Search Result displays Item_default as display template for my custom result type

My Search Results displays Item_default as display template for my custom result type . I have my display template major version published and have mapped in Search Result Types. My search result type is also under site collection. In content search web part I have set result type to decide option.

I don’t know where else to look to debug the issue. Any pointers ?

8 – How to display default drupal search block in twig template

In twig_tweak module before version 2 (for Drupal 8) I could place the following code in my page twig template and it would work:

{{ drupal_block('exposedformsearch_contentpage_1') }}

This would display put the default site search box.

After upgrading to version 2, this doesn’t work anymore and see the following message on the page:

This block is broken or missing. You may be missing content or you might need to enable the original module. 

I tried using the command:

{{ drupal_block('search_form_block') }}

That displays the same error message.

Does anyone know what the the correct call is? I can’t seem to find any documentation anywhere as to what the replacement call should be.


magento2 – Receiving checkbox status as Yes or No on a custom form to an email template

I am new to php and html and trying my hands on the below code where I have a custom form as shown in below SS and once customer submits the form I need to get the checkbox status as ‘Yes’ if the checkbox is checked and ‘No’ if it’s not checked to my email,

Custom form

Code for this form is under a .phtml file as below-

<p class="free-trial-wp"><input type="checkbox" placeholder="I 'd like a free trial "name="all_sizes" id="all_sizes" value="All" checked ><span></span>&nbsp; I'd like a <strong>free trial</strong></p>

code for email template is under .html file as per below-

      <!--@subject Quote/Demo Request @-->
  {{template config_path="design/email/header_template"}}
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Email: {{var email}}</td></tr>
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Organistaion: {{var organisation}}</td></tr>
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Contact Name: {{var contact}}</td></tr>
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Quote For: {{var productname}}</td></tr>  
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Contact Number: {{var telephone}}</td></tr>   
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Message: {{var comment}}</td></tr>
    <tr class="subscribe-email-intro"><td>Free trial: {{var all_sizes}}</td></tr>   
{{template config_path="design/email/footer_template"}}

Please let me know what changes do I have to make in both the files .phtml and .html to get the checkbox statuses as Yes or No. Thanks.

Autofill Google sheets template based on new entries in column A of “master” sheet

I am a teacher and I keep my student data on a Google sheet. I have a “Student Data Report” template that will automatically copy as a new sheet with the student id as the sheet name as I enter new students to my roster on my master sheet. So, “sheet1” is the roster of students with their IDs in column A, “sheet2” is the report template, and sheets are automatically added as I enter new students to my roster (with the student ID as the sheet name).

I have added formulas to the cells in the template so that when I add the student ID# the rest of the report will automatically fill in the student’s information from sheet1 (for example column B is the student’s name, column C is the student’s date of birth, etc.). Is it possible when a new sheet is created for the student ID to automatically fill in which would then cause the rest of the cells in the report autopopulate based on the student ID?

I tried the script below and then put =sheetName() in the corresponding cell, but the cell just said “copy of template” even though the sheet was named with the student id #.

function sheetName() {
return SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet().getName();


I would like to create a new sheet (based on a template) within an existing Google spreadsheet every time I add a student to the “master” data sheet

I am a teacher and I keep student data on a spreadsheet. I have made a report template in Google sheets that will autopopulate when I enter a student id. I would like to have a new sheet with the template automatically be created and named each time I add a new student to the “master” sheet. Here is a sheet with the basic idea

I have gone through similar questions and tried to apply the scripts, but they are not working.

Thank you for any help you can give me!

The form template has been published to the server but it can only be opened in infopath filler

I am using SharePoint 2016 on Windows Server 2016 (with GUI). Created a new SharePoint 2010 type workflow and started approval process which automatically created a task form. I then opened that task form in InfoPath 2013 and tried to publish it without making any changes but getting error:

The form template has been published to the server but it can only be opened in infopath filler

I keep seeing that I need to enable Desktop Experience but that is for Windows 2012. I am not sure if I have Desktop Experience on Windows Server 2016 but I am connected via RDP and there is GUI and everything so I guess Desktop Experience is enabled?

How do I fix this issue?

permissions – Can’t upload Template List

I’ve just created a SharePoint site and am trying to import list templates from a different site, however when trying to upload them I get a permission error:

Permission Error

Thing is I don’t know what permission I’m missing, I already have full control:

System Account with Full Control

And am a Site Collection Administrator on the base site:

Site Collection Administrator

What permission am I missing? And how do I assign it to myself?

theming – How to render a field of a taxonomy term inside a view template?

I’m trying to display an image as a banner above the items of a view (which creates a block). The image is a field associated to a taxonomy term and the view is used to display all items which have this term. Is it possible to inject the image into the render array using a hook in order to access and render it on a specific location inside the view’s template (for example block--views-block--example.html.twig)? I can’t find a good solution anywhere on the web. I’m thinking of something like this (pseudo code):

function suitable_hook(&$vars) {
  $image = getFieldOfTaxonomyTerm('taxonomy_term', 'image_field_name');
  $vars('associated_image') = $image;

If there are better approaches to this problem in general, please let me know as well. Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestions!

$50 horse power template for IG

Looking for someone to make a template for PS that i can use in IG for car performance stats.
company logo : [​IMG]
theme red and white or red and black.

example i really like :


Has to have space for specs:
Car in picture should be a MCLaren 720S

+100 HP

and space for Price