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Technology for climate rescue of the planet

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    Apr 24, 2021
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    Technology for climate rescue of the planet: I am looking for a partner for the commercialization of a fundamentally new type of green generation power plants – no cyclicity, no carbon footprint, no storage means – generation is activated or deactivated 24/7, with the possibility of a range of generated power depending on the consumption mode, with the possibility of installation directly at 1 a consumer (a private house, for example) or a group of consumers (street, micro-district, etc.) – based on three copyright inventions – an activator, a turbine, a generator – are fundamentally new characteristics and properties for generating green and autonomous electricity.


MERGING+HAPI MkII utilizes the ZMAN technology

The best just got better! MERGING+HAPI MkII utilizes the ZMAN technology introduced with Anubis and this powerful processor allows some very meaningful performance upgrades.


electronic items – Is there any museum of early modern computing technology in Taiwan?

I’m wondering if anywhere in Taiwan there is a computer museum or technology museum at least partially dedicated to the early development of modern local computing technology.

I’m interested in the early local development, from the first transistors up to about 1995.

I’m not interested in museums that have only old stuff from the west, or museums that only have modern local stuff from the last 20 years or so.

I am interested in how Taiwan got involved in manufacturing electronics for western companies, or intended for western markets.

I am interested in Taiwanese clones of western or Japanese tech, hacks of foreign tech to support the Chinese language, or actually any of the earliest machines with digital support for the Chinese language.

(I don’t mind if it’s small or hard to get to.)

project management – Does exist any methodology, which helps decide which elements to choose into the technology stack?

In most cases, it is prescribed what kind of programming language to use with what framework. In my question, I’m pointing to those situations when there is no requirement for the stack.

I understand that many people are limited by their previous experience, what kind of languages they used before, but I would like to abandon this factor.

When a project is starting and the participants have the freedom to select the elements of the technology stack, they have to decide somehow why do they choose one option despite the other alternatives.

Due to my previous search, I identified some website, which has a categorization and review system for technologies:

The list is not complete, and I’m curious if there is a “best” for these “comparative” sites. Like there is a “best” for searching something on the internet, although it has working and available alternatives.

To show an example: It’s about a web development project, there is a frontend, backend, and a database. It must be determined which language and technologies to use for each part of the system.
It is obvious that popularity and support is an important factor, but that’s lead to my question of detail:

How can someone determine the popularity and supportability of the options?

Is Technology Invading Our Privacy?

Is Technology Invading Our Privacy? – Information Security Stack Exchange

❓ASK – Bitcoin is technology , gold is dead!!! From who?! | Proxies-free

Concerning a statement that bitcoin is technology, gold is dead. Well, I wouldn’t say that gold is actually dead because gold will always have investors, but people seems to be shifting their attention and money on cryptocurrencies because it is quite profitable than gold, but let’s remember that gold is a natural resources while cryptocurrency is technology which has tendency to fail

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