The successful Entrepreneur 100 tips to become a successful Entrepreneur for $5

The successful Entrepreneur 100 tips to become a successful Entrepreneur

They say that true success is not in employment but in doing business. And yes, many entrepreneurs have proven that doing businesses is actually more profitable than getting employed into some company. One good example is Bill Gates – the man behind the Windows brand. The man did not even graduate from college but he hit big in the field of entrepreneurship. And although people also do hit big in employment, they are very few.


chocolatey – installing windows-sdk-10-version-2004-all fails reporting “was not successful. Exit code was ‘-2146889721′”

Installing windows-sdk-10-version-2004-all using chocolatey in docker with Dockerfile

RUN powershell.exe -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))" && SETX PATH "%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%chocolateybin" 
RUN choco install --no-progress -y windows-sdk-10-version-2004-all || ( type %ProgramData%chocolateylogschocolatey.log && type %TMP%chocolatey*.log )

It fails complaining

Hashes match.
Installing windows-sdk-10-version-2004-all...
ERROR: Running ("C:UsersContainerAdministratorAppDataLocalTempchocolateywindows-sdk-10-version-2004-all10.0.19041.0winsdksetup.exe" /Features + /Quiet /NoRestart /Log "C:UsersContainerAdministratorAppDataLocalTempchocolateywindows-sdk-10-version-2004-all_7076271d-d332-420d-94b9-c752a03907a4.log" ) was not successful. Exit code was '-2146889721'. See log for possible error messages.

Details of the error says:

(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)w343: Prompt for source of package: package_WPTx64_x86_en_us, payload: package_WPTx64_x86_en_us, path: C:UsersContainerAdministratorAppDataLocalTempchocolateywindows-sdk-10-version-2004-all10.0.19041.0InstallersWPTx64-x86_en-us.msi
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i000: package_WPTx64_x86_en_us
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i000: Resolving download root for:
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i000: HTTP status code: 302
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i000: Redirected URL:
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i000: Resolved redirected download root:
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i000: package_WPTx64_x86_en_us to
(059C:08D4)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)i338: Acquiring package: package_WPTx64_x86_en_us, payload: package_WPTx64_x86_en_us, download from:
(082C:08B0)(2021-01-03T14:39:53)e000: Error 0x80091007: Hash mismatch for path: C:ProgramDataPackage Cache.unverifiedpackage_WPTx64_x86_en_us, expected: 3F73CF1FD812D8877E1B9131E02D9ECBAA9EC773, actual: F21BF2F13F89D1C9DFD2844D57728102D5714EAA

This was running some weeks ago.

Is it possible to fix this check or ignoring it ?

RouterSploit exploits/generic/ssh_auth_keys. Credintials required after successful exploit

I was trying to explore the exploits/generic/ssh_auth_keys exploit in Routersploit Framework. When I run the scan on my router it shows that it is vulnerable. However, when I try to exploit it this is the result I am getting.

After being told that the authentication is successful. I am requested to enter a Username and a Password what I am supposed to enter?

ssh – Where can I view successful logon attempts for SSHD?

I’m familiar with using log show | grep 'sshd: error: PAM: authentication error for $user from $ip_address' to look through failed logon attempts from various IP addresses.

Is there an equivalent log that gets written whenever a successful SSH connection gets established and authenticated (ideally it would contain information about the client IP address).

I’ve looked throughout my log files and there does not seem to be logs that record successful logins.

algorithms – Successful medical research especially in INDIAN RAILWAY DEPARTMENTS

Successful medical research as regards Railway departments of INDIA points out to the fact that the growth, development, and progress of INDIAN RAILWAY DEPARTMENTS and other departments AS WELL have virtually come to a stop. Computer reports of all departments jointly and severally subscribe to this view.

my question is whether the stalemate position is due to the fact that INDIA will have to settle and make amends for old outstanding dues of the 2nd world war in all respects including insurance companies as a whole? Do all the computer reports jointly and severally subscribe to my view?

usa – Visa denial although the interview was successful

My sister went for an interview with US embassy on Jan 2020 and it was successful, they took her passport and literally said congratulations. Today, we received a refused letter with the passport and the reason is INA212a6ci which is a waiver for fraud or misrepresentation. Somebody please explain me the reason for this case since we were honest about everything.

What are the person’s skills/abilities that a successful business have?

Discussion in ‘Starting a Business’ started by nickatsuka, Dec 14, 2020 at 4:55 AM.

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    Hi, I just want to know of something about a business. Running a business is so hard. It will take a lot of risk. As for me, I didn’t see myself much stronger than what I can imagine of how will I start a business. So I want to ask what are the skills that a business man have? And I really want to learn but I just want to boost my confidence and coping of my own insecurities and anxiety T,T

    Thanks a lot!



    Dec 14, 2020 at 4:55 AM

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dnd 5e – Does a player need to perform a successful tool check with their Mason’s Tools proficiency to benefit from the Demolition feature?

The entry for Mason’s Tools within the PHB (p154) lists this as one of the proficiency’s benefits:

Demolition. Your knowledge of masonry allows you to spot weak points in brick walls. You deal double damage to such structures with your weapon attacks.

It then lists this as one of the possible activities:

Find a weak point in a stone wall (DC 15)

One might interpret this to mean that you must make a successful DC15 check with the Mason’s Tools before being able to deal double damage to a stone structure with your weapon attacks.

Another might read these as isolated entries, believing that your proficiency with Mason’s Tools automatically allows you deal double damage to stone structures with your weapon attacks as a passive benefit. Meanwhile, successfully performing the tool check above bestows its own separate benefit.

Obviously, the confusion lies in their using the phrase “weak point” in both the Activity as well as the Demolition feature. However, if read literally, the Demolition feature does explicitly state “You deal double damage to such structures…” and not “you deal double damage to weak points within such structures…”.

So, to word this as questions:

Do you need to perform to a successful tool check to benefit from the Demolition feature of the Mason’s Tools?

And if not, what would be the benefit of finding a weak point in a stone wall with a successful check of the Mason’s Tools? (For example: Would a weak point within a stone structure simply have fewer hit points than the rest of that structure?)