Trump supporters, can you say "sorry, I voted for the wrong person?"

Can you tell:

"I'm sorry I voted for the wrong one. My election will likely result in the death of millions of Americans. I understand that Trump doesn't like to listen to science. He claimed climate change was a joke. Then he claimed the corona virus is just. " the flu and that "doctors will lock up the country if they can." I'm sorry I was wrong. I was so wrong. But I didn't know Trump was like that when I voted for him. "

Can you tell me here now If I voted for Hillary and she behaved like Trump, I would be disappointed and would no longer vote for her. It's not about blind loyalty to politicians, it's about choosing the right politician by looking at his past actions. The story is a good indication of the future. Mostly.

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: isn't it nice to see Trump supporters openly embrace socialism by accepting their $ 1,000 free government checks?

I'm assuming that all Trumpers will send their checks back because socialism is the devil, right? Under no circumstances will they redeem them, as this is precisely the definition of socialism.

Do Trump supporters wear MAGA hats in public to attract attention?

I went to Culver today. I saw a man wearing a MAGA hat and made sure I stared at him. It is the second time this week that I have seen someone in public wearing a MAGA hat. I understand the concept of freedom of expression, but it seems that Trump supporters live on getting attention. This man got several dirty looks and seemed to be enjoying the negative attention he was getting lol.

Can someone please explain why Trump's supporters see Democrats as a greater threat to democracy than Russia?

Republican supporters see Trump's free capitalism as the backbone of the economy for the United States.

Democratic supporters see the abolition of President Trump's dream for this country.

Basically, they rely on B Sanders, whose beliefs are dictatorial socialism. For the most part, things weren't going very well in the Soviet Union.

Eventually the PARTY will split and possibly die out after the election.

Dictatorial socialism would not be as viable as the good old citizens.

actually want.

The solution is to convert to the Republican and leave the Democratic Party on the way. It would be the only honorable thing.

Do Trump supporters want the United States to become an authoritarian government in which Trump has absolute power and there is no freedom of the press?

Not really, they're all people trying to live off the recent job growth caused by Trump administration.

The press is illegal to slander people.

The power conferred on the government results from the constitution of the United States. It is a control and balance system. So one branch tests the sins of the other branch.

Are Trump supporters proud of their guy turning into a dictator because they think that makes YOU powerful too?

Her pride is fragile and delicate …….

You see it in Trump.

His actions do not justify your thoughts

He doesn't humiliate women and now you think it's 👌 to insult women …… true sign of cloning ….. 🤑

Especially when you can't deal with criticism ….

Why do you think Jews remain silent when the anti-Semitism shield is removed?

Why should I put up with pig-ignorant Trump supporters who honestly believe Obama is a secret Muslim socialist born in Kenya?

Whatever you think you have to admit, Obama's background is an unknown quantity. He seems to have had more than enough names and has a social security number from a country he has never lived in. How does that come?

He has a Kenyan birth certificate and he also has a Hawaiian. The search for the Hawaiian took months.

The Kenyan doesn't have exactly the right details and the Hawaiian looks like it has been merged from several other certificates.

The copy on the .gov website was layered as if it were composed of several other documents. How strange. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ask the person who found her because she was killed in a very unusual accident.

She actually survived the crash and looked fine, but was the only one of the passengers who later died. She was also a friend of Obama's mother, if I remember correctly. What a coincidence.

Why Do Liberals Stereotyped Trump Supporters As Uneducated Hicks?

Another fearful post from a Trump supporter: "Why do Liberals believe Trump supporters are stupid?"

The serious answer.

Sigh; Sometimes we get into this rhetorical trap out of frustration, but if we're 100% honest with you, we would admit that we also find some people on our own side stupid, mostly people who have cooked the complicated questions in slogans and really don't understand what they're saying. I think you're probably looking at the dumbs of your countrymen and thinking, "Jesus, this guy barely rubs his brain cells together, but he can wave at least one sign."

No, that's what we really think about Trump supporters, the rich, the poor, the bad and the innocent, who think and who don't think.

When you saw a man who owned a fraudulent university aimed at defrauding poor people, you thought, "Good."

When you saw a man who used to stiffen his creditors, you said, "Okay."

When you heard him proudly boast of his own history of sexual abuse, you said, "No problem."

When he made up stories of thousands of Muslim Americans celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center, you said, "No problem."

When you saw him boast that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and you didn't care, you chirped: "He knows me for sure."

When you heard him illustrate his own character by telling the sweet story about the older guest bleeding on the floor in his country club, the story of how he turned away from him and how everything was imposed on him, you said "that's cool!"

When you saw him mock the disabled, you thought it was the funniest thing you've ever seen.

When you heard him brag that he was not reading books, you said, "Well, who has time?"

When the Central Park Five were compensated for innocent men convicted of a crime they didn't commit and he angrily said they should still be in prison, you said, "That makes sense."

When you heard him order his followers to beat demonstrators and he hired lawyers, you thought, "Yes!"

When you heard him order a rally to confiscate a man's coat before it was thrown into the freezing air, you said, "What a great guy!"

That you saw the parade of neo-Nazis and white Supremacists he was content with while refusing to condemn the direct Nazis and you said, "Thumbs up!"

That you heard him unable to speak to foreign dignitaries without insulting their countries and demanding that they praise his election victory, you said, "This is how I want my president to be."

That you saw him remove expertise from all levels of government for the benefit of people making money removing protective measures in the industries they were supposed to regulate, and you said, "What a genius!"

You have heard that he continues to benefit from his business, in part by taking advantage of his position as President until he overwhelms the Secret Service for the place in the property he owns, and you said, "This is smart "

That you heard him say that it was difficult to help Puerto Rico because it was in the middle of the water and you said, "It makes sense."

You saw him start fighting with every country from Canada to New Zealand while praising and quoting Russia, "falling in love with the dictator of North Korea," and you said, "This is state art!"

That you've seen all the thousands of other manifestations of corruption and low moral character and downright animal rudeness and contempt for you, the working American voter, and still appear grinning and threatening with your MAGA hats to beat up anyone who says it Otherwise.

What you, Trump supporters in 2018, don't get is that it can be wrong and not helpful to indulge in your frustration and think you're stupid, but it's also … listen to me … charitable.

Because if you are NOT stupid, we have to turn to other explanations, and most of them are * less * flattering.