❕NEWS – Elon Musk has tweeted about Dogecoin and his supercomputer | Proxies-free

One of the announcements that was made in 2019 was for a supercomputer that is at tesla, which became known as DOJO. In his recent tweet it seems that Elon Musk has tweeted about Dogecoin and has mentioned DOJO in the same tweet, which has once again caused the price of Dogecoin to rise again. In fact, it seems that Dogecoin does not look to be slowing down and that it may be a good idea to get invested with Dogecoin as soon as possible.

What do you think the tweet by Elon Musk means? Do you think that he is considering using the super computer as a means to mine Dogecoin? Or do you think he is offering up the supercomputer in exchange for Dogecoin? Either way, his interest in Dogecoin is clearly here to stay.

topology – Classification of the Summit supercomputer

Can we classify a supercomputer in more than one group? For example, Flynn’s classification, classification according to topology, classification according to memory access.
For the Summit supercomputer, I have found no sources on these topics, except for Flynn’s classification. How can I classify it in other categories, for example by topology?

parallelization – Mathematica Parellel on SuperComputer by specifying the number of Cores available to user

I am running following program on mathematica 9.0

Sample program: ParallelTable(Exp(Sin(x))^Sin(x),{x,0.1,6000,0.1});

installed on Supercomputer through Mobaxterm (which is terminal interface) using this:

nohup math -run -noprompt < samplecode.m.

Which gives the result on terminal after saying "Launching kernels..."

As I know that one has to specify the number of cores available for computation to user in order to utilized those cores, and then submitted jobs goes into a queue and gets evaluated after queue is clear.

Since I haven’t specified the number of cores in above piece of code, So it must be using single core.

Now can anyone tell me in simple terms,

a) How to specify number of available cores and run above sample code for parallel computation so that it is utilizing all the available cores to the user.

$ProcessorCount says 40

Note: Starting half of this answer might be related to my ques.

performance tuning – Will running a command line on a supercomputer compute faster than running it on a domestic PC?

I have a Mathematica .nb file currently executing some commands in my personal computer for several days now. The commands are not written for parallel computing and they don’t seem to work with Parallelize. The time it takes to compute them has been too long for my progress and schedule, so I’m considering running the .nb via private supercomputer service provider. My question is, does running the commands that don’t support Parallelize will nevertheless compute significantly faster, or am I being naive believing that rewriting the code suitable for supercomputing won’t be necessary?

Computer – Question about Yottaflops supercomputer

I read on the Wiki that a Yottaflops supercomputer can handle about 1 trillion trillion calculations per second. That's 1 billion times faster than a Petaflops supercomputer (!). After my calculation to build a Yottaflops supercomputer we need to $ 30 $ Trillion dollars (!!!). My question is what a Yottaflops supercomputer can do compared to the currently fastest supercomputers. , Can we perform the (probabilistic) primality test MUCH faster?

np – Can I calculate the time to find the optimum of a travel salesperson's problem with a supercomputer, and can I know that the city limit is now computerized?

I want to know the real limit of our computing power that we have now
What is the limit of the cities that I can achieve with optimal sol.
I believe that the first computer is 10 ^ 19 process in the second

can I calculate the time that it will take by looking at compounds of the directed graph?
and say the time by this force 10 ^ 19

how can I edit real graphic of the problem and delete cities from it

Computer Architecture – In which category is the supercomputer SUMMIT according to the Flynn taxonomy?

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