8 – To pass the context ID value from one view page to another through the Drupal menu system

  1. I use a view to display a list of books.
  2. The view has three sides: / Books / titles, / Books / date, and / Books / popularity,
  3. The pages are essentially the same with different sorting criteria.
  4. The pages use a context filter to select books by topic based on a taxonomy.
  5. The context filter is set to use the query parameter theme If the filter value is not in the URL.
  6. Each page of the view contains a Drupal menu block with the items "By Title", "By Date" and "By Popularity" as well as Links / Books / titles, / Books / date, and / Books / popularity,
  7. When I call / books / title? topic = 5 (where 5 stands for the topic "health")
    • A list of health books will be displayed correctly.
    • The "By Title"
    • Element in the menu is given active and Active Trail Classes through the menu system (which allows the use of CSS to highlight the active menu item on the screen).
  8. When I am with / books / title? topic = 5 and click on the menu item "By Date". / Books / date is called so that topic ID 5 is not passed to the By Date view (not surprisingly), so a list of all books is displayed by date, not by health records sorted by date.


How can I pass the context filter value (in this example 5) from one page to another via the menu? For example, if around / books / title? topic = 5 I click on "By Date" which I want to go to / books / date? topic = 5, How can I set this up?


  1. This post is similar to an earlier one in which I was asked how the value can be obtained through the context filter. I solved that. There is a Twig variable available, in this case {{arguments.field_topic_target_id}}.
  2. I used this branch value to build my own menu. But after doing that, I find that I need the goodness of the Drupal menu system because it makes it easy for editors to change menu items and because it takes over adding the Drupal menu active and active_trail Classes to the correct menu item.
  3. I have read and tried dozens of approaches to pass the received filter value to another page through a menu, but none has been effective.


Assuming that this problem can be solved, I really want to use clean URLs. So instead / books / title? topic = 5 I want to use / Books / titles / 5, This works to correctly display a list of health books sorted by title, but when used, the menu system does NOT set the setting active and active_trail Classes in the active menu

  • , I need that.

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    mysql 5.6 – Quiz System Database Schema

    I want to create a database schema for a quiz system that is little different from the rest of the typical schema.

    As we all know, the companies involved are involved

    1. Quiz type (s)
    2. Sections / Groups
    3. ask
    4. Responses of the target group

    So far, the database schema is the same as we all should have, but in my case the point where it differs from the other is when the question falls under the section / group C, which in my case is called that AUTO FAIL when someone from the audience selects an option Yes then the entire quiz will automatically fail.

    Another case I have is when the user selects from section / group D. incorrect Of the options, the question should not be considered a quiz question and their scores from the grand total should be excluded (not included in the quiz marks).

    I have a table assessment_section_question_option where I have the following:

    1. question_id
    2. option value
    3. Result
    4. View Order

    I need the best / best way to customize that in the database, since I'm not going to hard-code anything on the client side. Thank you in advance.

    Note: It is basically a quality check.