Game Design – How would you tackle a recognition system?

I am currently working on a bird's-eye view game in which two sides are fighting each other. One page runs from left to right and vice versa.
Each time the button is pressed, a new soldier is generated assembly listand make his animations and stuff through a class. I have a button for every page.
I now have to program a system in which every soldier determines if an enemy soldier is near him (eg, 50 pixels in front of him). Then he has to stop and shoot, etc.

How would you programmatically tackle this system? I have an idea, but I do not know if I can do it that way.

My Canada Visiting Visa was rejected. How can I tackle the problems?

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I have questions about my visit visa in Canada, which was rejected for three reasons:

  • Based on family ties
  • Based on the purpose of the visit
  • Based on length of stay (I said I would like to stay 1 month)

However, my whole family has refugee status in Canada. I was back in my homeland when they applied for refugee status. I previously had a Canadian visa and traveled to Canada. Unlike my family, when my husband and I applied for a visa, we enclosed a letter without objection from our workplace and a letter of invitation from my father. He's a cancer patient, so I need to visit him.

I was rejected, however. What can I do next? How can I overcome the reasons for the refusal? In my country, we do not have a visa application center; Can the location of the VAC influence the decision?