gmail – My Settings tab … Missing Sending and enable inappropriate sending

Here's my problem … Google uses Gmail to display "Your email has been sent"Not mine.
I wanted to stop an email I just sent … I sent to settings and set them 30 seconds.
Why don't you see that your message was sent? Otherwise I could cancel the email.
In the "Settings" tab, "UNDUE SEND" is not listed or "UNDO SEND" is activated.

To add a new step in the checkout step: I want to add a new tab. After the Shipping Methods tab and before paying in Magento 1.9

I work with Magento 1.9. Now I want to add a new tab in the checkout steps.
I want to add a new tab between shipping methods and payment method information.
I want to add custom "mytabs" between two tabs with 2 to 3 custom fields.
I want tabs like

"Shipping methods"
"Mycustom new tab"
"Payment Method Information"

View a SharePoint document library in multiple teams (Cloud Storage OR Document Library tab)

This really depends on the permissions for the library you want to include and whether it should look like part of the channel's Files tab or not.

It is not easy for end users to see when using the cloud storage approach that it is actually a completely separate library. It is only indicated by a weak link symbol in the folder itself. I would say if you use this method make sure that all members of this channel can edit documents in the library that you are adding.

Enter the image description here

The top folder in this screenshot was added using the cloud storage feature. Notice the faint display on the folder icon.

Note: You mention in your question that you have folder in this library that you want to share with different O365 groups. If you use both methods (cloud storage and separate tab), you can only point to the root of a document library, not a single folder.

My recommendation would be to try both methods and find out what works best for users, or you can even use both!

Nothing happens to the library you link to, and you can remove both the tab and cloud storage at any time, depending on which one you ultimately use.

This also answers the second part of your question. Nothing will change in the permissions for the team to which you are adding the library or for the library itself.

View a Sharepoint document library on an "MS Teams" tab; Document library tab vs Sharepoint vs website

I want to display a document library as a tab in many MS teams. I can do this with one of the following options: –

  1. Document library
  2. SharePoint
  3. website

Enter the image description here

However, I'm not sure when to use these options. Which option is more suitable / recommended to display a document library in many tabs of MS Teams?

Network – User cannot be added to the network drive. Already added via the "Security" tab on Windows Server

I have a Windows server with a number of network drives connected to a number of computers. I want to give a drive access to one of the computers. I added this computer from the network drive's Security tab and searched for this username. However, the computer still does not have permission to access this computer.

cyanogenmod – Flashing CM13 on the Galaxy Tab GT-P3100

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, GT-P3100. It has fairly outdated firmware and is bulky with lots of unnecessary apps.
I want to flash it with CM13.

First, my device is not rooted. Second, I have no rooting / flashing experience. After all, I don't have an SD card, but I do have a PC (and of course internet access to download all the necessary tools).

In such circumstances, is there a way for me to flash CM13 without having to buy or borrow an SD card?
Is it worth the flash too? Does CM13 run at all when about 500 MB or RAM is free when the device is inactive? If not, what are the alternatives?

Edit: I have the zippers for CM13 and Gapps.

Desktop application – Other tab alternative (I have to design more than 10 categories on the same screen)

I am working on a system with a lot of content on the same screen.
There is a 2/3 table on the left and 1/3 right curtain details.
When the user clicks on an element in the table, the right curtain shows and minimizes the table width.

The use case is that I have more than 10 categories in the table and I have to split each of the categories in the same view into a different table …

The alternatives are:
1. Tabs
2nd accordion
3. Tags

Does anyone have another solution?

Problems checking Firefox on Android Tab. The error cannot connect to the debug target. TypeError: This topWindow is null

I'm having trouble with Firefox to examine a tab in Firefox on Android. I get this error message when I try to check a tab in about: debugging

Error cannot connect to the debug target. See error details below:

TypeError: this topWindow is null

PHP – How to add an SVG symbol above the title of the product tab

I used the following code to create custom product tabs (woocommerce) and now I was wondering if I could add an SVG icon above the tab title.

My code for a custom product tab:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'misha_custom_tab' );

function misha_custom_tab( $tabs ) {

    $tabs('misha_custom_tab') = array(
        'title'    => 'MyTabTitle',
        'callback' => 'misha_custom_tab_content', // the function name, which is on line 15
        'priority' => 50,

    return $tabs;


function misha_custom_tab_content( $slug, $tab ) {

    echo '

' . $tab('title') . '

Tab Content. You can display something in PHP here as well.

'; }

Image examples:

In front:
In front

Enter the image description here

How can I add an SVG symbol above the title of the product tab?