Recent drop in OVH support

The support of OVH has never been great, but to some extent useful.
In the last month or so I have had support tickets for more than a week without … | Read the rest of

Support of British tourist visa for my friend

I'm currently at a university here in the UK. My friend is doing Masters in the Philippines. Suddenly he planned to visit me here in the UK for 10 days, but he visited me once in December 2017 for 13 days while in Saudi Arabia he had a work visa. My friend has quite a bit of savings on his bank account from his previous work in Saudi Arabia, but only the last 3 months can be provided as bank statements (estimated £ 1700) because he said he has not paid any money for quite some time Dollar account (estimated £ 920), one credit card and two insurance (investments?) From two different banks, which he would like to submit as financial documents and country connections. On the other hand, I will attach a letter of invitation stating that some of the hotel and tram / train tickets for our tourist visits will be paid by me. I am unemployed, but have saved money on my student loan (estimated £ 3600), which I will mainly use for this visit. Besides, he will enclose a matriculation certificate to prove that he is returning to the Philippines. In addition, one of the dates falls on his birthday and the day we spent almost two years together. Will all this be reasonable / strong enough to be approved by him?

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Will C ++ Header Only will support the future direction of the C ++ programming style with the supporting compilers / tools in the near future

Writing C ++ code with just a header is more convenient, but it is not efficient if the program needs to be continually recompiled. Is it possible in the future that C ++ will be fully optimized in this type of programming? This will be very helpful for new programmers in C ++ and avoid the complex compilation process.

Plotting – FrameTicks in DateListPlot do not support "All" in Mathematica 12

In mathematica 12

DateListPlot[{1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11}, {2000, 8}, FrameTicks -> All]


Enter the image description here

And the error message is

A ticks specification worth FrameTicks should be None.
Automatic, a function or a list of ticks.

But "All" works in Mathematica 11. Is it a mistake?

If only automatic is supported. How can I add ticks to other pages of the frame?

Managed VPS with 24/7 technical support (phone, chat, etc.)?


I'm currently at FastComet, but I'm disappointed with the technical support options. They provide technical support only through their ticket system. So I'm looking for a new VPS provider that meets the following requirements:

Managed Linux VPS
24/7 technical support – telephone, live chat, ticket / contact form / email
Minimum quad-core CPU
At least 6 GB of RAM
At least 100 GB SSD
At least 5 TB bandwidth
cPanel / WHM / Softaculous
~ 90 USD

sharepoint online – Does SP SP support site column lookups?

I thought about using Flow in SharePoint to update a list item seemed simple enough. Then I noticed that none of my searches were displayed.

Hmmm, my searches are controlled by site columns. Could that be the problem? A test search was performed in the list that was NOT added from existing site columns. Voila, it appears in Flow: Update Item.

So I'm approaching this problem or does MS Flow for SP really not support finding site columns? If so, can I use the Send an HTTP Request action to update an item that has site column lookups?

If you have found this, please share your experience or solutions.


It's worse than I thought. Search results for site columns are also not available through Dynamic Content: When an item is created. Ouch. What now?

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