xargs – How to add finder tags to a text list of file pathnames

I have installed the @jdberry tag package from github

I have a txt file that has a list of pathnames:


I want to add tags to all the files listed in that text document. I have tried to use xargs but I have been unsuccessful. I am not famliar.

$ tag --add Blue | xargs -O /Users/john/Desktop/diffremove.txt

this is the syntax for adding tags

tag -a | --add <tags> <path>... Add tags to file

the only hint I found was on his github page

If you plan to pipe the output of tag through xargs, you might want to use the -0 option of each.

Sublime Text: How to open function definition in new tab

In Sublime Text 3, a popup with link to the definition of a function is opened when hovering the mouse over a function call.

Clicking that link opens a new editor tab with cursor at the function definition. However, when the function is in the same file, Sublime doesn’t open a new tab but I wish Sublime would open the function definition in new editor tab to return to the function call later.

Is it possible to do so?

javascript – Can’t read [object Text] using createtextnode()

I’m trying to get the taskNodeValue but instead I get (object Text), the taskValue is a input text in html:

<input type="text" id="taskInput" placeholder="add task">

and here is the javascript code:

let allTasks = ();
        let task = {
            Id: taskId,
            taskValue: document.getElementById('taskInput').value,

        let p = document.createElement('p')
        let taskValueNode = document.createTextNode(taskArray(id).taskValue);
        let div = document.createElement('div')
        let buttonsNode = createButtons(id).editButton+createButtons(id).deleteButton;
        listItem.innerHTML = taskValueNode+buttonsNode;
        listItem.id = id;

macos – Text-filtering Automator workflows fail to replace selected text with their output in Safari 14

After updating from Safari 13 to Safari 14 (on macOS 10.15.6),
I have noticed that all text-filtering Automator workflows no
longer work correctly in Safari.

For an example of such workflow, see the screenshot below. It shows
a simple workflow that takes the current text selection from any app,
pipes it through the fmt command, and replaces the original
selection with that command’s output:

fmt: an example of text-filtering workflow

I have a few workflows of this construction, i.e., consisting of
a single Run Shell Script action running a command that takes
the text selection on its stdin and outputs the text to replace
the selection with on its stdout. I have been using them without
any issues for quite a long time (at least, for the last two major
releases of macOS).

However, when a workflow like that is run from the newly updated
Safari 14, it fails to replace the text selection with the output
of the workflow. Instead, it simply deletes the selected text.
The issue is clearly specific to Safari 14 only, because the same
workflows still work correctly (i.e., replace the selection with
the command’s output) in all other apps (e.g., TextEdit).

Is this caused by some security-related change in Safari 14, or
is it simply a bug that has been accidentally introduced in this
update? In the former case, how this behavior can be reverted?
In the latter case, how and where should we report the bug?

Excel custom text format to align by first character when justified center or right

By default, a center-justified row with the Text format looks like:

enter image description here

I want the text to be center-justified in the cell and aligned by the first character, like:

enter image description here


enter image description here

And if it is right-justified:

enter image description here

The solutions are fairly simple with formulas or VBA, but can these 3 formats be accomplished with custom formats? And with a variable number of characters?

woocommerce – Get and insert order email address to the PHP template inside HTML text

I broke my head trying to solve the following case. I have a WooCommerce admin-new-order.php PHP template I want to customize. All I want is to add the order email address to the top of the email body inside the custom URL. I’ll explain more detailed below:

I have the <a href="https://dashboard.mywebservice.com/search?query=" target="_blank">https://dashboard.mywebservice.com/search?query=</a> URL and I want to add this URL to the top of the PHP template.

I need to get the customer email address and insert it inside the URL so the URL will transform into (as an example):

<a href="https://dashboard.mywebservice.com/search?query=orderemail@gmail.com" target="_blank">https://dashboard.mywebservice.com/search?query=orderemail@gmail.com</a>

I guess I need to try to code something like that, but unfortunately I can’t get of how to insert PHP here instead of demo email address:

<p><?php printf( __( '<a href="https://dashboard.mywebservice.com/search?query=orderemail@gmail.com" target="_blank">https://dashboard.mywebservice.com/search?query=orderemail@gmail.com</a>' ) ?></p>

I would appreciate any help with this one.

google sheets – Insert text in every Nth cell

I added a sheet called “Erik Help” and entered the formula into cell D1:


Essentially, I added a virtual column filled with the $C$1 value, then formed a virtual array with this virtual column first, followed by A:B. I used FILTER to get rid of null rows and then used FLATTEN to make a single list.

NOTE: The FLATTEN function is an as-yet-unofficial Google Sheets function.