Lara Trump defends Trump against Syria, claiming that the average American does not even know who the Kurds are. Is that a good strategy?

For sure. I noticed the same thing. For one thing, Democrats are usually told by their media sources what to think. I doubt they were told who the Kurds are and what they believe in. Typical Democrats do not shit on such things.

I think most conservatives have a better idea, but the Kurds are far away and have almost nothing to do with life in America, so it's understandable. I try to answer as much as possible, although I'm not an expert.

Some scholars do not believe that there is evidence that the Kurds are descendants of the Medes. But I disagree. The Kurds claim the same territory as their ancestral homeland. So that's a proof.

edit: If Erdogan is not careful, he could only land in that Lidian area, and he'll have to call that Turkey. lol (Do you understand? Because he behaved like an idiot … so call him a turkey … it should be funny in America … for some people).

See "Media"

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Why not force his resignation instead of indicting Trump against Syria?

I have an idea, with the inevitable resurgence of the IS and the flood of Syrian migrants we come back. We will see how it develops.

The left should hammer the person responsible for the crisis, Trump and Trump alone.

Bonus points, if they not only attack, but the Kurds inform the Americans that they are on their own.

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She is a British citizen and should have the right to return. You can guarantee if she knows she is admitted.

All adolescents make mistakes, but it is the duty of their British fellow citizens to take care of them and their new child. ,

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