Can you share SharePoint Online content (pages, sites etc) with Mail Enabled Security Groups Synced from On Prem AD?

I have been advising all my users to use mail enabled security groups for permissions and sharing content in SharePoint. I know for permissions, best practice is to use mail enabled security groups in SharePoint groups. And this works for mail enabled security groups that are synced from On Prem AD > AAD (a typical hybrid scenario).

However, I came across a case where a few users were not able to share (using the share button in SPO) to mail enabled security groups. I thought this might be a permissions issue or a bug. I raised this request with Microsoft support after doing some troubleshooting and was told this is the intended design. Mail Enabled security groups do not sync with SPO directory.

What is the recommended method of sharing content content from SharePoint? I was advised to create security groups in AAD which would work.

Thank you

macos – How do I move all events on a calendar "On my iPhone" to a calendar synced with iCloud?

I've been using Calendar on my iPhone for a while now. Today I decided to open the calendar app on my Mac, but none of my events are there! Both computers are signed in to the same iCloud account.

After some browsing on my phone, I found that I saved all of my events in a calendar called "Calendar" in the Calendar app, which is in the "On my iPhone" section of the list of calendars as opposed to the section "iCloud" the list. This explains why it's not syncing: it's a local calendar.

I want to have all events on my Mac. Ideally, there is a way to change an existing calendar "on my iPhone" to an "iCloud" calendar. If this is not possible, hopefully there is a way to copy all events from one calendar to another. I think I could do this on my Mac, but since we're starting on iPhone, I'm not sure where this kind of option might be hidden.

If someone can point me in the right direction, they would be very grateful!

Chrome passwords on Huawei P20 cannot be synced: "Android system sync disabled"

Lately, my passwords are no longer synced to my phone, which is a Huawei P20.
When I open Chrome Settings, it says "Android system sync disabled". When I click on it, it says:

The synchronization is not working. Open Android settings and re-enable Android system sync to start Chrome sync.

How do I re-enable Android system sync?

I asked Google, but I could only find answers for Android phones. When I go to Users & Accounts – Google – ***, I see "Sync automatically, touch to sync" for all items. Also, when I touch to sync Chrome, nothing works.

Why don't some wallets need to be synced?

I recently downloaded the Bitcoin Core wallet and was slightly annoyed because I had to spend 4 days downloading 200 GB, but I just endured it.

However, I soon found out that some wallets like Electrum and Bitcoin Wallet don't need to be synced at all, which makes me curious why some wallets need to be synced and others don't, and the benefits of syncing as it takes up a lot of space, time and bandwidth?

macbook pro – Apple Calendar events cannot be synced with Google Calendar in Android Phone

I have a Macbook in which the calendar has my Google account. The same account is attached to my Redmi Note 5 Pro, Android device. If I add an event in Apple Calendar beforehand, the same event will also appear on my Android device. But now I cannot have such freedom.

How do I sync my events from the Apple Calendar to the Android device?

The same Google account is used in Macbook and Android Phone.