google workspace – Is it possible to save files (e.g., screenshots) via a Chrome extension directly to a Saved Drive / Team Drive folder?

Is it possible to save files (e.g., screenshots) via a Chrome extension directly to a Saved Drive / Team Drive folder? I’ve been having trouble finding an answer to this, as most sites seem to focus on generally available solutions for saving to a personal Drive folder.

For context, I am using Google Workspace, which features Shared Drives (formerly Team Drives) for common, shared workspaces and file sharing among teams.

I am looking to set up a workflow whereby team members can capture screenshots and have them saved into a common repository, but am running into a wall when trying to target the Shared Drive folder since these extensions only seem to have permission / are only set up to access the “My Drive” folders.

Has anyone found any solutions or workarounds that allow you to integrate with the Shared Drives / Team Drives features of the Google work apps suite or help with targeting these Shared Drives instead of a folder in My Drive? Thanks!

Info – Community Team looking for a new team member! | Forum Promotion

Hello FP!

The CT is looking for a new team member to join the ranks and help FP continue to grow and prosper! What we’re looking for:

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If the above describes you, then I want to hear from you! I’ve supplied the application below – just shoot the completed version on over to me and let’s start talking! ;]

Timezone/General Location:
Past Experience:
Why do you want to be part of our Community Team?
What skills do you bring to the table?
Are you certain that you have enough free time for this role?
What is something that you would like to see implemented here at FP?

I look forward to hearing from you! :nyan:

sharepoint online – Images not showing for other owners and team members

I have recently had an issue with most of my team members and other owners not being able to see the images on my share point site. It all started when I went into advanced options under permissions, I did not change anything important. Not exactly sure what I did but most of the owners in the same group that I am in cannot see the images presented on our page. I can see all the images that have been uploaded, but everyone else is experiencing issues with seeing them, they are just blank images for them.

Also before I was able to adjust people in specific groups from the permissions in the gear. But I can no longer do that, I have t go to advanced options.

I am new to Share Point so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

shadowrun – How should a GM go about handling a combat encounter against an enemy team of runners?

I have a group that is about to encounter another runner team in combat. They both want to do the same job, and are going to be fighting for the package. The two thoughts I had were to make some of them (3) prime runners, but I worry that will be a significant undertaking in combat to reference sheets for each of them. The other thought was to use regular blocks of stats, but I worry that it might make the encounter too easy.

What is a good tactic for creating enemy runners teams to fight against that will hopefully deliver a significant challenge?

testing – Communicating with the software team

testing – Communicating with the software team – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

sharepoint online – Authentication in Team Tab not working

I am trying to authenticate in microsoft team using Azure active directory. I am able to get access token too. but after receiving the access token it is not redirecting to Microsoft Team.

Below are the code for auth-start.html

microsoftTeams.getContext(function (msTeamsContext) {

  // ADAL.js configuration
  let config = {
    clientId: "a6f3438e-2305-442a-9425-126f9c2c1bde",
    redirectUri: window.location.origin + "/auth-end.html",
    cacheLocation: "localStorage",
    endpoints: {
      "": ""

  // add extra query parameters Azure AD login request
  //  include scope for OpenID connect and log-in hint by using the current Microsoft Teams logged-in user
  config.extraQueryParameters = "scope=open+profile";
  if (msTeamsContext.upn) {
    config.extraQueryParameters += "&login-hint=" + encodeURIComponent(msTeamsContext.userProfileName);
  // check if consent required for new permission
  if (getUrlParameter('prompt') !== "") {
    config.extraQueryParameters += "&prompt=" + getUrlParameter('prompt');

  // override URL to Azure AD auth endpoint to include extra query parameters
  config.displayCall = function (urlNavigate) {
    if (urlNavigate) {
      if (config.extraQueryParameters) {
        urlNavigate += "&" + config.extraQueryParameters;

  // login
  let authContext = new AuthenticationContext(config);

function getUrlParameter(name) {
  name = name.replace(/(()/, '\(').replace(/())/, '\)');
  var regex = new RegExp('(\?&)' + name + '=((^&#)*)');
  var results = regex.exec(;
  return results === null ? '' : decodeURIComponent(results(1).replace(/+/g, ' '));

Below are code for auth-end.html


// ADAL.js configuration
let config = {
  clientId: "a6f3438e-2305-442a-9425-126f9c2c1bde",
  cacheLocation: "localStorage",
  navigateToLoginRequestUrl: false,
  endpoints: {
    "": ""

let authContext = new AuthenticationContext(config);

// ensure page loaded via Azure AD callback
if (authContext.isCallback(window.location.hash)) {

  // Only call notifySuccess or notifyFailure if this page is in the authentication pop-up
  if (window.opener) {
    // if able to retrieve current user...
    if (authContext.getCachedUser()) {
      // get access token for Microsoft Graph
      authContext.acquireToken("", function (error, token) {
        if (token) {
        } else if (error) {
        } else {
    } else {

after this we should redirected to team tab but it is not working.

sharepoint online – How to add default folder in document library Json Schema – Team site

I would like to add functionality to my script to add a default “Archive” folder to Document library. It would be good to add in the upper part of the screen an explanation what files should be there.

Currently the structure looks like this:
General fiels (Document library)
in the middle the folder “Archive”

Here my script, which creates document library

        "verb": "createSPList",
        "listName": "General files",
        "templateType": 101
        "verb": "addNavLink",
        "url": "/General%20files/Forms/AllItems.aspx",
        "displayName": "Client documents",
        "isWebRelative": true

I don’t see any parameter here that specifies creating an empty folder in document library. Thanks !

flowcharts – how to maintain updated user flows on product team walls

So far, what we do is simply take a large print out of the current feature we are working on and stick it on the wall. As brainstorming sessions and discussions happen about the feature, notes, scribbles and soon enough the printout needs to be updated with a new one as changes need to be made.

What’s the best way to maintain updated user flow without having to make a new printout every time something in it changes? i’m thinking of a more modular approach as separate printouts per screen or stickers for each UI element. but that might be too granular.

What would be the best solution for this, and are there any best practices for this already?

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