Is there any way to put the Google Tag manager Identification code into the child theme?

I know how to create child theme for wordpress theme but having problem in installing Google Tag Manager into the child theme. Normally there are two files in the child theme directory (one is stylesheet css and another one is function.php) however, Google suggests to put the identification code into the header.php file, so in this case is there any way to put the identification code of Google Tag manager into the child theme.

beginner – how to use a second tag for my website

beginner – how to use a second <ul> tag for my website – Code Review Stack Exchange

tag removed – Solve a cubic equation of one variable with parameters!

x^3 + Cos((Theta))x^2 + E^(I(Theta))Cos((Theta))x + E^(
x^3 + I
Sin((Theta))x^2 + E^(I(Theta))ISin((Theta))x – E^(
They come from these two matrices, and I’m trying to figure out its eigenvectors, but I can’t figure out its eigenvalues.
( {
{0, 0, E^(I*(Theta))},
{-Cos((Theta)), -ISin((Theta)), 0},
Sin((Theta)), -Cos((Theta)), 0}
} )
( {
{-Cos((Theta)), -ISin((Theta)), 0},
{0, 0, E^(I
{-I*Sin((Theta)), -Cos((Theta)), 0}
} )

Both equations are written in the corresponding code, which can be opened with the appropriate mathematical software to view the original format.

tag removed – Solve for pi; showing a proof for logistic regression

tag removed – Solve for pi; showing a proof for logistic regression – MathOverflow

layout – how to add a meta tag to home page only

hello everyone i have added a specific meta-tag to all page of my website , but I want to add it to just the home page , can i achieve that ?

i have added the meta tag like below, but it appears on all website’s pages when i inspect “View page source”

<page xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">

        <meta name="......" content="...." />

can i add it only on home page ?

Outputting a warning message tag as a string, from a function running inside of a table

I want to print the messages or warning message tags for NonlinearModelFit when batch fitting data. For example, I will import and fit my data with something like

       MyData = Import(DataSetList((i)));
           MyFit = NonlinearModelFit(MyData, MyFitFunction(a, b, c, x), {a, b, c}, x);
               MyFitMessageTags = (* ??? *);

       {i, MyFit, MyFitMessageTags},
       {i, 1, NumberOfDatasets}

The idea being that I can easily filter out fit results which have a message or specific message tag. I’m really struggling to find what I want. I’ve tried Messages(NonlinearModelFit) as I read this should output the messages associated to NonlinearModelFit from the previous session, but I don’t see any change in the messages at all — possibly because it is inside a table so that only counts as one session?I’ve also tried EvaluationData, but again I don’t get what I expect here either.

Check could be an option but it seems that if you get any message then you don’t get the output from the function. This is undesirable as sometimes Mathematica will issue a warning, even though the output is good. For example if the function has decided a better method should be used and switches from the default.

This should be very easy, and it probably is but I’m looking in the wrong place, but so far I am struggling!

menus – add another html tag after li element in wp_nav_menu

I have a nav menu in footer. I just want to display it side by a <p> tag, I mean something like this

<p>copyright C 2021</p>

this is my menu function

if ( function_exists( 'register_nav_menus' ) ) {
          'top_nav_menu' => 'My Footer Menu'

and I’m calling it in footer

<?php if ( has_nav_menu( 'top_nav_menu' ) ) { ?>
            <?php wp_nav_menu( array(
                'menu' => 'Footer Navigation Menu', 
                'theme_location' => 'top_nav_menu', 
                'menu_class' => 'footer-links'
            <?php } else {?>
            <ul class="sf-menu">
                <?php wp_list_pages( array('title_li' => '','sort_column' => 'menu_order')); ?>
            <?php } ?>

How can I insert an extra <li> element just before its first <li> and add a <p> tag between that later added <li> element?

magento2 – Magento 2 – Marketing Conversion Tag Troubleshooting

I work at an agency with a client trying to put a conversion code with dynamic parameters into the purchase success page. The code requires Magento 2’s unique identifiers to create the hit that relays the info to my ad platform. I need the parameters for: “cart subtotal” and for “product name.”

As example, Shopify uses “{{checkout.subtotal_price}}” for subtotal values.

Can anyone reply with these values?

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