Lambda Calculus – Equivalent terms in call-by-name, but not call-by-value

When working with the untyped lambda calculation, I am asked to specify two terms that are equivalent in call-by-name semantics, but not in call-by-value semantics.

Call $ text {fls} = lambda x. lambda y. y $ and $ Omega = ( lambda x. X x) ( lambda x. X x) $ , I was suggested to look at these terms:

$ text {fls} ( lambda x. omega) $ which is reduced to in both semantics $ lambda y. y $

$ text {fls} ( lambda x. omega x) $ which is reduced to call-by-name $ lambda y. y $ but in call-by-value, the evaluation of the argument diverges $ text {fls} $".

I do not understand how they diverge unless I assume $ text {eta} $Conversion that was not accepted in my course. In addition, I do not see how the argument can be distinguished and evaluated $ text {fls} $, Does that make sense to you?


I suggested the conditions $ ( lambda f. omega) $ and $ ( lambda t. lambda f. omega $ I think that's a valid example …

To specify multiple terms as the default value in the devel node

I use the module Devel >>> to test content (nodes), and on CType I have a vocabulary with some terms, but when I generate it. 1000 nodes are assigned only to the first term. Is it possible, or is there a way, to randomly assign this node to all terms or set a term as the default? Any solution?

Friendly greetings

To specify multiple terms as the default value in devel

I use the module Devel >>> to test content (nodes), and on CType I have a vocabulary with some terms, but when I generate it. 1000 nodes are assigned only to the first term. Is it possible, or is there a way, to randomly assign this node to all terms or set a term as the default? Any solution?

Friendly greetings

Would you support a public vote for Donald Trump to have more than two terms in office?

There is no doubt that Trump will easily win the 2020 election. The problem is, however, that he can exercise only two terms under the Constitution.

Trump is considered one of the best presidents in history, and no one on earth can beat him in a poll.

Given that Trump is unbeatable and the vast majority of Americans want him as president, you would support a bill going through the House and the Senate to allow a public vote where, if the American people are still voting To allow the Constitution to allow Donald Trump and only Donald Trump to serve for more than two terms?

If Trump could have three, four or five or more terms, his policy would probably be irreversible for centuries and America would thrive for over 100 years

Would you be in favor of allowing a public vote if America voted Yes, would Donald Trump allow for more than two terms of office?

xact – Rewriting of all terms in Riemann-Tensor

Is there any command to rewrite all the terms of curvature like $ R $ or $ R _ { alpha beta} $ or $ R _ { alpha beta} ^ {~~~~~ gamma delta} $ in relation to the Riemann tensor $ R _ { alpha beta gamma delta} $ and the metric tensor in xAct?
For example this part of a problem:

(ScriptCapitalL) = 1/(16 Pi G) (-2 (CapitalLambda) + RicciScalarCD())

How can I compare this Lagrange vs. $ R _ {- alpha, – beta, – gamma, delta} $?

safari – How can a public WLAN load the "Accept Terms of Use" page for you to use?

For some time, I've found that my MacBook Air does not load public Wi-Fi sites. All bars in the Wi-Fi icon above are solid, but the page I can connect to will not load. Never really bothered me.

This week, my wife started chemo and radiation therapy. There is a lot to learn when that happens. I had my laptop in the clinic with me to organize some things and check some while she underwent radiation. But I could not connect to their WiFi. I've tried many ideas from my iPhone search, but nothing worked. No frustration I needed.

So today, before I went to the clinic, I searched online again for someone who had a similar problem, and I found this page.

On March 28, 2018, when someone with the same problem as me wrote JBIS wrote this: "Go This is the only way to ensure that it is displayed. " tilt Connect to the Internet and enter it in the search bar.

When they took my wife to the clinic for treatment today, I did just that, and it worked. Your Wi-Fi page was loading and I was able to do the things I needed to do while waiting for my wife. One of the things on my list, later, when she was resting, was to find a way to thank this side and the person who gave this endearing advice.

This site recommends that you need 50 points before you can comment – in my case, "Thanks, JBis" for a helpful response almost two years ago that has done its job today. Therefore, I could not comment on the original post.

We hope that this contribution will allow others to benefit from the solution and recognize the person – JBis – who shared it.

in terms of bash script in Linux

I'm writing a bash script for telnet testing in the high-end IoT gateway. The test is paused in the iptables concept to allow or block specific IP and port addresses. I can take control of the PC and the Minicom console separately via a bash script. The problem occurs. The iptables command in the serial console and the return to the normal terminal that reconnects to a telnet. Go to the console and execute a set of iptables, to the point where I can not switch from Minicom to the normal terminal via a script. Minicom is possible via script, but how can I script Minicom return to the normal terminal without using the exit script in script. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Filter terms do not work properly in the rest API

I use the Rest API plugin to get flight details from WordPress. I registered a custom taxonomy called "Search Flight" with terms that matched country, city, and flight.

My problem is when I call[category_name]=en&filter[searchflight]=UAE&filter[terms]=kuwait&filter[terms]=KW018

I API was able to read the custom taxonomy, but could not be filtered by the terms. I've already tried using the rest filter plugin, but that does not work either.

Is there a workaround for retrieving posts based on the custom taxonomy and custom terms?

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