tls – meaning "This requirement does not comply with Chrome's certificate policies." in the Chrome tab "security" mean?

When you open Chrome's DevTools and switch to the Security tab, the message appears This requirement does not comply with Chrome's certificate policies. of some origins. (Example: when you visit

I know the concept of certificate transparency in general, but I do not know what The certificate transparency of Chrome I also do not know how this statement will work.

Obviously, Chrome sets up the https connection to this host, but what's wrong here?

Will https connections to affected origin be blocked in the future?

Tab Completion – How to extend inline shortcuts in Fish Shell?

I'm trying to save some time in Fish Shell by putting a shortcut (nu) to extend the string:

my-username @ my-ip-adress: / home / my-username

What I hope to achieve is to enter:

scp some file nu

… then tab or space – complete the nu Shortcut to extend it to the string I have in my,

I have more use cases for this functionality, but Fish does not seem to handle it. It provides shortcuts, but they only seem to work at the beginning of a command. I can not get her to work inline. Any ideas?

To edit the Main Menu tab in Drupal 8

The page contains two navigation bars with primary tabs View, Edit, Annotate, Resubmit, Development, and a secondary navigation bar with definitions, rendering, loading, and tokens. I use css to hide certain tabs and completely hide the secondary navigation bar. However, one of the requirements is to edit the name of a tab. I tried to use the theme_preprocess_menu_local_task hook, but I can not edit the protected object values. How do I go about editing the name of the tab? In this case, resend & # 39; to & # 39; forward & # 39 ;.

                Function theme_preprocess_menu_local_task (& $ variables) {
if ($ variable['item']-> text == & # 39; resend & # 39;) {
$ variable['item']-> text = & # 39; Forward & # 39 ;;

Unable to access the above code bombs with the error message that protected values ​​are specified.

magento2 – How to rename the title of the product detail tab and view it as the last tab?

How can the title of the product detail tab be renamed and displayed as the last tab?
This is what I added but had no effect.
The file is in the following location:


I added:

   Q & gt; A


to the original xml


But the problem is that js will not load when I go to my tab. I have also assigned js in requirjs-config.js.

Can somebody help me with it?

Navigation – Can a part of my app have its own tab bar in an iOS app?

I try to design my iOS app and go to the lower tab bar on another page. I want, if it is good and there is another better way.

Here is why:

When I log in to my app, I want the user to be on the main «Projects» page.
It's like a dashboard. Here I have a list of projects and a tab with the tabs Projects, Search, Settings as.

When the user clicks on one of the projects, I go to the home page of the project, with a new tab bar containing "Home," "Documents," "Add," "Reminders."

Tabs of this tab are only available for «Project», not for «Projects».

Project tabs "Could" be project, but I think it should be a mess.

The question is, can I continue on this path? Or is there a better way to handle it (just 1 tabbar or so …)?

Edit: Or is it ok if the first main "Projects" screen does not contain a tab bar to avoid confusing the user?

Team members area is missing on the Facebook page About the tab. As

I am an administrator of a FB page and wish "..Manages [ThisPage].. "to appear on the infobox page of my profile I have several friends who have this, but I think they made it in 2017 when the team members Section was available on the pages via the tab. Now, at the point where this is supposed to be, there is a "Add story" section.

There has to be an alternative way to solve this problem. Do I have to contact the Facebook support?

Links referenced:

magento2.3 – Custom tab in the admin product page in magento2

I created a custom tab with this link and added a template for this tab.

  1. app / code / namespace / module name / view / adminhtml / ui_component / product_form.xml
Demo Tab true 100 160 Namespace module name Block Adminhtml Catalog Product Edit Tab Demo
  1. app / code / namespace / module name / block / adminhtml / catalog / product / edit / tab / demo.php
_coreRegistry = $ registry;
parent :: __ construct ($ context, $ data);

/ **
* Retrieve product
* @return  Magento  Catalog  Model  Product
* /
public function getProduct ()
return $ this -> _ coreRegistry -> registry (& # 39; current_product & # 39;

  1. app / code / namespace / modulename / view / adminhtml / templates / product / edit / demo.phtml

However, the template values ​​are not published in a storage action for a product form.

How do I solve this?

Many Thanks.

How do you force the timeout for the active tab in Chrome?

Chrome (and other web browsers) implements a timer throttling mechanism to reduce the CPU usage of unfocused (background) tabs, extending the notebook's battery life: 2017/03 / background_tabs # budget-based_background_timer_throttling

Can this restriction also be enforced for the active tab (foreground, focused)?