templates – WordPress change title with custom dynamic

I have created a custom php template file, which I use to filter results, based on user choice.
I get the user’s choice with the following code


So I want to change the wordpress title, instead of the template name inside of wordpress panel, to something like “My template name dynamic- Website name”

I’ve found this

add_filter('pre_get_document_title', 'custom_title');
function custom_title($title) {
     return 'Test New Title';

And it changes the title, however it doesn’t show the contents of the $bla.
If you echo it few lines down the code it works. I believe that is because I have to place this filter before the get_header() of the template file.
Any advice?

templates – Not so common HTML transition to wordpress issue

This is one possibility most of the time:

<div class="wrap">

But my design is like this where wrap has a flex, and the sidebar and main are horizontally positioned. →

<div class="wrap">
    <section class="sidebar">

Here header and footer are one after another in the sidebar and the main content is in another container.
How should I transfer this HTML into WordPress? I am facing a mental obstacle.

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schedule – Create templates for Calendar?

schedule – Create templates for Calendar? – Ask Different

List of Project Plan Templates in PWA

I have created a bunch of Project Templates and would like to get rid of some that I don’t need, or write over some that I need to change. When I open up Project professional and connect to my account on my PWA, I can click open and connect to my PWA and I see a list of all my projects on PWA, great. Now I change to Project Templates, but the list doesn’t then change, and I still don’t see the list of existing templates. The only place I can seem to find the list of templates is by going into PWA/Server Settings/Enterprise Project Types/Choosing an existing Project Type and then clicking the drop down for Project Plan Template. How do I delete existing Project Plan Templates?

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