modal(options, $('#popup-modal'));


<?php endif; ?>
<script type="text/x-magento-init">
        "#product_addtocart_form": {
            "Magento_Catalog/js/validate-product": {}

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Submit a form and save data to custom post type in woocommerce

I am wondering how can I send the data submit in WS FORM to a tab in WooCommerce Frontend Manager the tab have his own php but the site is multivendor.

wsform gave this action config
im triyng using Push to Custom Endpoint: http://localhost/vendor/tabpage.php and requested method:post


$vendor_id = $store_user->get_id();
$$wcfm_modified_endpoints= get_user_meta( $vendor_id, ‘wcfm_endpoints’, true );

echo do_shortcode( ‘(wcfm_store_info data=”ws_form id=”2″)’ );

8 – Using a #submit callback on a textfield

We have a need to add ‘repeatable fields’ to a form based on input provided in a textfield. Usually, we use a ‘add another’ button to keep track of the number of fields to render in the buildForm(), and update that number in a submit callback on the button.

The functionality we want isn’t that, though. We have a need so that when somebody enters text into a textfield (other than empty), it adds an additional group of fields below it. We are allowing people to scan barcodes, and every time they scan a barcode into a textfield, we want it to create another group of fields so they can scan another item if they want to.

We attempted to use #submit on the textfield, but #submit doesn’t appear to trigger on the textfield, as we added a print statement, as well as a $form-state->set() in there, and attempt to print out $form_state->get() on the form to no avail.

Since you can’t update the form_state inside of an ajax callback, we can’t figure out a way to achieve what we want to do (Add another group of fields once text is entered into a textarea).

Is there another way we can do this?

(We only allow 10 groups to be added per submission, so as a ‘workaround’ we dynamically add 10 groups in the buildForm, then use #states to hide each one if the previous textfield doesn’t have data, but this doesn’t allow us to add in a ‘remove’ button for each textfield so the user can remove text fields they don’t want to use.)

views – How to show Twig based template after form submit?

I am trying to submit a form and then display data using my controller in a Twig template.

I want to do How to show a string once you submit a form in a page reloading the page? something like this, just instead of showing string, I want to show a table created using Twig.

Something like this:

 return (
            '#theme' => 'my_template',
            '#var_1' => $this->t("var 1"),

Fews things to keep in mind, that I want to display on the same page, so the method using Form API will be much appreciated.

sharepoint server – How to expand particular HTML table after on click submit in Bootstrap Modal?

I have 3 html table rows under it’s title in a tags. When I click on a tag, the table expands to show it’s content. And clicking on same will close the table. Now, I have integrated bootstrap modal and I reused it for all tables. On clicking any a tag, am able to open and close the modal. But for any table, on submit in modal, it should expand the table to see it’s content. I have done this for one table successfully. When I applied same for other tables, on submit it expands all the tables. Please show me some light that how can I solve this by submitting modal it should expand for that particular a tag table contents. Below is my code:


<div class="section">
   <a class="section-title detail-head" onclick="imp(this.innerHTML)" data-toggle="modal" 
         data-target="#myModal"> Guidelines and Templates </a>

      <div id="accordion-1" class="section-content" style="display:none;">
           <table class="listingArea">
               <------ Contents ------>
<div class="section">
   <a class="section-title detail-head" onclick="imp(this.innerHTML)" data-toggle="modal" 
         data-target="#myModal"> Guidelines and Templates - 2 </a>

      <div id="accordion-2" class="section-content" style="display:none;">
           <table class="listingArea">
               <------ Contents ------>

<div class="section">
   <a class="section-title detail-head" onclick="imp(this.innerHTML)" data-toggle="modal" 
         data-target="#myModal"> Guidelines and Templates - 3 </a>

      <div id="accordion-3" class="section-content" style="display:none;">
           <table class="listingArea">
               <------ Contents ------>

<button class="submit btn btn-success" type="button" id="user-submit" onclick="createItem(); return false" value="SUBMIT" style="margin-left:-200px;">Submit</button>


 function imp(x) {
  var k=x.trim();                    
  document.getElementById("edit-practice").value = k;

function modalFunction(){

function createItem() {

<--- api things and other stuffs --->

function acc1() {

This is the solution from Narendra (Thanks to him) I tried for one table (#accordion-1). When I applied this same for other tables(#accordion-2,3,4), on submit it expands all the tables at a time. Please help me how can I do it other 2 tables using same modal.

(React) Submit de um formulário não resulta em nada

Meu problema é o seguinte: Eu tenho um formulário onde cada input tem seu valor atualizado com o evento onChange, e esse valor é colocado automaticamente dentro de um estado local do React. No formulário, tem um evento onSubmit, que dispara uma função que faz uma requisição para a API que, por sua vez, vai através do nodemailer enviar um e-mail pra mim mesmo com base nas informações inseridas pelo usuário. Usando o insomnia para fazer a requisição dá tudo certo (o que me mostra que o problema não é a API), mas ao clicar no botão do formulário simplesmente não acontece nada, não recebo nada, nem carrega nada. Aí embaixo vai o formulário (em JSX):

<form onSubmit={formSubmitHandler}>
  <section id="form" className={props.className}>

    <div className="form">

      <div className="form-input">
        <label htmlFor="nome">Nome: </label>
        <input onChange={inputChangeHandler} type="text" id="nome" name="nome" placeholder="Seu primeiro nome"></input>

      <div className="form-input">
        <label htmlFor="email">E-mail: </label>
        <input onChange={inputChangeHandler} type="email" id="email" name="email" placeholder="E-mail"></input>

      <div className="form-input">
        <label htmlFor="telefone">Telefone: </label>
        <input onChange={inputChangeHandler} type="tel" id="telefone" name="telefone" placeholder="Seu telefone"></input>

      <div className="form-input">
        <label htmlFor="empresa">Empresa: </label>
        <input onChange={inputChangeHandler} type="text" id="empresa" name="empresa" placeholder="Nome da sua empresa (opcional)"></input>

      <div className="form-input">
        <label htmlFor="message">Mensagem: </label>
        <textarea onChange={inputChangeHandler} placeholder="Digite aqui a sua mensagem" name="message" id="message" cols="30" rows="10"></textarea>

        <p>Estaremos respondendo no seu e-mail!</p>

      <div className="form-input">
        <input type="submit" className="button" value="Enviar mensagem">
          {/* <button className="button">Enviar mensagem</button> */}


Agora a parte das funções:

const initialState = { type: '', header: '', msg: '' };

  const initialUser = { nome: '', email: '', telefone: '', empresa: '', mensagem: '' }

  const { state, dispatch } = useContext(DataContext);

  const (userInfo, setUserInfo) = useState(initialUser);

  const { nome, email, telefone, empresa, mensagem } = userInfo;

  const inputChangeHandler = (e) => {
    const { name, value } =;
    setUserInfo({ ...userInfo, (name): value });
      type: NOTIFY,
      payload: initialState

  const formSubmitHandler = async (e) => {  

    const errorMsg = valid(nome, email, telefone, empresa, mensagem);
    if (errorMsg) return dispatch({ type: NOTIFY, payload: errorMsg });

    const data = { ...userInfo, assunto: props.assunto }
    const res = await postData('sendMail', data);
    if (res.error) return dispatch({ type: NOTIFY, payload: { type: 'error', header: res.header, msg: res.msg } });
    return dispatch({ type: NOTIFY, payload: { type: 'success', header: res.header, msg: res.msg } });

o PostData:

export const postData = async (url, post, token) => {
  const res = await fetch(`${baseUrl}/api/${url}`, {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
      'Content-type': 'application/json',
      'Authorization': token
    body: JSON.stringify(post)

  const data = await res.json();
  return data;

o Valid:

function validateEmail(email) {
  const re = /^(((^<>()()\.,;:s@")+(.(^<>()()\.,;:s@")+)*)|(".+"))@((((0-9){1,3}.(0-9){1,3}.(0-9){1,3}.(0-9){1,3}))|(((a-zA-Z-0-9)+.)+(a-zA-Z){2,}))$/;
  return re.test(String(email).toLowerCase());

export default function valid(nome, email, telefone, empresa, mensagem) {
  if (!nome || !email || !telefone || !mensagem) {

    const type = 'error';
    const header = 'Erro no preenchimento dos dados';
    const msg = 'Por favor, preencha todos os campos!';
    const payload = { type, header, msg }

    return payload;

  if (!validateEmail(email)) {

    const type = 'error';
    const header = 'Erro na validação de e-mail';
    const msg = 'O e-mail digitado não é válido!';
    const payload = { type, header, msg }
    return payload;


Não vou mandar o código da API porque ele é muito extenso e creio que não seja esse o problema, já que pelo Insomnia funciona perfeitamente (e por lá, recebo o e-mail). Quem puder me ajudar, agradeço demais demais