Alt + Tab on the physical keyboard does not work anymore

Something happened with my Logitech K380 BT keyboard on my P20Pro Android Suddenly, the alt-tab combination did not work anymore.

I tried the same problem with another keyboard. The direct button "Recent apps" also did not work anymore tab now.

The other combinations and links work, just not these.

I used the Android key-testing app and displayed alt-tab when keycode 57 with KEYCODE_ALT_LEFT is displayed.

Any idea ?
Many Thanks

Mavericks – Is there a way to make further input after executing a .command file on the same "Terminal" tab?

Suppose I want to set up my virtual Python environment. I would race python3 -m virtualenv env Wait for it to run source / user / myaccountname / env / bin / enable and then I would change my directory where I want to run Python files.
It would be much easier to just set it up in one .Command File, so I can double-click on it and set up the virtual environment. But if I run one .Command File, once the execution is complete, simply print the following:

log out
[Process Completed]

And I can not enter anything anymore.
Is there anyway a way for me to enter the same terminal tab after running a? .Command File?

keyboard – Add more emojis to last tab?

I tend to use many emojis, so the new tab is a great help. One day my new tab had a big list of my last emojis and disappeared a few days later.

That was very useful to me and I have no idea how to get it back. By "tabs" I mean in the section "Emoji" the presets that you can click to get to certain emojis categories (where the last tab is). I also tried to spam emojis and nothing brings back the big list.

I currently use Google Keyboard with a Huawei phone.

If someone can help or point me in the right direction, because I can not find anything about it. Many Thanks.

Why does pressing the Ctrl key sometimes open a new tab and have strange effects in other programs?

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 in Vivobook ASUS. Sometimes the command "ctrl" opens a new tab in my browser. I think it's not about my browser, because it has other strange effects in other programs like in R, where it sometimes shifts the working script's tab to the right. I can do it again by pressing Fn + Numlock, but it can come back. I'm tired of it

Prevent YouTube from searching for videos after a tab switch link?

Reproduce errors:

  • On MacOS Chrome or Firefox (but not Safari);
  • Play video on YouTube (play or pause);
  • Press the command number to switch between tabs (eg command1 for tab 1, command2 for tab 2, etc.);
  • Key combination to search for video (eg. 1 for 10% progress, 2 for 20%, etc.) is triggered unexpectedly.

Is there an extension or other ways to prevent the command-less links from being triggered by command-modified keystrokes?