forms – How to calculate a date field value using System Date – Drupal 7?

I have a content type that has two date fields (start and end dates), and I've set the date setting to "no time zone conversion." Now I would like the end date to be compared to the current date of the system or site, and I will receive a warning message if the end date is 30 days below the current date (for example, your task ends within 30 days).

How can I achieve this, is there a module that helps me, or I have to put a hook for it. Thanks for your response in advance …

Why are Trumpf trailers satisfied with a broken health care system?

Fair, I think that many, perhaps most ordinary Republicans are not satisfied with the current system and wind changes. What form this change would take could be up for debate, but many Republicans are open to further government intervention in the health insurance industry.

The opposition to health reform comes mainly from the political and intellectual class of conservatism. The professional politicians hate the idea of ​​Medicare for all or a payer system with the passion of a thousand suns. So I think that elite Republicans and Conservatives are the main obstacle and not your average Conservative voter. It is significant that when Trump won in 2016 he demanded a health insurance system on his healthcare platform that was bigger and better than Obamacare, although it was cheaper. That made him out of the hands of other Republicans, who basically called for an end to bomb maintenance and returned to the status quo

Looking for Windows VPS with Windows 10 operating system


I used to have a host that could have Windows 10 installed on my VPS, but I've moved away from bad management. I do not remember the name. I am now at eUKHost, which are okay overall, but only offer Windows Server 2012 and 2016.

I'm looking for a Host where I can have Windows 10because I need OneDrive's Windows 10 capability, and I appreciate using "Files on Demand" to "save disk space and download files while you're using them". Unfortunately, this is not offered on Windows Server 2016, and I see no way to get this functionality without changing the operating system to Windows 10.

All hosting recommendations or ideas for getting files on demand on Windows Server 2016 are welcome!

Currently I have 4 cores, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD and unmeasured bandwidth to the £ 35.99 and search something similar, Would strongly prefer one UK server,


linux – Disk boot failed, insert system disk and press Enter

I tried to boot a server that I built with:

  • several USB sticks
  • different images (distribution and version Desktop Server)
  • I use balenaEtcher on MacOS to burn my pictures

what I did in chronological order:

  • Testing the Ubuntu 18.04 server on USB stick 1: failed
  • Testing the Ubuntu 18.04 server on USB stick 2: failed
  • Testing Ubuntu 18.04 server on USB stick 1 on my Mac: successful
  • Testing Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop to USB stick 1: Successful two times in a row, but I had to interrupt the process because it ran too slowly (keyboard does not respond for one minute, then OK for 10 seconds and repeat the process)
  • Testing Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on USB stick 1: failed
  • Testing Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on USB stick 2: failed
  • Testing Debian Netinst on USB stick 1: failed
  • Testing debian netinst on USB stick 2: failed
    Now with Live Linux Usb Creator on a Windows VM on my Mac:
  • Testing the freshly downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 server on a known USB stick 3: failed

I checked the Ubuntu server image by following the Ubuntu tutorial on this topic.
I was able to install Debian on another computer without any problems.

I have very few BIOS settings to work with, so I do not think that's the problem.

I do not know what else to try.

linux – system – softnet_stat – Netdata alarm

We received this netdata alert

system.softnet_stat Frequency with which ksoftirq in the last 10 minutes
ran out of sysctl net.core.netdev_budget or
net.core.netdev_budget_usecs, with remaining work (this can be a cause
for discarded packages)

I was looking for information to fix this problem. Everyone suggests to increase netdev_budget and or netdev_budget_usecsBut many sources disagree on how the limits should be set. Some suggest we should raise netdev_budget about 30K events, around 600 events. Our config /etc/sysctl.conf has commented out everything, probably all values ​​are preset?

Our daily average number of events is between 10,000 and 20,000. in the system.softnet_stat In Diagram, we can see that compressed events exist even if the processed event count is only 2 KB.

In short, how do we calculate which values ​​we should assign netdev_budget and or netdev_budget_usecs?

Algorithms – Image processing system (encryption / decryption) with Residue Number System

I am preparing for my final project at school and plan to work on the implementation of the Residue Number System in image processing.
I found this work online from Pallab Maji Here:

and I looked on pages 29 – 41, he explained the algorithm with which I do not know some concepts:

  • I: input image and block size m and n.
  • II: Divide the image into mxn blocks and scan the intermediate blocks in zigzag.
  • III: Z = m × n × 8 bits. Create a module set P, where P = {p1, p2 … pk} and equals Z bits.
  • IV: zigzag the scanned intermediate block into a word and scale it to avoid this
  • V: Use the set P to convert the word to RNA.
  • VI: Re-group the RNA number to form a word and further subdivide it into mxn
  • VII: Match the encrypted block to the picture.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me enforce it.

magento 1 – set memory configuration (system configuration)

We can get system configuration values ​​as well


But how can we programmatically set such a configuration field? I would expect a method like that

Mage::setStoreConfig($xmlPath, $val);

But the next thing I see is

    ->setConfig($xmlPath, $val);

However, this does not update the configuration value. Thank you for your time and your help.

pci – How do I check if the system supports 64-bit PCIe decoding?

The manual for my motherboard shows the following in BIOS Configuration

About 4G decoding (Available if the system supports 64-bit PCI decoding)
Select Enabled to decode a PCI device that supports 64-bit in the area above the 4G address. The options are Enabled and disabled,

How can I check if my system supports 64-bit PCI decoding, other than whether this option is available or not?

Deadlocks in the Operating System – Computer Science Stack Exchange

I assume you know that $ 4 $ Conditions that are required for the system to be in a deadlock.

Let's see if there are any $ n $ Processes in the system $ P_1, P_2, P_3, ……, P_n $ Where

process $ P_1 $ requires $ x_1 $ commodity units $ R $

process $ P_2 $ requires $ x_2 $ resource units $ R $

process $ P_3 $ requires $ x_3 $ resource units $ R $


process $ P_n $ requires $ x_n $ resource units $ R $

In the worst case, for a deadlock to exist, the number of units each process contains is one less than the maximum requirement. So we can say that the system is deadlocked.

process $ P_1 $ keeps $ x_1 -1 $ resource units $ R $

process $ P_2 $ keeps $ x_2 -1 $ resource units $ R $

process $ P_3 $ keeps $ x_3 -1 $ resource units $ R $


process $ P_n $ keeps $ x_n -1 $ resource units $ R $

To overcome the impasse, we only need one resource unit $ R $ In the system.
This is because this unit is assigned to one of the processes, executed, and then releases the resources it contains that can be used by other processes.

From here we can say

Maximum number of resource units $ R $ that secures deadlock

$ = (x_1-1) + (x_2-1) + (x_3-1) + …. + (x_n-1) $

$ = (x_1 + x_2 + x_3 + …. + x_n) – n $

$ = sum_ {x = 1} ^ nx_i – n $

Now in your question, $ n = 6 $ and $ x_i = 2 $, The values ​​of $ x_i $ and $ n $

$ = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 – 6 $

$ = 6 $

So the maximum units of $ R $ required to cause deadlock $ 6 $