What is the Purpose of Writing the Previous ScriptPubKey as a Temporary ScriptSig of an Input Before Signing?

I have seen some guides saying to write the script pub key of the output we are trying to redeem. (Ie. step 6. How to redeem a basic Tx?)

I’m curious what the reasoning behind this is and what will happen if this step is omitted? Are there any other valid temporary values to include here?

networking – Brand new Ubuntu Server 18.04 install “Temporary failure resolving ‘archive.ubuntu.com'”

Brand new server out of the box. Brand new Ubuntu 18.04 installation. Once I get to the network config screen, I create an active-backup bond.

Mode: active-backup

Once the installation was complete, I realized I had no network. Couldn’t ping internally or externally. I tried again, and looked at the full log. I saw this:

Err:5 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic InRelease

Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com'

I have done this on many servers, and now this has happened on two new servers in a row. Every search I do, I only get results for apt update. This is a fresh install. Any ideas? I can’t install packages, update, ping, nothing. And I can’t find any resources because every example is for updating. First server I passed it off as a fluke, but now it’s the 2nd server in a row.

There is no IP conflict, and I know with 100% certainty that my setup config is correct.

ssh – lsyncd erroring with Temporary or permanent failure on startup of . Terminating since “insist” is not set

I am using lsyncd to sync a directory from server 1 to remote server 2. The sync was working perfectly. But now after i restarted the sync i am getting start error

Thu Aug 19 14:31:51 2021 Error: Temporary or permanent failure on startup of “/home/abcd/public_html/course/NotesFile/”. Terminating since “insist” is not set.

The Ip address of server 1 has been whitelisted on server2 so i dont believe this is a firewall issue.

Any direction would be helpful. Thanks.

rest – Using databases to store temporary results between the backend and frontend of a webservice

I have a multithreaded backend application. It is inputted x, and outputs y, and this makes up a “job”. A job can take up to several seconds to complete. The application is fed input via HTTP requests, and once the job is completed it will return a response to the HTTP (so the response time can be several seconds). The response data can vary in size from a couple of bytes to around half a mb.

The issue is that when a lot of requests are sent to the application, all the threads are used up waiting for the jobs to complete, resulting in long response times for further requests – while I want the application to be focused on just completing the jobs.

I was thinking maybe a better approach is: on request add a job to a queue, and return a message that the job has been received in the request HTTP message. The application will process the results, and then upload them to a database. Then the results can be downloaded from the database via the webserver and sent to a client. However I have some queries about this approach.

  1. The response databases will frequently be written to and read from. Is there a class of databases that are designed for frequent accessing in this manor – largely with respect to performance? Also these results will be temporary and need to be erased from the database once they’re read. (I’ve often thought of databases from the more traditional MySQL ones which would require frequent querying in order to achieve what I’ve described).

  2. A move away from HTTP responses means that the client will need to be notified in some way that the results have arrived. From a web dev perspective what might be a good way of sending the client’s webpage the response?

  3. Is there a name for this database pipeline/architecture so that I can do some more research into it? I know that this process may be loosely described as a microservice architecture were APIs are used to communicate between the backend application.

Any other information/insights into this database communication between frontend and backend would be greatly appreciated.

mining theory – Why not use lowest block hash to determine which chain to build on top of in case of a temporary fork due to two blocks found roughly at same time?

It’s my understanding that if two miners find blocks at roughly the same time that other nodes on the network will use whichever valid block they see first as the extension of the main chain and the second block as a temporary fork building on a secondary chain.

The next block that is found (assuming it’s alone) will determine which chain (at least for now) should become the main chain.

I’m trying to understand why we don’t just let whichever block has the lower hash be the winner to extend the chain?

Is there some attack or break down of incentives if we do this that I am not seeing? Or is it just an arbitrarily decided solution and this one would (in theory) also work fine?

azerbaijan – Renewing Azerbaijani temporary residence on a new passport

I am a Yemeni Citizen living and working in Azerbaijan. My passport will expire soon, and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to renew my temporary residency.

We don’t have a Yemeni Embassy in Azerbaijan, so I have contacted my Embassy in Malaysia as I have some connections there. They said that I can send the required documents and get a new passport; they will send it by DHL.

Is it fine if I do that? My new passport won’t have any stamps on it, and I am worried about difficulties renewing my Azerbaijani residence when they see this. Will I be asked to leave and re-enter the country?

Temporary server errors | Web Hosting Talk


We want to bring up such an important topic as transient server errors and want to ask the experts: What are the best methods for detecting transient errors that are received from the MySQL server? I am currently using Quarkus / Java and am trying to make the application more resilient to crash scenarios.

For example, is there a list of received error codes that I could use to detect this?

dnd 5e – Can you gain Temporary Hit Points when unconscious?

dnd 5e – Can you gain Temporary Hit Points when unconscious? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

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