Windows – Use the physical keyboard in tablet mode

I have a Dell Inspiron computer that has a tablet mode. However, if you put my laptop into tablet mode, the physical keyboard will be disabled. Can I turn it on again in some way?

So far I have tried the following things:

  1. Disable tablet mode completely. However, when I fold my laptop, it says "desktop mode," but the keyboard is off.
  2. Disable the Intel Integrated Sensor Solutions driver in Device Manager.
  3. Disable touchscreen completely.

However, none of the above methods work in any combination. What do I miss?

My phone hotspot works and my tablet is connected to it, but I do not get Wi-Fi

This problem never happened to me until the 9th of November. I was on my samsung tablet and my wifi did not work anymore. Then I thought something was wrong with my tablet because I had it a few years ago, so I added another device to it and it still did not work, so I turned on my other phone hotspot and it always has not working yet. I do not know my other phone hotspot because I never use it. Now I do not know what to do with the photo you see, or if it shows the hotspots I'm currently using, you should see, connect, but I'm not getting WiFi the photo, if you see it

Paperwork – Is it necessary to present a paper version of your e-Visa when traveling to Myanmar with an e-Visa or is it accepted on a phone / tablet / laptop?

E-Visa for the state of Myanmar:

You must bring this visa approval letter as the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population requires you to present it for verification upon your arrival in Myanmar.

Is it necessary to provide a printed version of your e-Visa when traveling to Myanmar with an e-Visa, or will the E-Visa be accepted on a telephone / tablet / laptop?

Google Play Services can not be installed on the newly reset tablet

I have a Lenovo Tablet 710HF that has been experiencing problems in the last few days. I continued and reset the factory settings. After calling the tablet, it was still criticized that Google Play Services is not installed and the applications will not work until they are installed / updated.

I tried to install / update from the Play Store, which did not help. I tried to download the file and install it that way. That too did not work. I ran all sorts of options that I googled and did not work.

How can I solve this?

Thank you very much

P.S. The tablet runs Android 5.0

Which metric does Spotify use to decide if a device is a phone or a tablet?

Granted, the border between "tablets" and "cell phones" has been blurry for years, and there is no universally accepted distinction.

But I'm curious to see which metric Spotify uses to decide if a device is calling a phone or a tablet.

Most people would call my OnePlus 7 Pro a "phone," but Spotify identifies it as a tablet:

Enter image description here

Which metric is used here? And why?

Nikon D7200 RAW Transfer to Computer / Tablet (Linux / Android)

I would like to "simplify" the transfer of RAW images from a D7200 to a computer, ideally on a Slackware Linux computer. I would like to do this with minimal complexity, so that after setting up a CLI script can perform the transfer.

Is there a toolkit for transfers over Wi-Fi or a USB connection?

In particular, the SD card should not be removed from the camera.

usb – How do you bypass the system dialog, which allows access to tablet data on Android tablets, especially Samsung?

The "Allow access to tablet data" dialog is a security dialog, so it is not possible in an app to "bypass" this dialog. Since it is currently not possible to identify a PC via USB and the MTP protocol (this may be possible in the future via authenticated USB), no option is available, eg.

Otherwise, anyone with access to an unlocked Android device could easily copy it, for example: All photos and videos from the device via USB.

The only known way is to activate the "Developer Options" dialog and permanently set the option "USB configuration" to "MTP / file sharing".

Alternatively, you can use Android Debug Bridge (adb) ADB instead. At the adb level, there is computer authentication that allows a computer to permanently access the device via USB. Of course, ADB is disabled by default, so the user must first enable the development menu and enable ADB.