Free site and SSL surveillance software

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. We are looking for free software to monitor our clients' websites. Somewhat easy to check if the site is online and the SSL certificate is valid.

Happy to have something installed here on Windows, Apple or Linux, but I'm wondering if anyone has already done the footwork to find any software that does?

Many thanks


To start a surveillance camera company with an investment of $ 0

In the face of increasing crime, it is almost necessary nowadays to have some kind of home security. The installation of security cameras is extremely lucrative, usually has a high demand and requires very little skill and capital to get involved. This is a great first company to familiarize you with important principles such as customer management, marketing tactics and scheduling.

SWOT analysis
Strengths: Strong market, easy to do, big profit margin, no upfront costs.
Weaknesses: Marketing a new company, time-consuming.
Opportunities: Ability to grow fast, to provide secondary services.
Threats: Established companies, outsourcing of employees.

Supplies are needed

  • Camera set
  • screwdriver
  • ladder
  • Car / transport

Choose your cameras
A basic system consists of 3 main things, the cameras, the recorder and the screen. I would strongly recommend buying your cameras either from Costco or AliExpress, as this will be drastically cheaper.

Camera systems are usually supplied with 4 or 8 cameras. You can either offer two types of packages that allow you to target both small and large apartments, or you could offer only 8 cameras that would simplify the ordering process for the customer. You will also notice that cameras are either wired or wireless, while they both have their pros and cons, if you do not have the technical know-how I would make with wired cable.

Install cameras
As I mentioned, cameras are either wireless or wired. For wireless cameras, make sure they are within range of the access point, or you have a mottled connection or can not connect. Wired cameras are extremely easy to set up because normally only connections are possible. Camera> Cable> Box. In my experience, most wired security systems have software that does not require any kind of setup and should turn out to be out of the box (apart from changing the time and date).

profit margins
This will depend very much on where you come from and what you can do with the recharge. First we have to choose which cameras we want to use. I have chosen THIS setup, which costs about $ 450. For convenience, a monitor can cost $ 250. Next we have to set a price. After comparing different prices online, I came to the conclusion that $ 1,200 is a good price for my region.

Let's do some numbers.

Total profit: $ 1200
Total cost: $ 650
Net profit: $ 550

I would strongly recommend that you only buy the cameras once you have signed and paid for the contract. That way, you can save virtually all of your initial investment by earning 154% of your purchase. If you decide to buy the cameras before you are paid, it is advisable to make a down payment, or you may consider your first purchase as a business purchase to increase your inventory. As a secondary service, it is also possible to set up a service to monitor and notify customers of suspicious activity. Normally only an internet connection is required. This could be a great addition that can generate a steady cash flow.

[WTS] Fast, dedicated servers in Germany – SATA / NVMe – 24/7 surveillance

Germany dedicated server:

Okayservers provides up to 99.9% uptime and delivers exactly what it promised within 24 hours. We offer the best security options also for large companies. You want to make sure your important data is protected. We operate hardware-based firewalls to protect your server from cyber attacks.


– Germany Datacenter, Frankfurt
– No setup fees
– Delivery in 12 to 24 hours
– Anti-DDoS included
– Unlimited traffic
– Fast customer service
– 90 pre-installed operating system
– Free and unlimited Hard Reboots and new installations
– 500 Mbps Bandwidth (Burst 1 Gbps *) Unlimited
– FREE reboots and operating system reinstalled

– Germany dedicated server

– Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 CPU
– 4c / 8t – 3.5GHz / 3.9GHz
– Disk SoftRaid 2x4TB SATA
– Powerful DDos protection
– 90+ operating systems
– Full root access
– 500 Mbps Bandwidth (Burst 1 Gbps *) Unlimited
– vRack: Included – 1 Gbit / s
– Germany Datacenter: $ 159.99 / month Order now

– Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 CPU
– 4c / 8t – 3.5GHz / 3.9GHz
– Disk SoftRaid 2×450 GB NVMe
– Powerful DDos protection
– 90+ operating systems
– Full root access
– 500 Mbps Bandwidth (Burst 1 Gbps *) Unlimited
– vRack: Included – 1 Gbit / s
– Germany Datacenter: $ 179.99 / month Order now

Payment Gateways:

– Paypal
– Skrill
– Perfect money
– Credit Cards (2CO)
– Internet money
– Bitcoin (14 Crypto currencies accepted – Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, BlackCoin, DogeCoin, Decred, DigiByte, Ether Classic, Komodo, PotCoin, Qtum, Vertcoin, Monero)


node.js – Building a Micro-Service-Based HTTP Surveillance System | How to build service employees / nodes

I'm working on building an HTTP and SSL monitor that allows users to create new monitors (URLs) that they want to monitor. I'm having a problem figuring out how best to handle the monitoring part of everything. I'm making a micro-service-based design (frontend, auth service, sign up email service, email notification service, and sms).

I would like to run a monitoring service with a service worker style where I would save the URLs to be monitored along with the required parameters such as SSL Boolean value, timeout limit, how often the URL would check / monitor Mongo DB This will be my primary database, along with Redis (for sessions).

My idea was to use a service that checks Mongo once every 5 minutes and then update a Redis store with the new monitors that have been created since the last review. I would then have 5-10 service worker nodes checking the redis to determine which URL they should check.

This seems to be fine at a high level, but since I'm new with micro services (creating monolith applications …) and handling worker services / nodes, I'm not so sure about 1, as well the idea is and 2. how i would go about implementing it.

I'm looking for suggestions on both idea and optimization to make them better, as well as resources to learn what I need.

I use Node.js for this entire project. It's a learning project, which is why I do something that was done earlier, and I hoped there would be some resources available, and it would be easier to get help.


Is this type of question not allowed here? I'm just wondering why I got the down vote.