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GUI design – unexpected behavior: minimal surprise or user guidance?

Suppose a user clicks on software for "to save"button. The software should give feedback whether"to save"happened or failed but there was never any feedback.
Is it a violation of "Minimal Surprise" or a violation of "User Guidance"?
From what I've read, it could be both.

Minimal surprise: Users should never be surprised by the behavior of a system. Whenever the user executes a command, there should always be a clear message that the command ran successfully or that the attempt failed

user guidance: If the user needs help, help should be available. The user interface should provide meaningful feedback when errors occur and provide context-sensitive user help functions

Note: This is homework, but I have read several lectures and cannot determine which one would be violated in this case. Certainly some ambiguities here.

WHM backups are suddenly slowing down and a surprise

As far as I remember, WHM backups have been slow since the first versions of the older cpanel backup and the new backup weren't particularly fast. CPanel started pushing its services or other third party services a few years ago. It is therefore not surprising that ads sell Jet Backup or other products and services.

Some of us know how to determine the cause, but there is no quick or easy answer.

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Spells – Can nerve jitter be used during a surprise round, let's say straight away if you find yourself being mugged?

So with all this information, if I should have one contingency spell (speed) with the condition: whenever I cast Nerveskitter: Activate.

What would happen? I would be able to act immediately, then the rest of the surprise round would happen (let's say I'm immune to drowsiness or I fought back) Quick recovery feat) what then?:

  • Do I start first and don't need an initiative?
  • I still have to roll for the initiative?
  • I think you don't have to take any initiative if you have contingency (quickness) on the condition that if a creature does something hostile to me: activate (no surprise round, let's say to simplify it), you go first and if you are not dazed, do you start first? Perhaps you still have to take the initiative in this case?

RAW answers if possible (FAQ, 3.X, I would normally also allow Pathfinder, but nerve jitter has been removed in Pathfinder)

(I know there is more than one question on this question. It was easier for me.)

dnd 5e – surprise confusion

I've read information about the surprise mechanics and I'm still confused which one to use. There are 3 surprise methods that I see all over the internet.

First: group surprise check

To do a group surprise check, half or a majority of the PCs must reach the highest passive perception of the monsters to survive the surprise.

Second, fail a stealth, not everything is surprised.

If one of the PCs rolls less than the passive perception of the monsters (stealth), the surprise is botched.

Third, some are surprised, some are not.

PC 1 rolls 14
PC 2 rolls 14
PC 3 rolls 12
PC 4 rolls 11

Monster 1 with PP of 15
Monster 2 with PP of 15
Monster 3 with PP of 13
Monster 4 with PP of 10

PC 1 and 2 surprise monsters 3 and 4, but not monsters 1 and 2

I know that the group test can be an optional test. But what about the second and third exams? Which are true? Which one should be used?

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What is a pleasant surprise?

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Is it really a surprise to Americans that Donald Trump is anti-Semitic?

I do not think the Americans are surprised. The problem is that it does not interest them enough that they are anti-Semitic, hateful, racist, homophobic, intolerant, narcissistic and dishonest.

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And – If an encounter is already underway, can an enemy joining the fight surprise some existing fighters?

AD & D is mostly a system for determining what happens in situations we already understand rather than dictating which situations are possible in the game. There is no reason why a hidden third party could not approach a fight undetected, so this is possible.

You can determine if There are surprises when you do the usual cube shape: 2 to 6 for each of the three groups (PCs, gnolls, and lizardman slinks) that are modified by the situation and abilities of the groups.

Unfortunately AD & D offers no effects such a situation.

Normally, the surprise is modeled by making a page inactive for a series of segments and giving the unsurprising side particular benefits during that time (DMG, p. 61-2). Obviously this does not work if the surprised party or the surprised parties are actively fighting each other – it would not make sense to model the surprise as their production pause while the new, unnoticed party was acting.

In practice, as is often the case in AD & D, where there is no method of handling things, this means that the DM has to make a judgment on how to handle it. It can be as easy as declaring an event in the middle of combat: "Fighter, defend yourself against the blows of the greatest gnoll, to be suddenly attacked from your flank …!" (At this point, the DM brings the necessary roles and narratives before the result of the attack). The timing would be based on the knowledge of the DM about the movements of the Lizardman, the new surprise dice (made in secret) and the factors in distance on page 62. It is quite possible that, due to the peculiarities of the situation, a successful surprise from the lizardman will not be beneficial or will result in one or more complete attacks on the victim.

The DM has the responsibility to be accurate, but fair, but of course that's for AD & D.

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