[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Why do Trump supporters have to carry a gun in public, I'm just wearing a small flashlight with a stroke lunette?

[Politics] Open question: Why do Trump supporters have to carry a gun in public, I'm just wearing a small flashlight with a bounce?

Liberals, is it not just a right, but a duty to do with Trump supporters?

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Am I anonymous because I do not want to be targeted? lol but the truth in today's political world.

Update 2:
@ Taylor,
Exactly what Dave Chappelle said.

Update 3:
@ Professor,
Did not you serve your country to protect the 1st Amendment? I'm sorry you feel that way, man.

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Why can not you just admit Trump supporters that Nazis and Confederates are bad?

They admit that the Nazis were bad. I do not think Republicans would argue otherwise. They admit that the Confederation was bad because their stronghold is their support in the south. After the Democratic Party transformed itself into a bourgeois party in the 1960s, the white people of the South, who had previously been loyal Democrats, switched to Republicans. Now the greatest source of republican strength lies in the white south. For the most part, since the end of the Civil War, the white Southerners had refused to admit that their side was wrong. They're making the war pretty quick, from a fight against slavery that everyone agreed is evil, to a fight against regional independence. In order not to regard themselves and their ancestors as bad people, they tried to gloss over the war. This tradition continues today.

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Supporters of Trump: What would you do if you were in a Trump rally and a KKK member invited you to their WHITES ONLY BBQ cookout?

None of these decisions would be my choice. As a self-employed person, I would choose E

a] I would not accept the offer because I disagree with KKK's point of view

b] However, I would not bother to explain to this person, as it would be pointless. Nothing I say would change his mind, so it would be a waste of my breath.

c] I do not agree that they give the rest of the Trump support base a bad name. That's just democratic propaganda. It was the democrats who founded the KKK anyway. So what is it all about?
We know that in life there will always be people with whom it is difficult to cope. Distribute the people I disagree with in a series of questions from a certain amount, and there would only be 1% of the original numbers.
The same criterion could be a person supporting Democrats to draw figures from a liberal convention. It would be a pointless exercise.

d] I still would not participate in their rally or cookout, even if the food was free. This is greedy, selfish and a waste of time when traveling to the place.

So I would opt for e]
I take care of my own affairs and the crazy KKK supporters take care of their own.

See, that's the problem with the Democrats. They love to poke their nose in the shops of others and annoy themselves. We have too many rules and controls in life without the Democrats telling us how to think.

Russia interfered with American democracy in 2016. Why are not Trump supporters angry about it? Are they all traitors?

Trump supporters would consider a blind man's open wallet a chance – they think everything is acceptable to move forward.

PS: Just to expand the above a bit.

In 2016, Russia decided that it would be in its best interests for the US not to vote for Clinton but to vote for Trump – it was Russia's interest to elect Trump as president. So they turned to the Trump team – there was hardly an act of altruism on their part.

And Trump and his team were more than willing to help Russia – essentially a hostile state – to achieve its goals.

In short, they have worked with a hostile state to influence the outcome of a presidential election on its behalf – and as a reward to preserve the presidency itself.

Why do Trump supporters criticize Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, while Donald Trump did exactly the same thing with Stormy Daniels?

Trump was chosen in the Oval Office by a woman who was not his wife. Then he blatantly lied to Congress and the American people.


This is Slick, whom Willie has caught with his pants down. He did it when he lied about the aborted missile attack on bin Laden.


AOC is right. The internment camps on the border are concentration camps. How will Trump supporters try to twist this?

They mock the Jews by saying that. She and others were involuntarily brought to these concentration camps and gassed.

These people come to America and break our laws.

They accept human trafficking, the rape of women, the children are exploited by you Democrats.