Holy lord – x4b.net sucks :angry:

So, I’ve been a customer of x4b.net now for some days.

From the first look at them, they seem completely normal. Affordable pricing, cool DDoS protection services, etc.

Then when you order, the hell begins. First of all, they don’t even give me support and the tunnel is not even working.

When I try to open a ticket they usually close it or say like this:


If you can't set yourself up we can do it for you under management ($35/hour).

Do not use it. You will regret it.

Text – Patreon Messaging sucks: How can the text area for message composition be expanded?

I had a terrible time with people I support on Patreon. Your messaging system is just awful, maybe the text boxes are the most noticeable problem because you can't have sensible conversations with people who are confused for longer.

Patreon example

I've looked at Chrome extensions that can be used to change the size of text areas and TamperMonkey scripts, but so far nothing has worked.

Has anyone found a way to make these text areas more user friendly by (at least) expanding / resizing them for writing larger messages?

Payment receipt help paypal sucks!

I founded my own company called MastoorA Beauty
I had a Paypal account that worked flawlessly for months. Then suddenly a customer payment was postponed. Although they have now received their items and I have updated the tracking information, my account is still suspended and I have no postage and item costs anymore

I was told that there are options to receive payments from Paypal customers without having a Paypal account. The majority of my income is with Paypal customers … so I am currently suffering a heavy blow.
1. Do I have other options to receive payments from PayPal customers?
2. Is there any other way than to safely receive payments online?
3.My bank is British, but most of my clients come from the US and Canada … if that helps

This is my page if that helps
I set up one of our Paypal accounts for beauty reviewers to recover my lost sales for the time being

This sucks with Centos Web Panel CWP

I just installed Cento's Web Panel to find out they had taken Mod Security hostage to make money so they could earn you
Buy pro version.

I understand that they have to make money and the pro version is not that expensive, but only allows an old mod security to be used and enforced
Users who buy or maintain old mod security are unacceptable because things can become very ugly without mod security.

I would be able to restrict some other extra features, but not this most important part of a server.

For this reason, I'm not sure what the future holds for those who use this panel.

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Google sucks

Well, your experience is your experience, mine is different. This does not mean that many searches do not always provide a good answer, but I'm not so impressed with search results on a search engine because even the design of the results pages is shitty for me.

Ryan talked about the word hate, which is strange when Google thought it was shit for a variety of reasons and hate is pretty different to me, and now these emotions are related. I'm not sure, but emotions that I suspect could go anywhere, if you allow such things to be a factor.

For example, I would like to see a UK SE for UK users, as Google is pants and full of US bias if you really want to ask why we want another one for a paerticluar reason (either real or thrown to see views ), but that's just a perspective, right?

How can you say, "why do we want another one". One reason I could / would say is because, as Bart says, Google says "pants" if we are to ask the question.

Now where did I drop the key …

ifastnet.com sucks | Web Hosting Talk

I have had an account with them (iFastnet.com) for the past 10 years, but now they have suddenly changed all their policies, it seems their support is always bad, in my case I have received replies within 24 hours Support ticket 5 to 10 days.

To keep me, they offered me in 2009 to expand my account from Super Premium to Ultimate Premium. I enjoyed the unlimited use of Mysql, Domains, etc., but I never abused my privileges and kept my privileges low. In 2018, I registered 4 addon domains and I needed one more. I asked to register a new domain for me. Then everything went wrong. They removed my privileges and downgraded my account to Super Premium !! anyway, I tolerate that and continued with them.

but today suddenly all my sites went down, as they checked my cPanel, they downgraded my hard disk space from unlimited to 58 GB !! According to my plan, the space with fair use guidelines is unlimited. I have not misused my hard drive yet, no idea why I went through it !! again created a support ticket and wait for resolution.

During this time all my websites are inactive and suffer from an account at iFastnet.com

My advice to all, pl avoid iFastnet (and their mirrors), there are better companies for your hosting with faster and better service. I came across this article where you can find your hosting provider: hostingfacts.com