Trump supporters can not voice their opinions on Facebook without Trump haters clicking on the report button and getting their accounts?

Some answers indicate that more than half of the posters have no idea of ​​the danger of slipping that FACEBOOK represents by censoring user content.

If this was done with liberal content, you would surely hear her shouting about it. And what happens to liberal content when Zucherberg determines that you do not have enough left?

And I will address another point here. An intervention in the contents of the right wing in the run-up to an election can be seen as interference in the election, and this is a crime of the FEDERAL. And many others, including lawyers, refer to this point. I would not be surprised if FACEBOOK goes through legal scrutiny and is the subject of several lawsuits.


[ Politics ] Open question: Hey, stupid beta guy in the basement crying over Star Wars supporters and defeating Trump's witch hunt. What will you do now?

[ Politics ] Open question: Hey, stupid beta guy in the basement crying over Star Wars supporters and defeating Trump's witch hunt. What will you do now? ,

Why do Trump supporters want to make US socialism? Pay for your own damn wall. Why should my taxes finance that?

Oh boy, your gross ignorance is pretty embarrassing.

They ask, "Why should my taxes finance that?" What you should actually ask is, "Why should MY taxes pay for the consequences if you have NO wall?"

You see, it is NOT costly for Americans to have enough security at the border than the safety of the border. If you are really open-minded and thinking, you may be able to see the reality of what you just do not understand about the total cost, if a wall does not really cost you / US in tax money.

Texas pays more than 2 MILLION annually to enforce illegal immigration laws. This does not include the larger picture of overall financial consequences. Who pays for EVERYTHING about illegal and legal immigration? Taxpayers do. Billions more money a year than the taxpayers' money you are complaining about when building this wall.

For example, American taxpayers pay for detention centers housing both legal and illegal persons, who receive free accommodation, free groceries, free clothing and free health care. Well, actually not for free, because our taxes pay everything. Our court / jail and justice system are paid to handle legal, illegal and illegal immigration issues. We pay for that, too. The drug smuggling of the cartel accounts for 90% of the drugs entering America. Therefore, there are addicts who need help, increase the crime rate, the number of deaths from overdose has increased by leaps, which means that the criminals (illegal weapons) in the vicinity are the drug business. Immigration brings here non-English-speaking, uneducated, unskilled people who work under the table and do not contribute to our tax base, the very money they need to support their fellow sufferers through state support programs. All these consequences weaken the strength of our nation. What about our already overcrowded schools that need to educate those immigrants (illegal and legal) who were undoubtedly not vaccinated (more of our money to protect ourselves from diseases we used to control). How about human smuggling, which is despicable. What happens if these immigrants can not get work and desperate areas? Well, we all know that desperate people do desperate things and resort to crime more often than not. Then the police are paid with tax dollars to work on crimes that people in our prisons often push. Exactly what I've mentioned and what I've missed cost US taxpayers in ONE YEAR what it would cost to build the Wall.

You have to think long term and lose the blind.


[ Politics ] Open question: Trump supporters claim they are not r @ cist. How do you explain the attack on Jussie Smollett? Racist and homophobic insults and a noose?

Police in Chicago investigated after two men called for racial and homophobic torture and physically attacked the 36-year-old actor. Then he called "This is MAGA country" when he left / Empire Cast member alleged attack Chicago hate crime.

Why are Trump supporters bringing Hillary on? It's almost as if they were stuck in the past?

The biggest left-wing story is Müller's investigation into foreign collusion during the campaign.

While Trump's pre-election campaign was investigated (and no evidence of foreign collusion was found), Hillary's campaign we know today gets a foreign ex-spy to meet with Russians to try and dump dirt on Trump get free ticket. Once again show how partisan our justice department has become and how justice is no longer blind. "Justice" is now being bought and paid by the Democrats.


If Hillary Trump supporters had called "Nazis" instead of "Deplorables," would they still proudly wear the label?

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