1U colocation in data centers with Telia IP Transit?

Basically, I think about many regions for the test phase of an anycast project, and there are so many data centers with Telia IP Transit. I thought I would ask here and hopefully someone could mention a provider that I could miss on my own. Of course, Telia has a list of all its data centers (which I have), but these are meant for the entire data center and do not really tell you which company offers only a 1U.

My needs are pretty simple:

The cities that interest me are:

1. Dallas
2nd Atlanta
3. San Jose
4. Los Angeles
5th NJ / NYC
6. Chicago
7. Ashburn
8. Seattle
9. Portland
10. Salt Lake City
11. Sydney
12. London
13. Frankfurt
14. Tokyo
15. Hong Kong
… and frankly, every city in a useful region

What I need

1. 1U, short depth
2. A + B power, low power consumption (E3 server with one CPU, low consumption)
3. I need to make an x ​​connection to Telia for IP transmission (I pay the X connection and service directly from Telia).
4. IPMI access
5. I would like to ship a 1U with a remote hand rack, I do not need physical access

I have no special price, I just want a fair market price for this city. I need several locations.

I do not see any sub forum "Colo Hosting Requests", otherwise I would have put it there. I do not mind if people make me offers.

Any suggestions?

Just to be clear, it really just has to be Telia. I'm not trying to promote them, and I'm certainly not affiliated with this company, but for my anycast needs, I now have to keep it for their ASN.