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How to set up SharePoint Online Managed (Term Set) navigation to automatically update new sites?

We have a SharePoint Online site collection that consists of about 7 sites, each with at least 5 subsites, and possibly more.

I recently found that loading our website is extremely slow based on the structure navigation (Global) used on our website. Basically, our only option is to use a different kind of navigation.

I was thinking about creating managed navigation for our website.

What I do not understand is:

  • How do you generate the term sets based on the current structure of the site?
    • Do we need to rebuild each term set for each site / subsite from scratch?
  • How do you ensure that term sets are automatically updated after setup when a new subsite is created?
    • Do we need to manually update the term sets to include the new sites?

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Terminology – In search of the right encryption term: one private for many

Maybe I do not know the right terms to find what I'm aiming for. Asymmetric RSA encryption includes a private and a public key. I am looking for an approach that includes a private key and many public keys – too many relationships. What do you call such a technology?

It would be nice if I could quickly generate more public keys, and even better if I could generate them based on some input data. I do not need my public keys to encrypt data. Decryption alone is sufficient (and vice versa, the private key would only be used for encryption).

7 – Translating a taxonomy term does not fill content into fields

When translating a node into another language, all fields are automatically filled with the contents of the source node.

For taxonomy conditions, an empty form is loaded (as if you were adding a new term).

Is there a way to duplicate the behavior of the node translation? We have taxonomy conditions with significant amounts of images and custom data.

Ordinary Differential Equations – How to Create Equilibria by Adding a Time-inhomogeneous Term to an ODE?

To let $ f colon Bbb R ^ N after Bbb R ^ N $, $ g colon[0infty)to^N$bbbr[0infty)to^N$bbbr[0infty)bisBbbR^N$[0infty)toBbbR^N$ and look at the ODE
$$ point x (t) = f (x (t)) + g (t), $$
where spatial and temporal dependency are separated additively.

Is it possible to choose $ f $ seeks the time homogeneous equation with $ g equiv 0 $ Has No (stable) equilibria or periodic orbits, while the equation is some periodic $ g not equiv 0 $ does have (stable) equilibria or periodic orbits?