Merge SVG files into PDF

I have a directory of about 1000 SVG files in the SVGZ extension that resembles a textbook. An example of the SVG files can be found here. I also have a directory of XHTML with the same name, but was all text. These were the only formats I could get. How would I merge the files into one PDF (retaining the quality of words / vectors)?

Change topic and the SVG icon

I have symbols with transparent background. They look great on the job site. However, when we go to the Sites Web Part, which is provided by Microsoft, we see a gray background and the icons that we can not see:Enter image description here We have 4 themes so it should be transparent in the Nave and Background in the Sites Web Part. But how can we change depending on the topic chosen? Or change the web part icons in SVG format. But how. Please help.

CSS – SVG not visible on Android (Cordova)

I'm doing a web game. In terms of the user interface, I decided to use HTML instead of Canvas. Running the application through a web browser on a computer works like magic. After deployment with CordovaSVG icons are not displayed by androids.
You can see the behavior below:

Running game with chrome

Running game with Android emulator

.fill-diamond {
  overflow: hidden;
  background-size: cover;
  background-position: center;
  background-image: url('/out/nature/diamondStone.svg');

If I write the content of the SVG directly into my CSS, the SVG will be displayed, but my SVG files are pretty heavy, so this is no solution.

background-image: url('data:image/svg+xml;utf8,...');

After this investigation, I suspect that CSS is not allowed to load external files (but I can be wrong), so I try to give rights with the android manifest file and config.xml of cordova, unfortunately I did not succeed.



    Program 6
        A sample Apache Cordova application that responds to the deviceready event.
        Apache Cordova Team



graphics – Unity support for SVG (vector) images

Not so long ago, a Unity module update added a preview package that provides support for SVG vector graphics. It seems they are treated as flat, polygonal models.
Note that anti-aliasing significantly improves the appearance. original
Finding out and trying it for myself got me excited. It renders graphics similar to the flash web games I played as a child and gets inspired by them.

Here are the pros and cons of using this feature instead of rasterized sprites:


  • Do not worry about the resolution

  • Graphics can be made as large as you like without displaying pixels

  • crisp graphics, regardless of the resolution of the build. Theoretically, this could still look good on an 8K monitor

  • Very low memory consumption compared to open grid, which means a fast load on the web

  • Easily adjustable number of used triangles / graphic quality


  • Unity does not (yet) have sprite animation support for frames. Therefore, it will take you longer to do the same

  • Inconvinent, lengthy process of transferring frames from Flash MX to Unity, including file conversion

  • Possible performance issues because Unity presents the vector as a collection of triangles

  • Possible performance issues, because frame by frame is achieved by activating / deactivating game objects

In terms of possible performance issues, I ran a stress test that duplicated frog animation 100 times in the scene. At a resolution not too far away from 1080p it was still running at ~ 70fps, but keep in mind that there was no other code or audio that could fix the problem. You can reduce the number of triangles a vector object uses, but not enough, and the graphics look very rough.

Do you think that this could replace rasterized sprites? When is it appropriate or inappropriate to use them? Do you think that the possible CPU utilization is not worthwhile?

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How to manipulate an external SVG with CSS

Here you call the svg

Here I tried to edit it, but nothing happened

.icon-reddit {
    fill: #ffffff !important;
    width: 20px;
    height: 20px;
    padding: 3px;

.icon-reddit:hover {
    fill: whitesmoke !important;

I tried this code, but it does not exist, I even tried the ID.
Could someone help me?

Javascript – Create a svg group of arranged rectangles

I've written a program that creates an SVG group that contains several arranged rectangles with passageways in between to reach all the rectangles within a user-selected area. Each rectangle should receive an ID.

The user can input various things such as rectangle width / height and a number representing the ID of the first rectangle. The special feature about this ID is that the user appends zeros such as "01" to the front of the ID so that all the rectangles created by the program have the same ID length. With "1" the program could create 9 rectangles with the same ID length, with "01" 99, with "001" 999 and so on.

If the user does not enter enough zeros before the ID, the program should issue an error. This can only be verified while I already calculate the rectangles.

My main question is: how do you deal with this mistake? (Question A)

If the user enters an incorrect number, how should that be?
handled? (Question B)

Finally, I would like to check if there are too many before running the code
Rectangles that need to be calculated if e.g. the user enters
Rectangle height of "0.001". How can this be returned? (Question C)

I thought of three ways:

  1. Throws an exception if the program detects that there are not enough zeros.
    I think that would be the easiest way to do it. My problem with that is that I've read that you should only use exceptions if there is something you could not foresee. This would not be the case here.
  2. Return error codes from all subfunctions.
    This would be absolutely tidal and in my opinion would make the readability of the code extremely difficult.
  3. Set a Boolean value if the function detects the error. Then check all error boolean values ​​in the highest function and return an error code once.

How can these "exceptions" best be spent?

My program:
I've added all three types of error handling I've come up with, as I'm not sure when to use them.

function createRectangleLayout(oInputs) {
    let bNotEnoughZeros = false;

    let aExceptions = checkInputs(); //Question B
    if (aExceptions.length > 0)
        return "Falsy inputs";

    if (areTooManyEstimatedRectangles())  //Question C
        new TooManyRectanglesException();

    let layout = createNewLayout(); //Question A
    if (bNotEnoughZeros) //Is set deep inside of createNewLayout()
        return "Not enough zeros exception";

    return layout;

    function checkInputs() {
        let aExceptions = ();

        if (oInputs.rectWidth <= 0) 
            aExceptions.push("RectWidth < 0");

        if (oInputs.rectHeight <= 0) 
            aExceptions.push("RectHeight < 0");

        return aExceptions;

    function areTooManyEstimatedRectangles() {
        const MAX_NR_OF_RECTS = 5000;

        let estimatedRects = estimateRects(); //returns e.g. 100
        return estimatedRects > MAX_NR_OF_RECTS;

    function createLayout() {
        let aRows = calculateRows();
        let aCols = calculateCols();
        return createSVG(aRows, aCols);

    function calculateRows() {
        //similar function also exists for calculateCols()
        let iRows = calculateNrOfRows();

        let aRows = ();

        for (let i = 0; i < iRows; i++) {
            if (doesNeedPassage) aRows.push("Passage");
            else aRows.push("Rectangle");

    function createSVG(aRows, aCols) {
        let svgGroup = createSVGGroup();
        let iRect = 0;
        let x = 0, y = 0;
        aRows.foreach((row, iRow) => {
            if (row == "passage")
                y += oInputs.passageWidth;
                aCols.foreach(col, iCol) => {
                    if (col == "passage") 
                        x += oInputs.passageWidth;
                    else {
                        addRectToSVGGroup(svgGroup, x, y, iRect);
            x = 0;
            y += oInputs.rectHeight;

    function addRectToSVGGroup(svgGroup, x, y, iRect) {
        let rect = createId(iRect);

    function createId(iRect) {
        //only here the program notices if there are not enough zeros
        if (areNotEnoughZeros) {
            bNotEnoughZeros = true;
            return "";
        } else
            return calculateId(iRect);

This is how the function could be called:

function main() {
    try {
        let oInputs = getInputsFromForm();
        let layout = createRectangleLayout(oInputs);
        if (layout == INPUT_ERROR) 
            console.error("Input error");
        if (layout == TOO_MANY_RECTS_ERROR)
            console.error("Too many rectangles. Would take too long to compute"); 
    } catch (e) {

alt attribute – Although I have added alt pictures to my website except SVG. Viewing old images is not added to SEO Audit

How to fix the alt-image error?
Someone, please help me.

I added alt pictures for my pictures on the WordPress site, except SVG. However, the SEO review shows that no alternate image has been added to the site for all images. How can I fix this?

Theme Development – SVG in list style image breaks when adding fill

I'm trying to add a custom bullet with CSS list-style-image, Here is the attribute:

ul {

For convenience, this is the SVG file embedded in the list-style-image:


The problem is when I try to add one fill ascribe seems to break the whole thing, because the SVG is no longer displayed as a sphere (default) ul Circle ball shows). I tried to use both fill='#f00'. style='#f00' and stroke='#f00', All of them break the SVG.

Any idea what the problem might be?