Technical analysis

Technical analysis is the best thing you can do for forex trading. Because for a fundamental analysis you have to understand the economy very well. Whether day trading, scalping or swing trading – the technical analysis is the key to deciding on the entry and exit point. However, emotion management is very important for overall success. I trade with XeroMarkets brokers. I am here in this broker because it is a regulated broker and has narrow spreads. I can also withdraw my money quickly.

Scalping is a technical technique

Scalping is a technical technique that brings advantages in a short time. Fortunately, although a large number of us cannot use this technical technique in their regulated broker due to numerous restrictions, I am willing to apply this strategy to my trading platform XeroMarkets. This ECN trading platform reliably guarantees the best trading conditions for scalping by offering only a single pip trading spread. It is therefore conceivable for me to benefit from using this strategy on this platform.

Unknown technical problem

I have a little problem starting my Ubuntu. I only installed Ubuntu on my PC during startup. A window opens and says that an error has occurred that you want to report or cancel. How can I tell if it is an operating system problem or an application problem could not start when the operating system started?

Workflow – UI / UX in an agile team vs. technical limitation of the design

I am a team leader with a decent programming background. I learned the basics of UI design during my studies, but I am far from having experience in this area. So please forgive me my ignorance and / or my misunderstanding of how things work 🙂

I'm having trouble developing the best workflow for my team. We currently have a sprint where the UI / UX designer works on the same role as the rest of the team. However, it seems that this process is not efficient – the planning phase takes far too long (and I mean, it takes about 1.5 to 2 days to plan a 1 week sprint) and I feel like that technical conversation about developers influenced the design.
I've been thinking about using the "UI / UX works a sprint earlier" approach, but can't solve a problem:
On the one hand, I don't want to influence the creative process of the UI / UX design through technical details, on the other hand I'm afraid that the designer will get things that are too expensive to develop (i.e. we don't currently store an X. in our system and adding N would Weeks add additional work) and will eventually be forced to do the job again (= wasted effort).

  • Should UI / UX know about technical details or will they interfere creatively
    Process too much?
  • How do you deal with this in your environment? Do you
    I have a kind of meeting where the UI / UX design is discussed
    Solutions with developers?

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