Computer – Question about Yottaflops supercomputer

I read on the Wiki that a Yottaflops supercomputer can handle about 1 trillion trillion calculations per second. That's 1 billion times faster than a Petaflops supercomputer (!). After my calculation to build a Yottaflops supercomputer we need to $ 30 $ Trillion dollars (!!!). My question is what a Yottaflops supercomputer can do compared to the currently fastest supercomputers. , Can we perform the (probabilistic) primality test MUCH faster?

np – Can I calculate the time to find the optimum of a travel salesperson's problem with a supercomputer, and can I know that the city limit is now computerized?

I want to know the real limit of our computing power that we have now
What is the limit of the cities that I can achieve with optimal sol.
I believe that the first computer is 10 ^ 19 process in the second

can I calculate the time that it will take by looking at compounds of the directed graph?
and say the time by this force 10 ^ 19

how can I edit real graphic of the problem and delete cities from it

Computer Architecture – In which category is the supercomputer SUMMIT according to the Flynn taxonomy?

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