USB on the go – Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is not powered

I'm sorry to be a noob, but I'm not skilled enough to see if this question has already been answered.

I watched Youtube videos showing how to connect an external hard drive to my Galaxy Tab S3 with another Y-cable. The Y-cable that I bought at Amazon for $ 6 has a USB 3.0 socket that splits into a micro USB plug and a micro USB socket.

The hard disk is detected, but the y cable does not power my tablet.

I plug my Samsung power cable into the micro USB socket. The hard drive is plugged into the 3.0 socket and I'm using a Micro USB to USB C adapter for the Micro USB connector end of the Y cable as shown in the videos.

Can anyone give advice or recommendations?

Many Thanks.

Command line – How do I reset the repositories in Ubuntu 18.04 on the Other Software tab under Software and Updates?

I've gone through the steps to upgrade MySQL from version 5 to version 8. Without further thought, I inserted these commands into the terminal sudo apt-key adv --keyserver .... from Ubuntu 12 version have been added. Therefore, I manually removed them later from the Other Software tab under Software and Updates. Somehow it got better, but whenever I put in the command sude apt-get updateends with the error given below

N: For details about repository creation and user configuration, see the apt-secure help page (8).

Terminal, if "sudo apt-get update" was inserted

I am still unable to find a solution.
Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Twrp Recovery changes the system version

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (sm-t311) that appears in Windows File Explorer as (sm-t311). The moment I flrp twrp (version 3.0.2-0), however, the version sm-t315 is displayed. This causes a problem because ROMs for t311 will not work for t315 and the version will be changed to t315. It is only possible for me to install ROMs for t315, causing a bootloop. What can be the reason for this version change? How to fix it?

2019 f8

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2019 f8
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Rating: 5


USB port no longer works on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3i

After installing the software for an endoscope USB device, my USB port stopped working (no connection, no charging of the battery via the adapter, the tablet icon does not appear in Windows Explorer). The software worked perfectly with the connected device. Uninstalled, but still can not use the port. Is there a way to reinitialize the port? When the tablet is off and I connect it to the charger, the animation for the battery is displayed with a circle, but no percentage is displayed.

How do I keep emails I've received from specific email addresses from my Promotions tab in Gmail?

I am fine with GMail promotions When I want to read my emails, I keep most company newsletters out of sight.

However, sometimes GMail believes that an order confirmation is qualified promotion, I do not want that. And for some companies, I'd like to receive every single promotional e-mail through my regular mail, so I miss them less often.

I read somewhere that adding an email address to the address book should prevent this, but it definitely does not always work. For example, if an email is sent through MailChimp, it does not seem to matter to GMail if there is an email address in your address book and an email will be placed below it promotions Tab, even if it is from address is an address in my address book.

Is there a better way to configure GMail so that e-mails from a specific e-mail address (or domain) are never marked as promotionsregardless of whether they are sent through a mass mailer provider like MailChimp?


I want to create a new tab in the Magento2 admin section under "Customers> Edit". I've followed these tutorials and it worked well, but I do not know how to save the new fields I've created.

How to create Tab with form fields in admin customer edit section Magento 2

Please advise

Popup item for the modern SharePoint Online List View (DispForm) does not open on the same tab

I have noticed a strange behavior of the modern list view after adding on the modern page.

If I access the list view directly, the article details (DispForm) are displayed in the pop-up / blade on the right-hand side after clicking on the article title.

Modern list view with popup

IF, however, I add the modern list view on the modern page, the pop-up with the article details (DispForm) will open in a new tab.

Modern List View Added on Modern Page

Enter image description here

Is it the expected behavior? Can we force it to open in the same tab as it does in SharePoint 2013?

Note: "Start forms in a dialog?" Option is "Enabled" in list settings and no customization in "DispForm". List only have default title field. Same behavior for lists with multiple columns.

Thank you in advance!!

layout – Add contents of the static block as a new tab to the product detail page

For the time being, I created 3 static blocks with a random headline into which I would like to add HTML content later.
The IDs of the blocks are:


I then created 3 .phtml files with the following content (I will add only one as they all look the same):

getLayout () -> createBlock (& ​​# 39; cms / block & # 39;) -> setBlockId (& # 39; Warranty & # 39;) -> toHtml ();

I have filed all three files app / design / frontend / rwd / mytheme / template / catalog / product / view

So I have these files lying there:


Then I added this app / design / frontend / rwd / mytheme / layout / local.xml:

                detailed information
                detailed information
                detailed information

It does not work
Nothing is displayed on the product pages.
There are only the 3 tabs that already existed, including one that seems to have been added in the same way I just tried: using the same code as calling the static block.
But I have to miss a step in between, because it does not work for me.

What do I miss?