How To earn free bitcoin playing fruit slot machines on telegram – Other Money Making Opportunities

Do you have blockchain wallet then you can get free bitcoin just by playing fruit slot machines games on telegram play for free earn real money,Accept bitcoin payment method.

below is the link to join and also my earnings.






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☑️NEW – Pumpcoin Telegram Group and Bot | Proxies-free


I try to avoid fraud and help other people to do the same. I invested this telegram group 2 months ago. I was paid every day. It only woks with Dogecoin. The minimum deposit is 5000 Doge. I haven't mentioned here before. But it will be a telegram bot and all withdrawals and investments are open to everyone. When investing, there is a pool after 10 days as a bonus. Daily calculation of total investment and transfer of 4% to the pool. This link is my recommendation link. The referral bonus is% 1 of the investment amount. I use this because I want to know who came to the group with my advice. Come to the group, ask something, and watch transactions. This is not a double system.

Come and check it out. If you want to invest, you can start at any time. You can ask me anything here and by telegram, my username is @gokhancss

Have fun

Robotcash – Game Telegram Earn BTC – Gambling, Poker & eSports

Name: Robot Cash – investment game where you can earn real money!


Lounch date: September 7th, 2017
Payment: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney

1. Rent the robots, they get energy the energy!
2. Energy is collected, absorbed!
3. Sell ⚡️ the energy and earn 💎.
4. Exchange 💎 for real money or hire more robots to increase income.

Daily bonus:
You can get the bonus every 24 hours. The bonus is paid out by GEM on the available credit. The bonus is generated randomly from 10 to 100 gemstones. To receive your daily bonus, click the Bonus button in your menu. The minimum payment is 0.001 BTC (1000 gemstones).

Gramfree review – cryptocurrency from TELEGRAM. – Cryptocurrency corner

When I was looking for ways to make money online today, as I have always done, I came across a post on Facebook A cryptocurrency platform that pays $ 1000 for simple tasks. So I decided to do some research and share my thoughts on with you


Telegram Open Network (TON) is a blockchain-based digital project that is fast, secure, scalable, and capable of processing millions of transactions per second. TON is designed to compete with smart contracts from Ethereum and decentralized applications while being extremely scalable.

Gram is TON's own service token and is indicated by the triangular TON symbol. It will serve as the main cryptocurrency for the in-app economy in the telegram and will also be available for external use.

What is gram?

Grams is a cryptocurrency based on a TON blockchain platform developed by Telegram. A characteristic of grief is the high speed of transactions. Cryptocurrencies implemented on early blockchain platforms due to the slow transaction speed are more suitable for investment than for use as a payment instrument. For example, Bitcoin can only provide 7 transactions per second for all users, Ethereum – 15. The Gram blockchain platform is expected to include millions of transactions per second. According to the developers, Gram should become a crypto analogue of Visa and Mastercard.

Earning opportunities: offers you a free way to earn grams without an investment. In order to You don't have to worry about investing. To earn grams on, all of the following are listed: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

I. Win a Role:

Winning a role is pretty easy. There are five (5) roll points and each point gives you a certain amount of grams. See picture below:

The points are numbered from 1 to 980 for 0.1 gram, 981 to 993 for 1 gram, 994 to 997 for 10 gram, 998 to 999 for 100 gram and 1000 for 1000 gram. All you have to do is click the Roll button and wait for your results.

2nd Referral program:

The referral program is actually the best way to earn money with the program. You would earn 5.0 grams for each transfer. When you sign up, you will receive a referral link that you can share with your friends and family. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

3. Watch and submit videos:

You can also earn by simply watching video testimonials or submitting a video yourself. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

4. Smart contract;

A smart contract is a computer protocol that is designed to digitally facilitate, review, or enforce a contract. Intelligent contracts enable credible transactions to be carried out without a third party. These transactions are traceable and irreversible. Smart contracts aim to provide security superior to traditional contract law and reduce other transaction costs associated with signing contracts. Different cryptocurrencies have implemented types of smart contracts. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

No investment is required to join, which is completely free. All you have to do is register by clicking HERE. When you register, you will automatically receive 10 grams to your account immediately. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Minimum withdrawal:

For a withdrawal you need 500 Grams request a withdrawal. There are various withdrawal options available, e.g. Bitcoin, Mastercard, VISA, Paypal, American Express, Payoneer, Epayments and Payeer.

The minimum amount “500 GramsGrams has a cash equivalent of over $ 1000.

Proof of payment:

The best news I have for you is that many people have actually received payments Gram free.

Final thoughts

I will encourage everyone to try this out by clicking “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER”. Keep in mind that this is risk free and easy and no technical knowledge is required.


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