python – Top-Down Tank Physics with Pygame

I am trying to make a top-down tank shooter game in Python and pygame, but I can’t get the tank movement right. My objective is to make it move forward in the direction it is pointing in which would be the angle variable. I am expecting the answer to change the up and down code and that is fine, it was temporary anyway. Here is the code:

import pygame
from pygame.locals import QUIT
import math

# Initalizing everything
pygame.display.set_caption('Top Down Tank Wars || Cloud Multiplayer')
screen = pygame.display.set_mode((600, 600))

# Loading, converting and coloring the space around the tank_body and
# tank_turret images white.
tank_body = pygame.image.load(
    '../Python Projects/Tank Game/blue tank body.png'
tank_body.set_colorkey((0, 0, 0))

tank_turret = pygame.image.load(
    '../Python Projects/Tank Game/blue tank turret.png'
tank_turret.set_colorkey((0, 0, 0))

class Tank(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
    def __init__(self, startingX, startingY, starting_angle, speed):
        super(Tank, self).__init__()
        self.x = startingX
        self.y = startingX
        self.angle = starting_angle
        self.speed = speed

    def up(self):
        self.y = self.y - self.speed
        return self.y

    def down(self):
        self.y = self.y + self.speed
        return self.y

    def left(self):
        self.angle = self.angle + self.speed
        return self.angle

    def right(self):
        self.angle = self.angle - self.speed
        return self.angle

running = True
x = 300
y = 300
angle = 0
speed = 0.05
tank = Tank(x, y, angle, speed)

while running:
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == QUIT:
            running = False

    # Set 'key_pressed' to the key that is being currently pressed
    keys_pressed = pygame.key.get_pressed()

    # Forward and backward manuevers
    if (keys_pressed(pygame.K_UP) or keys_pressed(pygame.K_w)):
        y = tank.up()

    if (keys_pressed(pygame.K_DOWN) or keys_pressed(pygame.K_s)):
        y = tank.down()

    # Turning tank body
    if (keys_pressed(pygame.K_LEFT) or keys_pressed(pygame.K_a)):
        angle = tank.left()

    if (keys_pressed(pygame.K_RIGHT) or keys_pressed(pygame.K_d)):
        angle = tank.right()

    angle = round(angle)
    screen.fill((255, 255, 255))

    # Rotating tank and rendering it
    tank_body_copy = pygame.transform.rotate(tank_body, angle)
        (300 - int(tank_body_copy.get_width() / 2),
         y - int(tank_body_copy.get_height() / 2))

    # Rotating turret and rendering it
    tank_turret_copy = pygame.transform.rotate(tank_turret, angle)
        (300 - int(tank_turret_copy.get_width() / 2),
         y - int(tank_turret_copy.get_height() / 2))


# Quit pygame when main loop has finished

Thanks in advance!!

usa – Transfer between TANK and Go Metro in Cincinnati

I’m trying to figure out what kinds of electronic tickets I need to buy if I need to get from the Cincinnati Airport (CVG) to Blue Ash. First I need to take route 2X to downtown Cincinnati (which is operated by TANK), and then I need to take route 4 to Blue Ash (operated by Go Metro). I found the following (see below) combined ticket in the app where fares can be purchased (EZfare), but I’m not sure if that free transfer is valid on Go Metro or not. It says “Tickets can be used on TANK routes …” but this ticket is also listed in the “Cincinnati Metro Tickets” section, so I suppse this transfer might work for route 4 operated by Go Metro. If it’s not the case, then the situation is weird, as the TANK website says that the cash fare is $1.50, but I don’t see anything cheaper than $3 in the app. Any thoughts?

enter image description here

video – Camera for use in Submerged Water tank Operating at 90 Degrees Centigrade

video – Camera for use in Submerged Water tank Operating at 90 Degrees Centigrade – Photography Stack Exchange

geometry – How can I implement an aiming system like the Tank Stars mobile game?

I have been trying to implement the same aiming system as in Tank Stars, but I got a little stuck. I implemented simple stick aiming, which basically aims towards the stick movement.

enter image description here

In Tank Stars, it is much different compared to the simple aim stick. It remembers the last position and uses it as something like a pivot point.


I tried to implement a virtual pivot point as in the image given. The red circle is a virtual pivot. The green circle is the stick center point, and the green arrow is the supposed stick movement. This implementation kind of works, but I don’t understand how I should update that pivot point.

Is my approach correct? What is the name of this aiming system? I need a bit of help with the math behind it.

developing – What is the recommended way to use a Paterson Super System 4 tank?

Every single thing I’ve read about the Paterson tanks suggests that you can use the rotary agitator instead of inversion. One would think that the manufacturer’s own published materials would provide the answers. However:

Agitation of the processing solutions can be by inversion of the tank
using the flexible water tight cap provided, or by rotary agitation
using the agitation rod also provided.


After pouring in the first solution, insert the agitator and twist
sharply back and forth three or four times […] Now push the cap on
[…] At the end of the first minute and of each subsequent minute,
invert the tank.

So, what it is? The rotary agitator is an alternative to inversion, or it’s to be used once at the start and not thereafter?

[FREE][Game] Super Tank: Free Tank Shooting Game-Free Tank Game

Are you looking for a simple, classic and free tank shooting game?
Do you want to play a Real Tank Shooting Game (Mini Game 2D)?
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What makes this Super Tank: Mini Tank Shooting Game interesting?

The most interesting and addictive feature of the game is that the ball gets bigger when you play it continuously. So, if the ball has number 34 and you shoot the ball 34 times then the ball don’t just gives you coins and disappear but it divides into 2 pieces and both pieces will have number 17 then you have to save yourself from both of ball too and you have to shoot the ball individually 17 times to get disappear and to get more coins and move to the hardest part!!

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processing – Why did my developing tank almost burst open when using citric acid as a stop bath after developing with caffenol delta recipe?

I developed with Caffenol for the first time tonight, using the Delta Standard recipe I found online. Developing went fine. I had a bit of trouble loading the film, but I got it. The problem came when I had to use the stop bath. I pour the Caffenol down the drain, then poured in the tank what I normally use as a stop bath, which is citric acid (I’ve always developed with D-76 before, and had no problems). I started to agitate and noticed the tank got stuffed, as if it were filling up with air. I agitated once more and it almost exploded. Luckily, I was agitating in the bathroom and didn’t mess anything up with this solution. But I got light leaks on my negative, and I’m thinking it had something to do with this. So I was wondering what might have caused that?

film – Developing Problems, maybe with JOBO developing tank?

I have been developing my own bw film for some time, so far in a Patterson tank and without problems. Recently, I got a used JOBO-2236 Club tank…I have used it a bit, but I have gotten far more development issues (uneven development etc) with the JOBO tank then I ever got in the Patterson. Strangely, when developing two rolls in the JOBO, often only one roll is affected.
Does anyone have a clue what could cause this? Can a tank (which is light-tight) have some other problems? Can the Spools have a problem?

Or does anyone have an idea what could have caused this?

I attached a sample, the photos were taken on a 120 roll of Rollei RPX25 and developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 11 minutes. All my previously shot RPX25 (developed in Paterson) looked great…interestingly, the second roll of RPX25 in the same developing process is more or less fine.
The problems on Pancro 400 in my other post are also in this tank…


Unedited Scan:
enter image description here
Converted pictures:
enter image description here
enter image description here

unreal 4 – Tank / turret animations

I don’t know if this question is more of Blender / 3D or gamedev / Unreal question, but I decided to ask here first.

What I want to do is make a character, simple robot. The bottom part rides around on wheels, controlled by keyboard, while the top part is a turret that turns towards player cursor (which works as a crosshair).

I made the model in blender, using only two bones, one for the bottom part and one for the turret. I created 4 poses for aiming each direction.
Then, in Unreal, I created 2D aim offset (as I only need one dimension). And after some coding, it works… almost. When I aim forward, and then to the right, it transitions, nice. Then towards the back, also works. But if I then move to the left, instead of rotating extra 90 degrees, the turrent rotates back forward and then to the left.

How can I fix it? Is there some settings in Unreal that I could use, or should I create the model in blender differently? Is the whole rig / bones solution not gonna work?

TLDR: I want the turret on my robot to rotate infinitely to whatever I aim at.

untagged – Germany: Is it legal to connect a gas oven to a gas tank manually?

I have arrived recently in Germany and I want to get a gas oven.

I was wondering if it’s possible to buy the oven, the gas tank, and manually connect them on my own, is this possible legally? Or should I use a professional service?

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