off camera flash – What is the cheapest solution to use rear curtain sync with Canon RT-compatible gear?

The least expensive option after the built in flash is an ordinary flash in optical slave mode.

It won’t give you TTL, but it would not be difficult to make test shots to set the power…cheaper often means trading time for money.

The off camera flash in optical slave mode will fire when the on camera flash fires on the rear curtain.

If the exposure is long enough and you don’t want the on camera flash to fire, you can just fire the off camera flash manually…again without TTL. This would allow using pretty much any xenon flash ever made.

flash – What the cheapest solution for use rear curtain sync with canon?

I have a canon 5DM3 with an yn600ex-rt and yn-E3-rt.
I do astrophotography and I’d like introduce people on the foreground firing the flash on rear curtain for freezing they.
It works well with the flash on camera, but I wanna do that with a off camera flash.
I wanna try a “TTL cord” but since everything is very expensive I’m Brazil I’d like know if someone have tried it.

how to sync the AD Group in your central administrator in Sharepoint 2013

I am trying to to give rights to a webpart using Target Audiance in Sharepoint 2013 But when i click Global Audience and click on Search it says No audience was found based on your search request. Refine your search text.

Than I select Distribution/User group is says : No security groups or distribution lists were found based on your search request. Refine the search text, and then rerun the search request.

Than I tried Last option Sharepoint User Group it says:No audience was found based on your search request. Refine your search text.

So I came to know I need Syncronize The Active Directory Group In Central Admin.And I checked that in Central admin —>Manage Service Application–>

And what i say there that User Profile Service Application is saying started
and User Profile Service Application is started.Now how to get my SharePoint user group in that Target audience so that I can give rights to webpart in sharepoint 2013.

replication – Azure SQL Data Sync from Azure to SQL server

It’s my first time working to sync data from Azure SQL Server to on premise SQL server 2019, when I create the sync group (I didn’t select the private Link) it fails and gives this error “Failed to perform data sync operation an error occurred while executing the inner exception for details”
I would like to know whether I missed prerequisites or what the problem could be?

lightroom – Can I safely delete import folder after sync to Adobe Cloud?

I imported images into Lightroom on my MacBook Air. I now have a 20GB folder under library.lrlibrary/ called d3cb...many more letters.../. I’d like to recover the space on the laptop. Lightroom says that I’m fully synced. Can I safely delete the d3cb... folder? Should I do it, somehow, inside of Lightroom or just delete it with the OS?

Design pattern to sync local databases with the cloud

This is called a “distributed database”, and it is extremely hard to do well. For almost all cases you should have one database in the cloud and have all the apps use it in the normal way through an API.

If you absolutely have to support disconnected operation, you may need a distributed database. Such as if one of your clients goes off-grid for a while, needs to make changes, and then reconnect.

But then you face the central problem: what if two clients go off-grid and make different changes to the same data at the same time?

The state of the art in techniques for dealing with this is the conflict-free replicated data type.

Rolling your own technology for this will probably add a year to your project and give you at least one significant data loss incident.

SharePoint 2013 – User Profile Service application with active directory import – incremental sync is failed

User profile synchronization service is configured to use SharePoint Active Directory Import in SharePoint 2013 server. Full sync is working fine and only incremental sync is failed with below error.

The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileImportJob (ID d8b15a26-655b-4c06-8607-50182a301a02) threw an exception.
More information is included below. 
Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

We have already followed the steps in this technet article and that did not work. What can be the cause and resolution for this issue?

Thanks in advance.