samsung – Messages for web not updating with new texts and statuses

I am trying to use Android Messages for web. I am able to connect to the phone using the QR code, but after the initial connection, I do not get new messages automatically or any notification – I have to reload the page to see them.

When I send the message, the “Sending…” status remains and is not updated to “Distributed” either.

I have tried in Firefox and Chromium. I am using Ubuntu. The computer and phone are on the same network, and I tried with the computer using a cable or WiFi. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the app is allowed to run in background (no battery optimisation).

I have had the problem for quite some time now, I couldn’t say if it used to work in the past.

Relations between many category theory structures – introductory texts

There are many kinds of category theory structures. What are some good texts and good ways to remember the relations between them? For example, can there be a web of embedding relations between these category theory structures? (where can I find those webs to read.) Like which ones contain the other ones as more general cases. (Intersections and unions between different category theory structures.)

  • unitary braided fusion category = unitary premodular category

  • unitary fusion category

  • unitary symmetric fusion category

  • unitary modular category

  • monoidal category = tensor category

  • spherical fusion category

  • modular tensor category

Here are some facts I know of


text{unitary braided fusion category = unitary premodular category} supset
text{(1) unitary symmetric fusion category}\
text{(2) unitary modular category}

  1. The center construction of spherical fusion category defines a modular tensor category.

Please feel free to make comments and give a list of advices.

evaluation – Mathematica 12.1 is treating all my cells as raw texts by default

I was once using Mathematica 11 it all works fine – when I create new Notebook (.nb) input like 1+1 and press shift+enter, it shows output(1):= 2 directly

But now for 12.1 when I create new notebook and do the same thing, it is treating my input 1+1 as plain text by default, when i press shift+enter there is just a linebreak.. no evaluation at all.

I find when I go to the menu -> cell -> cell properties and tick Evaluatable then the input can work well as Mathematica 11. BUT when i input Plot(x,{x,1,2}), it gives output -Graphics-!! Without showing what the graphic is! I then have to manually convert the output cell to StandardForm to show the graph! I have to do such things everytime, why is 12.1 getting me so much ados ..and how can i remove such tedious things making it funcation just like what mathematica 11 does?

Pardon me I’m a complete nooooooob and really searched goooogle tons of times not getting the answer….

unity – Change Text – Inside A button, inside a Canvas, inside a GameObject: Access all the texts inside of hierchy?

Gameobject tile;
int count = 1;
float posX = 0;
float posY = 0;

GameObject blueTile = (GameObject)Instantiate(Resources.Load("block_blue"));
tile = (GameObject)Instantiate(blueTile, transform);

for loop {
   tile.GetComponent().GetComponentInChildren().text = count.ToString();
   tile.transform.position = new Vector2((float)posX, (float)posY);

enter image description here
enter image description here

As you can see by the image.
My line of thinking goes like this; I used to create Flash/AS3 Applications and Games. I have used a number of API’s and they usually have a lot in common. Unix, however, is very different and I may have not grasped the key concepts.

I want to access my PreFab, named in Assets/Resources (the root path)


All I wan to do is set up a row and columns of a box with a number inside of it.

Before you go and ask, why the complicated mix of Objects? Well, Adobe had MovieClip and use of layers and also use of a timeline. Unix doesn’t seem to have this in setting up a Scene (the Stage in Flash).

So, I set up a block that looks like this (right of main image 66):
It’s a Canvas, to hold a Button, the button has a text. To move the Canvas, I put the Canvas inside a GameObject. This, to me, is like a MovieClip in Flash API.

**GameObject > ButtonLight, Button > TextBlack, Text**

I need to access TextBlack and also Text. Pretty easy right? I’ve been at this for 4 days, many many hours.

EDIT: It seems that it is working, somewhat.

Looking at the reference photo and the Hierarchy reference, it looks like the blackText behind the blueText is changing as expected. But I cannot access the top BlueText. The Blue Text is also a child of type Text, but it’s a second (layer?) copy of the text inside of the Button. So, it’s getting the first Child Text, but how to access the second Text?

python – Is there a way to visualize texts using a map?

I have a corpus about a particular topic and will analyse the themes on that corpus. Once the themes are identified, I have to associate those themes on a specific location on a map of a particular city where they frequently occured. For example, a theme of “unstable” occurred in XYZ town, I want the word “unstable” on top of location of XYZ town on the map so that when I hover my mouse over XYZ town, the word ‘unstable’ appears. Is this possible to accomplish in Python? If so, which libraries can be helpful?

formulas – How do I find the max value in a column only if it contains certain texts in google sheets?

you can cast a regex function with a capturing group over your entire column using an array and return the max item from the array.



enter image description here

Regex Explanation.

NB matches the characters NB literally (case sensitive)

1st Capturing Group (d+)

d+ matches a digit (equal to (0-9))

+ Quantifier — Matches between one and unlimited times, as many times as possible, giving back as needed (greedy)