Mining software – problem connecting Slushs Pool to GUIMiner. I tried to connect many host addresses every time the target computer explicitly refused

I'm on Windows 10 with GUIminer, I want to mine mine on the slush pool, but every time I enter any host address, I saw that it didn't work on the slush pool. I entered the correct login for my miner and on GUIminer it says that the target computer has expressly rejected this. I also have Bitcoin Core and I haven't completed the download. Bitcoin core and GUIminer are in trouble on my external drive?

So what's the problem and how can I fix it please. Thanks a lot.

dnd 5e – Does the target choose which side to move for the ice wall?

Your GM decides who decides where the creature goes

(…) If the wall cuts through the space of a creature when it appears, the creature is pushed to one side of the wall (Your choice which side). (…)

(…) If the wall cuts through the space of a creature when it appears, the creature is pushed to one side of the wall (your decision). (…)

(…) If the wall cuts through the space of a creature when it appears, the creature in its area is pressed onto one side of the wall (…)

Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you how to determine which side of the wall a creature lands on, but a reasonable assumption would be to govern it identically Kraftwand and stone wallThat means the caster decides. Of course, this part is not explicitly stated and so it is ultimately up to the GM.

A creature will not receive a rescue if it is surrounded by you Ice wall (or a Kraftwand)

stone wall actually continues:

If a creature were surrounded on all sides by the wall (or the wall and another solid surface), that creature can make a skill-saving throw. If successful, it can use its reaction to move at its speed so that it is no longer surrounded by the wall.

There is an explicit save throw that gives a creature a chance to escape stone wall. A Kraftwand or Ice wall does not grant such kindness to the prisoners. If they did, they would say it, they don't say it, so they don't. Spells only do exactly what they say (except GM Fiat Naturally)

Gurps 4e – can I use a ranged weapon attack to target a specific location?

A few sessions in our campaign and someone noticed that the rules for hit position are listed in the Melee Attack Options section of the rules:

Basic campaigns, p. 369:
Hit location
It is assumed that you are attacking the center of gravity of the target unless you specify otherwise …

This led to a little discussion about whether these rules actually apply to ranged attacks or not, as there was no solid evidence that could be found in the book.

After a fleeting search on Google, only side comments in unrelated discussions and my own review of the attack rules were returned Basic campaigns When nothing special came up, I decided to add it to the pool of knowledge here.

Can a character make a ranged attack on a specific location? like the eyes – and as such can they buy off the punishment for such a maneuver using the Targeted Attack technique?

Problems checking Firefox on Android Tab. The error cannot connect to the debug target. TypeError: This topWindow is null

I'm having trouble with Firefox to examine a tab in Firefox on Android. I get this error message when I try to check a tab in about: debugging

Error cannot connect to the debug target. See error details below:

TypeError: this topWindow is null

Save the target xevent file dynamically in a specific folder on the SQL Server

I need to create a xevent in SQL Server to collect all the queries that are running while my server is running and save them to a file under a folder with the database name.

So my problem is that I have to save the file in a dynamic path (with variables, etc.):

Here is the code:
DECLARE @file varchar (50);
declare @path nvarchar (250);
SET @file = & # 39; D: XE & # 39; + DB_NAME ()
set @path = & # 39; D: XE & # 39; + DB_NAME () + & # 39; day & # 39 ;;
EXECUTE master.dbo.xp_create_subdir @file
ADENT EVENT sqlserver.sql_statement_completed
(ACTION (sqlserver.sql_text, sqlserver.tsql_stack, sqlserver.client_app_name, sqlserver.client_hostname, sqlserver.username)
sqlserver.database_name = & # 39; school & # 39;)
ADD EVENT sqlserver.sql_statement_starting
(ACTION (sqlserver.sql_text, sqlserver.tsql_stack, sqlserver.client_app_name, sqlserver.client_hostname, sqlserver.username)
sqlserver.database_name = & # 39; school & # 39;)
ADD target package0.event_file (SET file name = N @ path)

This code shows an error in set Filename = @path.

Help please?

PS: I have to do with the code because I will include it in the C # project method. thank you in advance

dnd 5e – (DnD 5e) How big can a target be that you can heat heat on?

I played a game and the group tried to escape from a flying Illithid raid boat. It was made of metal and had two Illithid crew members on the deck. The bard in the group threw heat metal on the hull of the boat. I had no idea how to do it. To keep the game moving, I ran it as close to RAW as possible. It was a manufactured metal object within reach, so everyone on the deck had to take damage and try to save. If I had more time, I would not be sure how I would have decided.

It looks like I can imagine a few possible alternatives and would like an external input.

  1. The entire metal hull warms up as a RAW. (How I played it)
  2. The spell aims at the plate of the fuselage and heats it up. Anyone who comes into contact with this plate is influenced by the spell. (Then each plate is made built, kind of nitpicky.)
  3. The spell fails because the entire object was not in range. (Very nitpicky)
  4. The spell only heats a certain mass or volume, perhaps an area of ​​10 feet by 10 feet of the trunk. (Assuming the armor of a giant is only widespread)

Option one has the implications that you could throw it on an aircraft carrier and make them all fail.

Option two means that only part of a full armor is conjured up by the spell and the heat is conducted to the rest.

Option three implies that casting a target spell while only one creature is within range would fail.

Option four means that the amount of heat is limited.


Gallery – Sets the default image link to a large target in the Gutenberg image block

I try to design the gallery block so that it is linked to the large image size (not the full size). How does it work?

function modifyLinkDestinationDefault(settings, name) {
    if (name !== "core/image") {
        return settings;

    settings.attributes.linkDestination.default = "media";

    //Set image size of link target here?

    return settings;