taxonomy – SPFX – PNP Returns a term set that is not available for selection

I have a spfx extension that requires me to retrieve terms from a TermSet that are not available for selection. I'm trying to use the terms for custom footer navigation links.
I'm currently using PNP JS to get the terms that work as expected when "Available for tagging" is enabled. Below is the code

const termstore: ITermStore = taxonomy.getDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore ();
const termGroup: ITermGroup = wait for termstore.getSiteCollectionGroup (). get ();
const terms: (pnpITermData & pnpITerm)[] = wait for termGroup.termSets.getByName ("") .terms.get ();

If the "Available for tagging" option is disabled in the term set, no results are returned.

How do I get the termset available for marking? Is there a parameter I could pass to include this termset as well? Every help is appreciated

Require suggestions and reviews in my blog

Hello everybody,

Can anyone suggest some steps or ways to get ranked in Google for long term keywords?

This is my blog, WhiteVox India: –

Which changes I have to make for the ranking and which activities I do more in it brings traffic and backlink.

Waiting for suggestions.


Plugins – Get a variation image of the term "snail"

I am developing new features for the Woocommerce Swatches plug-in:

I want to use the variation images for the color field images so I do not have to upload them twice.

I hooked myself in the woocommerce_swatches_get_swatch_image Filter and I use the code below to get all the variation pictures.

What I need is just to get the picture for one of the variations where the slug is the right one. Fx. The image for the variation with the color blue should be the blue option.

Function change_image_varition_source ($ src, $ value_slug, $ tax_slug) {
$ product = new WC_Product_Variable (get_the_ID ());
$ vary = $ product-> get_available_variations ();

foreach ($ variable as $ variable) {

$ src = $ variant['image']['thumb_src'];

return $ src;
add_filter (& # 39; woocommerce_swatches_get_swatch_image & # 39 ;, & # 39; change_image_varition_source & # 39; 10, 3);

forms – 8 – Set the value for a new term based on a custom vocabulary field

I want to set the value of a field of a term based on a custom field set in the vocabulary. Basically, that's the vocabulary promot_to_index the box is ticked i want that field_index_page the term is checked.

I understand that I have to write a hook like this, but I do not understand how to get the value of the custom vocabulary box

Function polaris_drupal_taxonomy_form_alter (& $ form, FormStateInterface & $ form_state, $ form_id) {

switch ($ form_id) {

case & # 39; taxonomy_term_category_form & # 39 ;:
case & # 39; taxonomy_term_article_type_form & # 39 ;:
case & # 39; taxonomy_term_main_purpose_form & # 39 ;:
case & # 39; taxonomy_term_tags_form & # 39 ;:
case & # 39; taxonomy_term_content_partnership_form & # 39 ;:
case & # 39; taxonomy_term_traffic_source_form & # 39 ;:
case & # 39; taxonomy_term_client_form & # 39 ;:
$ form['field_index_page']['widget']['value']['#default_value']    = true;

What do you mean by Directory Submission?

What do you mean by Directory Submission?

+ Answer on thread

  1. What do you mean by Directory Submission?

    What do you mean by Directory Submission?

  2. Catalog submission is the main source to increase backlinks for your site, watch this video, and gain expertise. * There is support for its customers to present their website or blog URL of the most appropriate classification according to the state of their website. * Web directories are used for build-quality backlinks.

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Taxonomy – Import Term Sets with PnP

I want to export a term set from one SP 2016 environment to another. I wanted to use this command: Export PnPTaxonomie like here:

But it exports the result as .txt if I want to use this command: Import PnPTermSet Like here: It expects a CSV file.

How would I use PnP to export / import term sets? Either export / import a TXT or CSV file.

Unreal or unit for game development (in the long term)?

I've been thinking about getting into developing games for a while, but I have doubts about where to start.
My main language is C ++and I've created a snake game and a 2D ball physics simulator in SFMLBut that's what's been happening in game development so far.

My first thought was to use Unreal (because it C ++ and I can get used to it better), but my friend has told me it has a much steeper learning curve, and that I should learn unit instead.
I admit after the installation UnrealIt was very overwhelming at first sight. (Although I look at the questions asked here, the majority is related to unity, which makes me even more doubtful.)

My questions are:

For someone with as little experience as me, it is best to learn C # and use Unity engine, or stay with what I know and take the supposed "learning curve" of Unreal engine?

For all, kind enough to answer, please also take into account the long-term impact of this election, I.E. If I want to pursue game development as a career, which engine is it worthwhile learning now?

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