Can we get commitments from leftists, dragonflies and democrats to leave America and never come back when Trump wins his second term?

I talked to my dad about this particular problem this morning. He said the current environment is similar to the Kennedy years when the country was divided over the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. We all know how that went, right? There was a national movement that dramatically changed culture in the United States.

Maybe it's time for another change. Maybe we have to shake up the system because nothing good is going on with the current administration.


Terminology – term for combining website and mobile app

I am currently doing a UX design course. I'm sorry if my question is stupid.

I start with my first projects and this question, which I have been asking myself for some time, is now stuck in my head. Is there a (single) term to summarize the website and the mobile app? I think it will be easier for usability testing and surveys to make users clearer with a term.

I know i could say web / mobile app. However, most users seem to deal only with mobile products.

Website design – term for a title that changes automatically at certain intervals?

I'm looking for a search term and finally examples of sites that include:

that is beautiful

Where the word is Beautiful would change after a few seconds Amazing or breathtaking,

I know how to implement that, but it must have a name? At the moment, I could only find questions about how to do that.

With a little more research you stumbled on a writing carousel or text carousel, which comes very close to the effect.

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mathworld – What is the name of this mathematical term?

I need help in identifying the mathematical expression of my method (group affiliation of a person to an ideal role)
So in the first column I have given ideal values ​​(for the ideal role) (normalized mean values), in the second column the values ​​of a person X (also standardized mean values). I would like to see the deviation of the values ​​of the person from the ideal values.
The difference is taken into account in the third column, but only the absolute differences are taken into account when calculating the absolute deviation in percent (4th column).

My next step is the calculation of the difference sum (5th column) and the determination of the percentage deviation by dividing the absolute difference for each value by the difference sum (6th column).

Enter image description here

Now my question is, what is the name of this term?
Can someone help me in this matter and is that understandable?

7 – Programmatically merge 2 term reference fields from 2 content types

I'd like to group two conceptual reference fields from two different content types in a term reference field that is used in both content types. I want to try to do this programmatically and not lose the vocabulary assigned by both fields. I have the following instance in Drupal 7:

  • A content type Tool with a term reference field – selection list – referencing the vocabulary Manufacturer
  • A content type part with a term reference field – select list – Likewise Reference vocabulary Manufacturer

I realize that I could easily add the existing one Tool Conceptual reference field for parts Content, but then I would have to manually select the term for 500 nodes.

Is there a way to programmatically consolidate the parts Conceptual reference field in the Tool Reference field while retaining the terms selected in the list parts Content type selection list?

Is it perhaps possible with export -config?

Terminology – Term for a diagram decomposition based on a maximum match

To let $ M $ be a maximum match of cardinality in a bipartite graph $ G (X + Y, E) $, To let $ X_0 $ be the subset of $ X $ unsurpassed by $ M $, Define the following order:

  • $ Y_1 = $ the neighbors of $ X_0 $ with edges in $ E setminus M $,
  • $ X_1 = $ the neighbors of $ Y_1 $ with edges in $ M $,
  • $ Y_2 = $ the new neighbors of $ X_1 $ ("new" = not in $ Y_1 $) with edges in $ E setminus M $,
  • etc…

Since the graph is finite, we eventually stop finding new vertices, so the process stops and we have a maximal sequence.

To let $ X_S, Y_S $ be the vertices contained in the sequence and $ X_L, Y_L $ the remaining key points:

Enter image description here

We have a decomposition of $ X $ and $ Y $ in two subsets.
This decomposition has some nice properties (eg $ X_L $ and $ X_S $ are equal, regardless of which maximum match $ M $ we start with).

Such a beautiful decomposition must have a name … what is its name? And what is a standard reference for the decomposition and its properties?