Why do Trump supporters always attack Bernie and call him a socialist?

Bernie is a scam.

The taxation of 1% with a huge amount would actually lead to more wealth differences. Why? Because the 1% are not just billionaires, as Bernie suggests, but people who earn more than five hundred thousand a year. This means that the people who earn five hundred thousand a year would pay the same rate as the guy who earns a hundred million a year. If the rate they both pay is 75%, there is little doubt that the guy who makes five hundred thousand a year has to close his shop.

Then, of course, there is his idea of ​​limiting interest rates on credit cards, which would make it harder for low-income earners to obtain loans, which in turn would lead to a cause of wealth inequality.

Looking at its economic policies, one realizes that most of them have actually turned back enough to actually promote prosperity differences. Yes, Bernie supporter, your husband is actually promoting strategies that make wealth differences worse.

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Why do Trump supporters have to carry a gun in public, I'm just wearing a small flashlight with a stroke lunette?

[Politics] Open question: Why do Trump supporters have to carry a gun in public, I'm just wearing a small flashlight with a bounce?

Liberals, is it not just a right, but a duty to do with Trump supporters?

To update:
Am I anonymous because I do not want to be targeted? lol but the truth in today's political world.

Update 2:
@ Taylor,
Exactly what Dave Chappelle said.

Update 3:
@ Professor,
Did not you serve your country to protect the 1st Amendment? I'm sorry you feel that way, man.

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Why can not you just admit Trump supporters that Nazis and Confederates are bad?

They admit that the Nazis were bad. I do not think Republicans would argue otherwise. They admit that the Confederation was bad because their stronghold is their support in the south. After the Democratic Party transformed itself into a bourgeois party in the 1960s, the white people of the South, who had previously been loyal Democrats, switched to Republicans. Now the greatest source of republican strength lies in the white south. For the most part, since the end of the Civil War, the white Southerners had refused to admit that their side was wrong. They're making the war pretty quick, from a fight against slavery that everyone agreed is evil, to a fight against regional independence. In order not to regard themselves and their ancestors as bad people, they tried to gloss over the war. This tradition continues today.

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