dnd 5e – Does a Fighter’s Action Surge stack with the Haste action?

A fighter, once per rest, can use Action Surge to gain an additional action on his turn.

The target of a Haste spell also gains an additional action on his turns (until the spell ends).

If a fighter is Hasted by a fellow mage and then uses his Action Surge, does he gain two additional actions on his turn (for a total of 3 actions, plus the eventual bonus action & reaction) ?

wireless networking – How to fix a possible power surge on the usb port? (power surge protection reset)

Can’t start the computer at all, and the problem occured possibly due to a voltage fluctuation caused by a wifi adapter. Checked for anything that could short-circuit or intervene the mobo from working correctly, unluckily found nothing.

While starting up the computer, even before I could enter into BIOS, i get the error message: ‘USB device over current status detected will shut down in 15 seconds’, and it shuts down. The problem as I mentioned, occured due to using a usb Wi-fi adapter. edit: it was plugged into the back of the computer, no hubs used meanwhile.

BIOS has been reseted already(cmos battery removal, clear jumper, check ports’ connections on the mobo for signs of deformation or defunction, front usb control cable removal, check if anything else could be intervening, undusting), but i get the same error message.
I can’t enter into BIOS, so there’s no chance to disable anything from there.

The faulty adapter has been since removed, and I wouldn’t want to really use it in the future, just want to make my mobo to work again. (sidenote: even pondering to desolder the usb ports, but unsure if it would do the trick) Now I am trying to gather more knowledge about power surge protection and its reseting. Any advices or ideas if it’s the right approach?

The motherboard specs: msi z270 gaming m7
(seems unrelevant, but OS is: windows 10)

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dnd 5e – When a UA Wild Soul barbarian’s Wild Surge feature conjures “intangible spirits” that fly 30 feet in a random direction, do they move through walls?


From the text you linked, it says

You conjure 1d4 intangible spirits that look like flumphs in unoccupied spaces within 30 feet of you. Each spirit immediately flies 30 feet in a random direction. At the end of your turn, all spirits explode and each creature within 5 feet of one or more of them must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 2d8 force damage.

As far as I know, Intangible is not a in-game term, therefore, we should interpret it in plain English.

Intangible, from Google, says:

unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.

Since it “can not be touched” and does not possess any physical form, there is no reason for them to be stopped by a wall or any other object. The fact that they are spirits also supports this interpretation. Again, simply “spirits” is not an in-game term, so, we should go with usual reading: spirits are incorporeal and can move through walls.

As another indicator of this intention, as V2Blast mentioned in the comments, there is no reason to even include the term “intangible” as a description to the spirits if it was not meant to state that they ignore physical obstructions (such as walls).

PS: I am reading your question as “can the spirits”, rather than “do the spirits”, which I believe is what you meant. Ultimately, what the spirits do, in fact, depends on the DM, but they certainly can move through walls.

Well, the Southern US is getting a surge in cases. Anybody surprised?

Europe, Canada and Australia have pretty much done well. And at least the Northern US learned its lesson. The Southern US has not been lucky, since they are a bunch of imbeciles who listen to Trump and totally disregard health/safety rules (open up in late April, throw away their masks, have large shoulder to shoulder gatherings, fill up bars and clubs, flood the beaches, etc).

Texas, Florida and Georgia don’t even have their own Andy Cuomo to save them. 

dnd 5e – If a wizard rolls on the Wild Magic Surge table and gets a result that says that he is casting a certain spell, does he need the usual components?

Yes, but you are forced to provide them.

In order to cast a spell, you must provide the components, and for this wild magical wave, you must cast the spell.

It doesn't mean "you can optionally throw a fireball at yourself". You to do throw it. You have no choice.

If you have an arcane focus, you will use it. If you have a component bag, you will use it. When you remove your component bag, pick it up. If you leave it in another room, you avoid the chance that you will appear Fireball on yourself and then roll that result, then steal the component from someone else's bag, or discover that you left that component behind your ear earlier that day, or find one that just lies on the floor. By a crazy accident you will still cast the spell. You can tell it how you want.

dnd 5e – Does rolling on "You throw …" on the Wild Magic Surge table require the usual components?

Several effects from the Wild Magic Surge table instruct you, the wizard, to cast a spell as a result, for example:

You act as a 3rd level spell that focuses on yourself.

Fireball has verbal, somatic and material components.

Does this mean that I have to do the verbal and somatic component and have the material or arcane focus to throw a fireball?

What if I don't want to? Is it automatic? Can I remove the component bag or arcane focus (and only cast materialless spells) to avoid a fireball?

If possible, explain in your answer the consequences if no components or components are required.

dnd 5e – Can the result of & # 39; you throw … & # 39; trigger Wild Magic Surge from rolling in the Wild Magic Surge table?

Wild Magic Surge is triggered when

Immediately after you Cast a level 1 or higher wizard spellthe DM can have a d20 rolled. If you roll a 1, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table for a random magic effect.

I rolled onto the table and rolled on "You occupation Fireball as a 3rd level spell that focuses on yourself ".

Because fireball is a spell Does this mean that this casting triggers the Wild Magic Surge function again?

I know the DM can choose not to roll on the table, but theoretically this can build an endless chain of fireballs!