My Canada Visiting Visa was rejected. How can I tackle the problems?

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I have questions about my visit visa in Canada, which was rejected for three reasons:

  • Based on family ties
  • Based on the purpose of the visit
  • Based on length of stay (I said I would like to stay 1 month)

However, my whole family has refugee status in Canada. I was back in my homeland when they applied for refugee status. I previously had a Canadian visa and traveled to Canada. Unlike my family, when my husband and I applied for a visa, we enclosed a letter without objection from our workplace and a letter of invitation from my father. He's a cancer patient, so I need to visit him.

I was rejected, however. What can I do next? How can I overcome the reasons for the refusal? In my country, we do not have a visa application center; Can the location of the VAC influence the decision?