dnd 5e – As a Sorcerer, given that I can’t multiclass or take feats, how successful can I be at passing concentration checks when starting at Level 15?

I’m doing a melee sorcerer, but I’m afraid of losing my concentration in combat because in the higher levels the damage is too big and the concentration save is too difficult.

My campaign doesn’t allow feats or multiclassing. Only ASI are permitted.

Str (+2) / Dex (+2) / Con (+5) / Int (0) / Wis (-1) / Cha (+2)

AC: 16 – without haste, with haste – 18

prof- (+5)

Sorcerous Origin: Draconic

I don’t expect to have advantage on Concentration saves and can only expect damage resistance only if its my element.

Specifically, I’m concerned about the Concentration save that would be necessary to face creatures like: Purple Worm, Tiamat, Tarrasque, Balor, Astral Dreadnought, Kraken, etc…

How can optimize myself to maximize my chance at succeeding on Concentration saves against these types of enemies and what is this chance?

http – I am getting a successful 204 on my options request, but a 401 on the actual post request. GET requests work fine

As the title suggests, I have a simple REST api built in .net core 3.1 that uses Auth0 to handle authentication. I also have a COR’s policy set up.

When I am sending a get request from my React front-end GET requests work fine, but POST and PATCH requests fail with a 401. Everything I find online talks about the OPTIONS request failing prior, but the options request goes through absolutely fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My CORS policy allows for any method.

Thanks in advance.

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sharepoint server – Deployment successful appears in Visual Studio, but Deployment Status “Not Deployed” appears in Solution Management

In Vısual Studio, the website is opening and “deploy succeed ” appears. But i check my changes on the website, i saw there is no change. And i chaeck this situation from Solution Management from Central Admin. i saw the Deployment Status is “Not Deployed”

How can I be successful in cryptocurrency trading? – General Forex Questions & Help

First thing you have to do is to know about yourself and how much time you have got to give this as a carrer.

Then after everythig starts.


  1. Learn about tech behind cryptocurrencies (mintable coins, nonmintable coins, Blockchain and other tech stuff ).
  2. Learn about cryptocurrencies trends of past year and whats going on currenctly.
  3. Select the best crypto coin or coins you are interested to invest in.
  4. Research about their tech more and follow the trends for some period.
  5. Learn the basics of crypto investments i.e. When to enter and when to exit.
  6. Make a plan your investment Goals.
  7. Keep following latest news and announcements.

If you are done with above, You are ready with basic knowledge to be a professional crypto investor.

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http – How to know if an RFI/LFI attack was successful?

Let’s say that an attacker wants to search websites for RFI/LFI vulnerability with a script, he’s fuzzing the URL with a list of remote/local files. And he prints the headers that returns from the request. How can the attacker know when the RFI/LFI was successful ?

Is the content-length header can tell us something ?

Also, when I said “he’s fuzzing the URL with a list of remote/local files”, If RFI/LFI does not work on one (valid) file, does that mean there is no chance of this attack at all? Or can I keep trying other files?