Can the header and footer tags in html take data- attributes? Specifically data-nosnippet?

I’m working on refocusing Google’s attention on main page content. In the Google developer docs for the data-nosnippet attribute, it states that it can be used on spans, divs, and sections.

However, if you lookup header it takes Global Attributes, which include data-* … just like section … so it could work.

I’m testing it on a couple pages, but if anyone knows for sure if this is in vain … feel free to let me know.

Have a great week!

Can Google Chrome use bookmark tags?

For the fact that if there is a page about an Apple technology, I don’t know whether to file in in my bookmark folder of “Investing”, “Apple”, or “Tech”. So it seems common to be able to just file bookmarks by tags, and forget about folder hierarchy.

I found a Bookmark Tags third party extension, but can Google Chrome natively support it? I think one way maybe to add all bookmarks in one single folder, and edit the name as

Apple M1 - investing, apple, tech

which is a hack. Is there a way that is purely tag based?

7 – How can I remove self-closing source tags when rendering HTML markup?

I use this markup in a node body.

  <source src="" type="video/mp4" />
  my title

The following markup is instead rendered in the node view.

  <source src="" type="video/mp4" />
    my title

</ source> is added to the markup, and renders the full HTML not valid.

How can I avoid </ source> is added?

search – Music player on android that allows sorting and creating playlists using id3v2 tags

I know that you can tag mp3 files with various attributes. id3v2 allows an infinite number of tags, including custom tags. This is particularly useful when you are listening to western classical music or music from different parts of the world, as I do. Then the standard tags that are provided in id3v1 and even id3v2 are insufficient. But I can create custom tags.

But the question is, how do you use this information? For example, let’s say that I am listening to Indian classical music. Any piece may have as metadata that I embed in the mp3 files as tags, using a software such as kid3:

Raga (a melody-based structure)
Tala (rhythmic cycle)
SubGenre (Dhrupad, Khyal, Krithi, etc.)
StartingWords (of the composition being played)
MainInstrument (Voice, Sitar, Sarod, Violin, etc.)

Now, I can take my Indian classical mp3s and tag them all with these fields. Now I have a big collection on my Android player. I want a music player in which I can create a playlist that contains all songs in the raga Kalyani. So it should search my music collection for the tag called Raga and see how many songs have the Raga tag match with the string “Kalyani.”

Is there any such music player which can read id3v2 tags and then sort and search based on them?

All the music players I have been able to see only have the standard song/artist/album/genre categories.

Thanks for any help.

How to hide description on categories and tags?

Does anybody know how I can hide the descriptions from view for the categories and tags for my website? I have searched for a while but can’t find any solutions. I would like it so that when they are clicked it just shows the categories or posts available, no description visible. Can someone show me how to do this please? (when hovering the mouse over the category it brings up a description). (when opening a category it shows a description). (when opening a tag it shows a description).

(Author wordpress theme).

Happy new year!

regex – Remove HTML / CSS tags in Google Sheets

Can anyone help me remove all of the html/csss tagging found in this Google Sheet?

This is an example but I’d like to create a template where I can input the html/css formatted text and output just the standard text without any associated tagging (ie <p>, href, rgb 255, etc).

I want to remove all of the tagging. I’ve tried using REGEXREPLACE but am having trouble removing all of the formatting completely.

Any help would be appreciated.

html5 – Meta tags, existe para definir a imagem do site?

Eu tenho uma dúvida, eu uso as meta tags para inserir a descrição do site, o autor, palavras chaves etc. Eu gostaria de saber, existe alguma meta tag para definir a imagem do site? Para quando por exemplo eu for compartilhar o site em uma rede social, seja exibido essa imagem escolhida agregada com o link, exemplo o print abaixo:
inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Como podem notar ao compartilhar esse link ou qualquer outro sempre é exibido uma imagem agregada, dai queria saber como defini essa imagem?