oracle – UTL_HTTP.get_response is not able to read special character in Supplier name

Im making a call to JSON based REST API from plsql.

When ever there is special character in Supplier name , UTL_HTTP.get_response gives error- ORA-29268: HTTP client error 400 – Bad Request
for example if supplier name has any of these special characters – (à,À,á,Á,â,Â,ã,Ã,ä,Ä,å,æ,œ,ç,ð,ø,¿,¡,ß). then it throws error – ORA-29268: HTTP client error 400 – Bad Request
Note- i have enabled UTL_HTTP.Set_Response_Error_Check ( enable => true ); and
UTL_HTTP.Set_Detailed_Excp_Support ( enable => true );

I tried to UTL_HTTP.SET_BODY_CHARSET(‘UTF-8’);— but still it didn’t help

My database NLS character set – UTF-8

Any quick highly appreciated.


woocommerce – POD provider or supplier ecommerce store

We are printing suppliers looking to set up a Print on Demand eCommerce store similar to Printify or Printful. We are looking for the below features

  1. Seller or drop shipper registration
  2. Each seller can add products from our catalog to their account
  3. Each seller can integrate with their own store (Shopify or WooCommerce store)
  4. Seller should be able to automatically send orders from their Shopify store to our website.
  5. we should be able to send/sync product catalog to their store

Basically, we are looking for a fulfillment e-commerce solution for POD dropshipping supplier.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Metal Supplier?

QUOTE(swipka777 @ Oct 30 2020, 07:45 AM) *

Where can I find a reliable metal supplier?

I can say that there are a plenty of different metal suppliers around the web but it is really important to find the right one. I was using which is producing and supplies only high quality metal parts for any field. I also want to admit that they are working in this sphere for a long time and it is really important for the further cooperation.

multivariable calculus – Creating a Multi-Variable equation to create a “Most Favorable Supplier Index”

I wanted to create a ‘most favorable supplier index’, where I want to assign a value to each supplier, ranging from 1-5 or 1-10, whichever, from the most and to the least preferred suppliers. There are couple of different metrics, that need to be taken into consideration to come at this value, which includes, current supplier business per day, since when has the business been serving its customers, supplier customer reviews, supplier cost per product etc.

Wanted to know how I can create an equation to incorporate all these and other factors to generate the “score” for each supplier, also as given that all these will have separate and unique units, how can I incorporate that?

Would be great if I could just get a direction on how to go about it.

Thanks.. :]