Theming – Hide SVG image based on Responsive Viewport with CSS [Drupal v7.6x View]

Using Drupal 7 Views I've created a view that displays an SVG image file.

Here is an example scenario:
A marketing item node is created on a regular basis when a particular product offering exists. The purpose is to show the users of a new product offer (discount, etc.). This offer contains within the node article 2 Variations of the SVG discount graphic i). : A Full Graphic for Desktop / Laptop Viewports ii): A smaller, alternative size graphic for mobile (cellular) devices such as iPhone / Android. Both images are listed at the time the node was created, but ONLY one is supposed to show a viewport.

When using a simple custom Drupal view, the two images on a relevant page (for example, when landing on the Home screen) are displayed one at a time based on the size of the viewport. My problem, however, is that both images are displayed (for example, on the desktop) and although I've experimented with them CSS in Views field options and attribute rules, as well as CSS field modules considered and more – to no avail.

The INDIVIDUAL files must be accessed again for the CSS media rule to be applied at the CSS level.

In addition, I've considered adding a CSS field to the image type in the system file type module, but I'm not sure if I can access the CSS there. Maybe my approach is wrong or something is missing.

My last alternative would be to create only two types of views for each viewport and hide them in the panel.

Some directions and advice, please, are very welcome. I spent over 4 hours finding a solution.
Many thanks.

The following is not suitable:
Different responsive image per breakpoint

Convert SVG to XML for Android Studio

The development team requires that illustrations be in XML format, but Sketch exports them only as SVG files. Previously, when we were only dealing with symbols, we used this tool to convert to XML, but it has resulted in errors in our illustrations that have more layers and more complex shapes.

We have been looking for solutions to this problem because others have come across a similar scenario. Thanks a lot!

html – element error while hosting the site !! SVG image, external source (via external link)

Good day! I'm creating a website for a friend and using some SVG images (already downloaded in the IMG folder) as icons and an external Google source (via a link). Before hosting the site everything is fine, the image with its set size and font works smoothly. However, if you put it in the air, the image is a big size and the font just does not work. What to do I will add some subtleties of the difference …

Enter image description hereImage of the hosted site

CSS & SVG Filter: 80s text effects

Hi Guys,

I love the design of the 80s and I think that you can really see a big comeback of the 80s in today's design. I'm a programmer and Photoshop graphic designer. I wondered why I did not combine my 2 skills and try to use SVG filters to reproduce some of the 80s retro text effects with only CSS and SVG filters.

Basically, I looked for free 80s fonts, turned them into web fonts, and then started creating them

Text effects with SVG filters

Let me know what you think!


reactjs – How can I render an SVG file in the dayRender method of FullCalendar 4.x in a React app?

My Reaction component uses FullCalendar, and I want to provide a custom dayRender method. If the date matches a specific date, I'll add a special SVG file to that day cell.

At the moment I have imported the svg with the following code:

Import svg from "Assets / special.svg";

My dayRender code looks like this:

const dayRender = (dayRenderInfo) => {
if (moment ( .format (dateFormat) === myDate) {
// How do I render my SVG?

The problem is that we need to change dayRenderInfo.el to add additional DOMNodes. However, my SVG, when I inspect it with console.log, is just a filename.

I think I have to somehow render the svg as DOMNode and then attach it to dayRenderInfo.el.

What is the right way to do this?

I saw this post, but I checked and unfortunately IE does not support this feature. Full Calendar: How can I use the DayRender feature to display an icon every day of the month?

html – SVG Marker ID not found

Enter the description of the image here

I have a webblock list. This webblock contains divs with the following code, which will be displayed according to the ID sent.

These are the codes that I have in each div:


The list always contains div1 or div2 plus div3.





The problem is that div3 does not recognize the marker "arrowLeftDown", but if I set "arrowThree", if it's after Div1, or "arrowTwo", if it detects and places the marker after Div2. But I can not have that distinction because it's dynamic and I do not want to create multiple Div3, one for each Div1 and Div2.

image – Is there a way to run XSS in the IMG HTML tag with SVG?

Someone knows if there is a working technique to run xss in modern browsers using an SVG file and Label?

I know a way to do without

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