Driver – How / where should Nvidia nccl2 be installed in a specific directory to run XGBoost with multi-GPU support?

I have to install Nvidia's nccl2 library in a specific directory to run XGBoost with GPU support. How do I install the nccl library while specifying the directory to be created / saved and where is the corresponding directory or default directory?

The library can be downloaded here as a .deb from nvidia. You need an Nvidia developer membership. The github is here.

The XGBooost documentation contains instructions for creating:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DUSE_CUDA=ON -DUSE_NCCL=ON -DNCCL_ROOT=/path/to/nccl2
make -j4

Therefore, I would have to know the path to install nccl2 in advance (unclear whether it is the nccl.h file or the folder). VPS in Europe [NL] from only $ 5.35 | full root access, including managed support! | Proxies-free

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Stay away from Hetzner – outdated systems, completely faulty support workflow

I still have 3 server contracts with Hetzner. Mainly because I didn't have time to move them.
Recently had problems with 2 of these servers. Regular expenses. One is SPAM (happens all the time to customers who don't comply with the rules) and one port scan to another (from time to time it also happens when the customer uses old software that somehow enables code injection or similar) , Who has never had such problems on the customer's servers? What did Hetzner do in both situations? The only way to completely block the servers is to remove them from the network. You cannot access them in any way or meaning. You are trying to ask for access through the support interface to check and fix the problem. However, this is not allowed because the support form is rejected with the message "Server is blocked. Correct the problem to continue". If you try the instruction in an automatic email, it will fail (links do not exist). You send an email to, the stupid guy on the other side. Copy and paste the answer "Can't do anything until you've fixed the problem". The server cannot be reached. How the hell do these stupid people want me to fix the problem?!? So they block your server, they keep asking for telepathy to fix it (I think ?!), but they keep charging you. Great service (just for them).

Stay away from these guys. Check out OVH where I have all my other servers and move these last 3. You have a modern, efficient, and autonomous way to solve these common problems. They block dangerous traffic by type and / or port. Never remove the server from the network or block all traffic. And even if you have an access problem (e.g. server cannot be reached because of a driver problem or a faulty drive or something similar), you can restart the server at any time in "rescue mode" so that you can immediately access it remotely via a Flash SO Access it How to mount your drives, find the problem, fix it, and bring it back online. Everything depends 100% on you and only on autonomous systems. No support needed. Solution available around the clock. You don't have to deal with stupid ass people.
How can Hetzner still be on the market with such supporters and outdated systems and methods? That doesn't fit with the German strictness that we're used to in other business areas … I'll stay away from these people.

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magisk – How do I create a custom kernel for Lenovo p1ma40 to support MagiskHide?

Lenovo p1ma40 runs on Android 5.1.
And I want to use MagiskHide, but I can't.
"Kernels earlier than 6.0 most likely do not support Mount NS Procfs, which is required for MagiskHide to work properly. This Linux kernel feature only needs to be added in Android 6.0."

As stated in the xda forums, we have to rebuild the kernel with the required patch ( And put
My question is :
1) How do I patch the kernel source code (please give exact steps)?
2) How do I flash the modified kernel?
3) Do I have to unlock the boot loader to do this?

Thank you in advance…..



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The worst support: A2hosting | Web Hosting Talk

What's wrong with a2hosting? I am very upset about it A2Hosting & # 39; s Service.

– I started my service in the last month of December 2019 a2hosting Payment for a 2-year service fee ($ 635.88). Big mistake!
– After a few days, I see that my bank has debited my $ 685.82 ($ 49.94 more). So I decided to argue with my bank about an inappropriate fee. (Note: I never request payment cancellation. I am only creating a dispute with my bank to find out why I see it other than $ 49.94.)
– Yesterday a2hosting decided to lock my account without first informing me or hearing my version of the case. You just create me a ticket that my account has already been blocked.
– I answer the ticket and ask why. (after a few minutes …) a2hosting wrote to me that I would have to pay the $ 49.94 (the fee I disputed) + $ 50 to reactivate my account.
– I ask again what I have to pay for it. I tried to find a solution through that support Channels. But as always support is very bad and slow: Chat, ticket and telephone support are a joke. You can't solve a problem. I have to wait a long time to get an answer. A2hosting does not offer good service in critical situations.
– Unfortunately, after communicating with A2 Hosting, I found that I was forced to pay the $ 99 if I wanted to reactivate my service.
– After paying, I ask you to reactivate the service immediately. I thought that nightmare was over, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, I feel it again poor support of a2hosting, After I made the payment, I replied to the ticket and said that I had already made the payment. After an hour I wrote to them via chat so they could solve the problem. They told me the same answer as always that I have to create a ticket, I told them that I had already done it. After another hour, I returned to write to them via chat and phone call with no solution. A total of 6 hours passed in which I had no answer to the ticket. I contacted the chat again and told them that I can't wait to be affected as a company. Overall, my server was down for about 10 hours (6 hours after I made the payment).

All this problem and 10 hours of downtime could be avoided with better service. It seems very bad for A2hosting, which doesn't inform before the service is interrupted to hear the client's response and find a solution. You suspend the service without notice and therefore force you to pay the amount plus reactivation of the service. Likewise, they're too fast to lock an account, too slow to reactivate it.

It's the first time I've used A2hosting services and they're the worst I've used in years. Anyone else with similar problems a2hosting?