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Sven host is a privately held, professional web hosting company. Since our inception, we've enjoyed tremendous growth and popularity with our affordable, high-performance web hosting services backed by the excellent level of service we offer our clients. Today, the Sven host brand stands for excellent service quality in the web hosting industry.

Sven host works worldwide from the data center in the US. In addition to webhosting Sven host Also offers additional web hosting peripherals, including a variety of domain names. Our mission and our focus is to constantly exceed our customers' expectations and provide business services at affordable prices.

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Softaculous Autoinstaller: One-Click Installer for WordPress and other content management system
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30 day Refund warranty

Payment: paypal

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Hard disk space: 10000 MB
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Storage: 30 GB
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If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to sales@svenhost.com

What file types does the Download Manager for Safari support on iOS 13 or higher?

Starting with iOS 13, Safari includes its own download manager. The idea is that for supported file types, a user can simply tap on a link on a web page and offer Safari to either open the file (which essentially reflects the old behavior in builds prior to iOS 13) or download the file to a location Choice of user that can be changed via Settings / Safari.

However, it is unclear which file types the Download Manager supports. As an example, I've seen an indication that Safari can download MP3 files (https://www.cultofmac.com/629362/safari-download-manager-ios-13/), but in my own tests from If you're under iOS 13.2.3 tapping a link to an MP3 file will just open it, as it did on iOS 12.

My Question: Is there a definitive list of file types that Safari offers to download when you tap it?

Applications – Are there any Camera over IP apps that support the transmission of 4K camera feeds?

My device (Xperia X5 Premium) supports the hardware encoding of 4k videos (3840 x 2160) with H264 or HEVC (265), which I would like to stream via WLAN to the software on my PC. Unfortunately, after testing multiple IP camera apps, none of them can access the 4k feed. All report 1080p as the best available quality.

I'm wondering if this is a limitation of the API (although the open source app "Open Camera" is able to access my camera in 4k modes) or just an arbitrary limitation imposed by the various developers was programmed firmly. Does anyone know of an existing IP camera app that supports 4k cameras?

SAFETY plus PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION plus 30 DAYS of support and monitoring 9.95 USD or 14.95 USD – OFFER!

We have more than 20 years of combined server development experience, true 24×7 coverage, and state-of-the-art response time.
What's new? Our team has been "upgraded" with additional talents and knowledge, making it 20 years of experience.

// We strive to provide industry leading security practices to our customers.
// Our technicians are available around the clock for quick assistance in all kinds of incidents.
// With over 20 years of combined experience, our customers can count on us to have a wealth of knowledge on board.

Safety and performance optimization
cPanel / DirectAdmin / Naked Linux

Rootkit Hunter
Backing up and updating SSH servers
CSF firewall & login error detection
Anti-DoS configuration
Log analysis software and installation
System Integrity Monitor (SIM)
System Priority (SPRI)
Secure and Optimize Apache (HTTP)
MySQL optimization
host.conf- Hardening
nsswitch.conf change
sysctl.conf hardening
FTP curing
Remove unused software
Remove old logs
Shell Fork Bomb / Memory Hog Protection
Root Login Email Notification & Logging
My tip
TMP Directory Hardening (/ tmp, – / var / tmp, – / dev / shm)
Password Scanner
file Manager

For Linux VPS, cloud or dedicated server

30 days support INCLUDED:
We fix for free any errors related to the safety and performance optimization performed by our engineers.

How much does it cost you?

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bash – How many characters does a max.sh file support? To avoid

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Vnox – Virtual KVM SSD Servers in New York from 2.50 USD / month | DDoS-protected | 24/7 support

Vnox Ltd. is a technology company founded in 2017 on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. We are committed to customer service. Providing our clients with an outstanding parallel experience is the key to our success, and we maintain this at all times. Continue reading…

Each VPS includes:

  • KVM virtualization
  • DDoS protection
  • Fast deployment
  • SolusVM Control
  • Intel Xeon E5 1650 V4 CPUs
  • SSD drives
  • Technical support around the clock

512 MB VPS from 2.50 USD / month

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 vCore
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 1TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

2.50 USD / month
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1 GB VPS from 5.00 USD / month

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 vCores
  • 20 GB SSD memory
  • 2TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

5.00 USD / month
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2 GB VPS from 10.00 USD / month

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 vCores
  • 40 GB SSD memory
  • 4TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

$ 10.00 / mo.
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4 GB VPS from 20.00 USD / month

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 vCores
  • 80 GB SSD storage
  • 8 TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

20.00 USD / month
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8 GB VPS from 40.00 USD / month

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 vCores
  • 120 GB SSD memory
  • 16 TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

40.00 USD / month
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12 GB VPS from 60.00 USD / month

  • 12 GB RAM
  • 6 vCores
  • 140 GB SSD storage
  • 20 TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

60.00 USD / month
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16 GB VPS from 80.00 USD / month

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 8 vCores
  • 180 GB SSD storage
  • 32 TB bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

80.00 USD / month
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32 GB VPS from 160.00 USD / month

  • 32 GB RAM
  • 10 vCores
  • 200 GB SSD memory
  • 64 TB of bandwidth at 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 address

160.00 USD / month
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Where is the "Facebook Live Support Chat" that helps you and sends your Facebook page for review?

I have a problem with a Facebook page and have asked other Facebook administrators if they have a "Facebook Live Support Chat" to help you revise your Facebook page. They gave me vague hints about where they are, including links to many explanations, but where they chat does not exist. Some said that you need an advertising account on Facebook to access the chat, but I still have one and still can not find it.

Where is the "Facebook Live Support Chat" that helps you and sends your Facebook page for review?

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