macbook pro – How can I keep the microphone switched on when dictating?

I have a Macbook Pro with Catalina. When I dictate and then pause, the microphone turns off and I have to press the fn key twice to turn it back on. When Dragon speaks, you can turn on the microphone, but that doesn't work here. I tried dictating with both Open Office and Pages, and the problem is the same. I want to use the dictation to dictate stories and it includes pauses.

Server – MAAS hangs for KVM Pod when switched on

I installed MAAS on a NUC that is running 19.10 Desktop. I have successfully deployed an LPMI-based server with Ubuntu 18.04. Now I'm trying to install Juju. When I get to the part I'm running in:

juju bootstrap {{ name }} maas-controller

The machine is successfully created in MAAS and the green symbol indicates that it is switched on, but the status remains at "Switch on".

I installed virsh and here is the output when I query the Metal KVM host:

~/Documents/juju-openstack$ virsh -c qemu+ssh://ubuntu@ list --all
 Id   Name           State
 6    joint-bobcat   running

Here are the bash scripts I've come so far with:

sudo snap install juju --classic
juju add-cloud --local {{ name }} /tmp/servr/maas-cloud.yaml
juju add-credential --local {{ name }} -f /tmp/servr/maas-creds.yaml
juju bootstrap {{ name }} maas-controller
juju add-model {{ model }}
juju deploy charmed-kubernetes


  {{ name }}:
    type: maas
    auth-types: [oauth1]
    endpoint: http://{{ hostname }}:5240/MAAS


  {{ name }}:
      auth-type: oauth1
      maas-oauth: {{ key }}

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Note: This error also occurs when I use MaaS to directly create a new pod on the KVM host.

Applications – Is it possible to start an Android smartphone without a battery with the charging cable switched on?

The title of this post seems to be a fun challenge. But frankly, there are many worthy points on this question.

If an Android phone supports fast charging. If the battery is removed but the USB charging cable is connected. Then press the power button. Is it possible to start it normally?

I have a Huawei Honor 9, it is in good condition phone.

I open the back latch and lift the motherboard. Then the bottom of the battery is exposed. I use a credit card to turn the battery against glue. Then I disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.

Then I put the motherboard back and put the back latch on. I have connected the charging line.

After pressing the power button. The boot flash logo is displayed. However, this condition persists for a long time (much longer than in the normal situation).

When it told me to enter a password. Things are going wrong. It was displayed that several services (Google service, Huawei service and user interface) did not start properly. When I enter my password. There is only one blank screen with only background images and a notification bar.

The notification bar indicates that 2% of the battery is present. No application can be started.

Is this the result of the Android system's protection mechanism? (If the battery is more than one percent, the system turns off automatically.)

How does an Android smartphone determine the remaining battery charge these days?
Because the charging voltage is higher than the voltage when fully charged.

Is it the normal state that the system cannot start properly without a battery? Or is it because I may have broken part of the circuit while disassembling this smartphone?

Prevent mobile data on the Xiaomi Mi 4 from being switched off automatically after a while

I use the hotspot of the Xiaomi Mi 4 phone (Android 7.1.2 Nougat) to surf the Internet on a laptop. After about 20 minutes the phone turns off the mobile data automatically and I have to turn on the mobile data manually.

I think the phone turns off the data automatically because it remains undisturbed and to save battery. However, the phone is already plugged into the charging station.

How can you prevent mobile data on the Xiaomi Mi 4 from being switched off automatically after a while?

Internet hotspot automatically switched off! Why?

I use the hotspot of my Android phone to surf the Internet on my HP laptop …….

I am on my desk and after about 20 minutes my phone switches off the mobile data automatically and I stand on my desk from my desk to switch on my mobile data myself …

While I'm working at my desk, my phone is plugged into a charging station some distance away from me.

I think this is turned off because my phone stays undisturbed and to save battery, I think my phone turns off data automatically …

How can I solve the problem?

External Toshiba hard drive is not recognized or even switched on

I am new to this community, but hopefully someone can help / advise me in this situation.

I have an external Toshiba dtc810 hard drive:

Bought it new 3 years ago. The problem is that the computer suddenly no longer recognizes it and the light indicator stops flashing. Doesn't make any noise or anything like that.

I accidentally fell and fell on the floor a year ago, but then nothing happened.

I removed the case and found that this hard drive has no SATA / ATA interface. The chip with USB 3 connector is inserted on the hard drive itself, so that the hard drive cannot be connected or tested.

Can you think of any option?

thank you in advance