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ONE block Chain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Developed to support Bitcoin in digital currency, Blockchain technology is considered to be the most powerful anti-cyber fraud technology used to detect financial transactions electronically verified over a computer network. With this technology, we can do any kind of transaction without using central servers. We at Osiz Technologies are leaders Blockchain development company provides development services for wallet, IPFS, Smart Contracts, POC, private and public blockchain applications for all types of enterprise solutions using blockchain technology. Hire a dedicated blockchain developer for your upcoming Blockchain app development projects. We've written a blog that shows the industries use blockchain industries. For more information, visit the following URL: https://www.osiztechnologies.com/blog/enterprise-blockchain-development-company


Blockchain Application Development Company – Osiz Technologies – corner of cryptocurrencies

AIGOPay is a revolutionary payment protocol that goes beyond the basic benefits of a blockchain-based payment protocol, namely transparency and access to the cryptocurrency

AIGOPay uses a pre-algorithm developed by the company AIGO. The project will use the AIGO AI payment chain protocol, which offers lower processing costs, protection against chargebacks and customizable payment formats. This product successfully meets the needs of businesses and individuals.

AIGOPay SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis explains in detail the potential of a blockchain project.

The AIGO company is entering a tight market as payments fall under the natural use of blockchain. To compete in such a competitive market requires a competitive advantage and AIGO has just the right product to make it the next market leader in cryptocurrencies.

Payment products are unique in that they need to serve both businesses and consumers directly.
The AIGOPay team has many years of experience in the financial and e-commerce industry. The team has experienced the difficulties and pains of current channels for transactions offered to both merchants and consumers. So this is the first payment product that is tailor made for both individuals and businesses. Yes, AIGOPay is cheaper, more transparent and equipped with many other great features, but these are just the cheap deals.

A team that understands that a payment product has to appeal not only to consumers but also to businesses – especially small businesses – makes AIGOPay a product designed for rapid adoption. For this reason, AIGOPay has already prevailed in many companies, although it is only in the conception phase. The key strength of this product is its team vision to develop a product that supports the success of businesses and consumers alike. Rather than being just an additional network to conduct transactions, AIGOPay offers a product that acts as a transactional channel, accesses more revenue from a single offering, and seamlessly manages product issues (such as returns). AIGOPay is the complete package.

The biggest weakness of AIGOPay, despite the highly desirable features that fill the project. The product has to spend money on marketing. As the company needs to raise awareness of its product, much of its early cash pool needs to be allocated to marketing campaigns.

However, this has a positive side. Given the desirability of the product resulting from the fact that many traders have already agreed in the design phase, the conversion rate of the AIGOPay marketing campaign will be high, which means the ROI can easily finance future marketing campaigns.

The cryptocurrency market has reached a very high volume and many coins have a higher trading volume than the domestic currency of a country. A major challenge in combating cryptocurrencies, however, is that these currencies can not be used very much for daily needs.

There are many jokes and memes that fly on the internet about people who have large crypto assets but can not even drink a beer with them. This forces Krypto to become a victim of ridiculousness. It is time for the world to take full advantage of the power of this market, and AIGOPay offers just that.

AIGOPay aims to make Krypto as liquid as any currency, and that in itself is a huge market. This benefits both consumers and traders as the purchasing power of consumers will increase overall.

In addition, companies clearly have some problems with existing payment systems. AIGOPay addresses each of these issues by using the blockchain, a native XGOtoken, and an AIGO AI payment chain protocol. Click here to learn more about the benefits of AIGOPay for businesses

The market prospects of AIGOPay are very strong. And the Fiat competitors, who are deep in their pockets, may see this product as a powerful new acquisition opportunity. While MasterCard and Visa are clearly not going to risk their entire income by converting their payment protocol to a completely new concept they have never experimented with before, they would be more than interested in purchasing a product designed with the intention of Blockchain to use technology. And these companies have a long tradition of acquiring promising and competitive start-ups.

However, an acquisition is not bad from a business perspective. And this article provides a business analysis of AIGOPay. While the pure enthusiasts of the Blockchain movement would be upset by all takeover attempts by a centralized company, the valuation of AIGOPay would experience a strong upturn.

Visa and MasterCard regularly pay huge rewards and billions for the technological advancement of their product offering. AIGOPay would be a powerful product diversification for Card Network providers, making AIGOPay a highly desirable acquisition target. However, this is no reason to be disturbed when looking at AIGOPay from a business perspective.

AIGO Project Official Links

Web: https://aigopay.tech

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17K2inOew076KJ_iTKL3n4g0tDz8JXUf0/view

Telegram: http://t.me/aigo_global

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aigopay

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aigopay


Peer Gynt: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2545129

Eth: 0x242C8Db94A1c2693f9A61A6FF8c875493868e8aB

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Websites – Basic technologies for creating a BREAD / CRUD blog

I'm trying to create blogs using the rough loaf system, and I know there are some useful technologies that can make my life much easier while programming this blog, but I'm struggling to find something reasonable.

I know HTML CSS JS Jquery PHP + laravel (no master).
I'd like to find something that could help me with CMS because I can manage design, front and back end easily and with pleasure.
My question is, what are essential technologies or what would you use in my situation and "Is it possible to learn this power?" in a month to know at least the basics.

Battery – Do fast charging technologies consume the batteries faster?

There are many fast-charging technologies that seem to rise to 120W and can allegedly:

… able to fully charge a 4,000 mAh phone battery in just 13 minutes …

Now I'm not an expert on physics or materials technologies, but I intuitively think that increasing the effect (without changing the input current) in the long run can lead to battery wear, provided the batteries go up in flames first.

I was wondering if there is any information about how good the batteries will last in the long term with these newer, more powerful charging solutions.

Oneos Technologies Ltd – oneos.tech – HYIPs

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Oneos is active in Forex, Cryptocurrency and Equity markets. For effective trading, we have developed software for automated trading ourselves. The trading robot algorithm incorporates unique strategies that minimize potential risks, and our specialists competently distribute customer investments and ensure stable profits.

investment plans

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The deposit will be refunded at the end of the term, the total profit is 149%.

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Combined DB technologies?

Dear forum – still a DB decision question. Thank you in advance for any good advice.

So I set up a database for the "media archive" of our company. It contains metadata about (1) print data (such as newspaper clippings, book reviews, marketing documents, books and brochures published by us) and (2) audiovisual data (basically everything with a timeline, such as digitized videos and audio files). DVDs and CDs). These two create the main data tables, and there are a few other smaller ones …

Combined DB technologies?

How can you work on multiple technologies simultaneously while becoming so efficient that questions about StackOverflow can be answered?

I see many people who have millions of dollars in stackoverflow. And I wonder if I'm going the right way. Since I am going in the wrong direction, I may miss a lot and limit myself to a few technologies and do not go deeper even in these few technologies. Community input is what I currently consider necessary.

new technologies in medicine | Black Hat SEO & Affiliate Marketing Forum

  1. Samur

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    2 June 2019
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    How new technologies in medicine can replace a person and hospital staff?

  2. rebekka

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    3 June 2019
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    The technology is developing at supersonic speed. Take a look at the passport robots that have already been issued. I looked like it was being shown on TV at the hotel robot's work in Japan. Therefore, the replacement of people is very real.

html – What technologies do I need to build a website with dynamically filled multi-select autosave dropdown?

I'm new to web development. I hope I'm in the right pile exchange. I just understood forms, DOMs, the main uses of HTML, CSS and Javascript. With that said, here's my requirement. Suppose I have a website with multiple drop-down lists.

  1. Make a car: This multiple-selection drop-down menu is populated from the options in a database like AWS DynamoDB (I know the query syntax is different). Something like SELECT * FROM carmaker; The lines of all these queries must be displayed as options in Make a car Multiple selection drop-down list.

  2. car name: When I select the options in CarType, the next drop-down menu for multiple selections is the name of the car, which queries all tables that are options from car brand. If I chose two options Make a car Multi Select Dropdown, then car name Multiple choice options would be SELECT * FROM Option1, Option2, Option3, and so on.

None of these drop-down menus have a submit button! Since I choose each option, the next dropdown list must be filled out accordingly. There must also be this automatic save option where the page remembers the selected option

Things that I can use – Any database services, asynchronous calls, calling services, React.js, bootstrap.

I would like to know what I should google for:

  1. Complete the drop-down options for dynamic multi-selection by querying a database without a submit button.
  2. Autosave feature.