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magento2 – Translate test in div in magento 2?

I have this code in it

app design frontend company name porto_base_child Magento_Checkout web template shipping.html

I try to display this div in this file below, which works well on the English page but is not translated into French.

app design frontend companyname porto_base_child Magento_Checkout web js view shippingaddress list-dropdown.js


I have put the translation of English into French

app design frontend companyname porto_base_child i18n fr_CA.csv

"Address", "Address"

Also the translation in

app code company name catalog view frontend web js fr_ca.js


I can only display English and French text. The only problem is that my text is not translated. I'm still trying to figure out if I missed any steps. Any advice or suggestion would help me, thanks

Unit test of the code written with repository pattern

I implemented my business logic using a repository pattern. I basically have Approve method in my controller. I call the service method ApproveUserChangeRequest
This, in turn, calls GetUserChangeRequest and ApproveUserChangeRequest in the UnitofWork class. I would like to know if this is standard or better
Please remember to test the service methods


            public IActionResult ApproveUserChangeRequest((FromBody) ApproveUserChangeRequests approveUserChangeRequests)
                if (!ModelState.IsValid)
                    return BadRequest(new ResponseModel()
                        ResponseMessages = new Dictionary
                            { "Errors", ModelState.Values.SelectMany(x => x.Errors).Select(x => x.ErrorMessage).ToArray() }

                var result  = _userService.ApproveUserChangeRequest(approveUserChangeRequests);
                var message = string.Empty;
                if (result.Succeeded)
                    return Ok(new ResponseModel()
                        ResponseMessages = new Dictionary
                           { "Info", new string() { $"True" } }
                message = string.Join(";", result.Errors.Select(x => $"Code: {x.Code}. Description: {x.Description}"));
                _logger.Error(new IdentityException($"Error approving user change requests. Message: {message}"));
                return BadRequest();


User Service Class

public  IdentityResult ApproveUserChangeRequest(ApproveUserChangeRequests approveUserChangeRequests)
        var userChangeRequest = _userUow.GetUserChangeRequest(approveUserChangeRequests.UserChangeRequestID);

        IdentityResult result =  _userUow.ApproveUserChangeRequest(userChangeRequest, approveUserChangeRequests.ApprovedByAuthUserId, approveUserChangeRequests.AuthApplicationName);
        return result;

Lesson (uow)

public UserChangeRequest GetUserChangeRequest(int userChangeRequestId)
        return UserChangeRequestRepository.GetQueryable(x =>
            x.Id == userChangeRequestId)

      public IdentityResult ApproveUserChangeRequest(UserChangeRequest userChangeRequest, int approvedByAuthUserId, string authApplicationName)
        var idResult = IdentityResult.Success;

        // Check if UserChangeRequest is still Pending
        bool isUserChangeRequestPending = UserChangeRequestRepository.GetQueryable(x => x.Id == userChangeRequest.Id && x.ChangeStatus == "Pending").Any();

        if (isUserChangeRequestPending && approvedByAuthUserId > 0)
            // Inserting record in the UserChangeRequestApproval table

            //Updating the user details in IdentityDB, ClientCompanyContact and AuthUser tables 
            UpdateUserDetails(userChangeRequest, authApplicationName);
            idResult = IdentityResult.Failed(new IdentityError { Description = "No userchange request to approve" });
        return idResult;

Unit Test compiled DLL or shared code

Simple Rule of Thumb: When building component tests on a shared DLL, use the the same mechanism for referencing as regular client code using this DLL.

Since you want your component tests to "simulate" the behavior of a "production client," it's usually a good idea to do it in a similar way in all its aspects, including the reference mechanism.

Someone I do not know sends me a test mail. Is this a scam?

In the last few weeks I have received several emails on my work account (a small community research). The format is similar for all:

  • "Testmail" in the subject line
  • No content in the body
  • Address follows the format: (First name)(two or three digit number)(last name)@gmail.com
  • I do not recognize the names, and since this is a work account, I would normally not receive messages from another user's Gmail account anyway

That seems suspicious, but I can not figure out what's going on here.

Penetration Test – What to do when in a physical pentest?

This is the golden rule of Red Teaming! If you do not have the right to attack, this is like driving without a driver's license. That is, if you get caught during an engagement, I recommend the following:

  1. Present a forged Permission to attack. That way, you can see if criminals could possibly trick a guard into doing their thing with a fake right to attack.
  2. Present the real Permission to attack. If a guard did not buy your wrong panties, it's time to give the real panties. If the guard believes you, it's time to leave the border. A real attacker would have been stopped at this point. If the guard did Not Believe it, kindly ask her to speak with her supervisor. If they insist on not believing you and calling the police, then so be it. You are not a criminal, so do not worry.
  3. Follow the instructions of the police. They will take you to the train station where you can explain to the police that you are part of a Red Team engagement and that you have permission to enter the company. You review this again and call the one listed as the person who signed your claim to attack. In the lucky case, they pick up the phone, explain that you are really set for it and you can get started.

    In the not so lucky case, they will not pick you up because it's 4am and your phone does not have a battery. In that case you will probably spend the night at the police station. Worse has happened. Call your employer in the morning and he'll get the contact person for you.

"I'm a security researcher, you got me, so I just go."

will not be very helpful. In the eyes of a security guard, you are a criminal trapped in the midst of a crime. You will not have the choice, just go.

Run away like a criminal.

A very bad idea. Probably the worst thing you could do. If the security guard calls the police (which is probably the case), the cost could rise significantly and that would be the case Not Make the customer happy to know that he now has to pay the police for an unnecessary search. However, it is important to include in your report whether or not it would have been a trivial effort to move away from the perimeter.

Contact the employer to get a just continue pass.

That would miss the meaning of a Red Team engagement. Once you have a "Just Continue" pass, you do not simulate what a real attacker would do. They would only go through the stuff of the company with their permission.

Component Test – Write a test to confirm that the repo is formatted

I have a quick test to verify that all committed files in the repo are formatted. I'm new, so I'm not sure what's the best way to do it. In particular, error handling is pretty cruel as it occupies about half of the lines.

How can it be improved?

package pack

import (

func TestFormatting(t *testing.T) {
    var commandArgs ()string
    commandArgs = append(commandArgs, "-l")
    root := "../.."
    err := filepath.Walk(root, func(path string, info os.FileInfo, err error) error {
        if filepath.Ext(path) != ".go" {
            return nil
        absPath, e := filepath.Abs(path)
        if e != nil {
            return e
        commandArgs = append(commandArgs, absPath)
        return nil
    if err != nil {

    out, err := exec.Command("gofmt", commandArgs...).Output()
    if err != nil {
    output := string(out)
    if output != "" {
        t.Logf("Testing Formatting")

Get Seed Out of the Wallet in Repeat Test Mode

I'm doing some testing for an application that signs bitcoin transactions. I have already downloaded the binaries bitcoin-cli.bitcoind and bitcoin-wallet from bitcoin.org. I need to know that the seed of the wallet was created by regtest. It is available when the bitcoin-wallet -regtest info Command returns:

Wallet info                                                                             │
===========                                                                             │
Encrypted: no                                                                           │
HD (hd seed available): yes                                                             │
Keypool Size: 1999                                                                      │
Transactions: 103                                                                       │
Address Book: 2

I need this seed to run the recovery in my app and check if a Bitcoin transaction is signed correctly.

thank you in advance